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Duke Nukem 3D

original title: Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown


Nintendo 64-Version
Region: Worldwide

PC Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Oct 08, 2011 - Author: Martin Tsang - Translator: Gladion
"Duke Nukem 64" is basically a port of the PC-shooter "Duke Nukem 3D". Still, the game is not a 1:1 port as one may guess: Many things like guns, enemies and textures have been reworked graphically, levels partly rebuilt, new levels and guns added and, because Nintendo requested it, content involving sex, drugs and religion were censored. Many things have been altered, as the following report shows.

The PC-version (First edition version 1.3D) has been compared to the Nintendo 64-version.

1. Basic changes

The game is littered with women ("Babes") who were captured by aliens and woven into cocoons. Pressing the action button in front of them makes them moan "Kill me..." in hte PC-version (a reference to the "Alien"-films). You can do this if you want to, then the babes explode. Sometimes, this opens a path to hidden goodies, but you also have to be prepared for aliens appearing. These babes exist in the Nintendo 64-version, but they are dressed more "modestly" (the babes in the PC-version are either completely naked or only in underpants) and cannot be killed any more. Pressing the action button in front of them in the Nintendo 64-version, they disappear and the message "Babe saved!" is shown. Sometimes, the babes were removed completely. Other, non-captured women in the game cannot be saved but neither can they be killed.

The statistics at the end of every level even show how many babes were saved and how many were missed.

In some of the levels (e.g. "Dark Side", "Overlord / Dreadnought" and "Raw Meat") you see some babes hanging from the ceiling. Instead of being able to save them as usual in the Nintendo 64-version, they were replaced by torn-up ones. This is probably because they are mostly hanging too high to be able to reach and save them.

Sexual themes
Posters, magazines, calendars, screens an other things with erotic themes were replaced in the Nintendo 64-version, mostly with parodies to real existing movies and the like.

Most alcoholic beverages were removed and replaced by more "harmless" variants, e.g. beer with cola.

All the mirrors were removed from the N64-version, probably for technical reasons.

All the guns were completely reworked for the Nintendo 64-version. Sometimes only the graphics were changed, sometimes the functions or they were even replaced completely. The following only deals with the guns that were really changed gameplay-wise.

The pistol and shotgun can be equipped with additional ammunition in the Nintendo 64-version. The pistol can be loaded with stronger dumdum bullets and the shotgun with explosive ammo. The special types of ammo are colored red, the normal kind is colored blue.
(Both images from the Nintendo 64-version))

The Chaingun Cannon from the PC-version was replaced with two SMGs.

The RPG was turned into a grenade launcher in the N64-version.

The Expander-gun, that makes enemies explode with microwave-beams, doesn't exist in the original version of the game. The add-on "Plutonium Pak" made this gun playable in Duke Nukem 3D. In the Nintendo 64-version, this weapon is available from the beginning.
(Images only from the Nintendo 64-version)

The Devastator (a double-barreled rocket launcher) was replaced with a normal rocket launcher in the Nintendo 64-version.

The Freezer was turned into a plasma cannon in the Nintendo 64-version. When an enemy is frozen with the Freezer, they can be shattered afterwards, shooting enemies with the plasma cannon they dissolve, accommodated by sparks and lightning.

Steroids that make the character run faster for a short time can be found throughout the game, in the Nintendo 64-version, they were turned into "Vitamin X", probably to remove any connection to real drugs.

The Nintendo 64-version has a completely new alien race appearing sometimes in the game. On the PC, they only appear in the add-on "Plutonium Pak" (just like the "Microwave-gun").
(Image only from the Nintendo 64-Version)

The final boss is a real 3D-object in the Nintendo 64-version instead of a 2D-sprite like in the PC-version.

Shooting bodies
It is new in the Nintendo 64-version that bodies bleed if shot. Shooting the corpses for a little longer even makes them explode. In the PC-version, the shots just went through the bodies.

Missing and new levels
The following levels are missing compared to the PC-Version:
- Faces of Death
- Multiplayer 3
- Multiplayer 4
- Multiplayer 5
- Spin Cycle
- Tier Drops

The following levels are completely new:
- Duke Burger
- Area 51
- Castle Dukenstein
- Piracy
- Shaft
- Noctis Labyrinthus

Many graffities that appear in the game were changed.
Representatively, two examples from the first level.

The Vis and MasterCard logos were removed from the cash registers, probably to remove any connection to the reality and/or to prevent any copyright-lawsuits.

The skyline in the background was strongly extended in the Nintendo 64-version. While it was made up of simple 2D-sprites in the PC-version, the Nintendo 64-version often received real 3D buildings. For example, a comparison from the first level.

Other changes compared to the PC-Version
- In the PC-version, all three episodes can be selected individually, in the Nintendo 64-version they are played one after another and in one piece

- Saving is only possible after finishing a level

- The two final levels of the first and second episodes were each parted into two levels. Reason for this may be that you can only save your game after ending the level. So the levels end just before the boss fight, while the boss fights themselves are their own levels. This way, players are spared some frustration, because if they die during the boss battle, they don't have to replay the entire level.

- The multiplayer-mode of the Nintendo 64-version features bots, so you don't have to rely on human players

- There is no more background music in the levels

- The automap was also dropped

2. Level-specific changes

Even though the levels are basically the same as in the PC-version, they were often extended, rebuilt and retextured. Some of the changes were censorings, some simple extentions of the normal levels, some others have technical background. Counting all the little changes would really take this report too far, so in the following, only the first level is compared completely, for the rest of the levels, only the biggest changes and obviously censored parts are described.

Level: Hollywood Holocaust

Right in the beginning of the level, there was a car that was driven into a wall was added to the Nintendo 64-version. The wall itself was also changed a little on the upper side.

The movie theater's "Now Playing"-display shows in the PC-version that the film "Attack of the Bleached Blonde Biker Bimbos" is playing now. In the Nintendo 64-version, it's a film named "Uranus Attacks". This was also changed in the screening room: While the PC-version shows a dancing stripper, the Nintendo 64-version has a scene with a UFO attacking a city. Next to the "Now Playing"-display, there is a palm tree in the PC-version, in the Nintendo 64-version there are several.

Inside an appartment at the beginning of the level, there is a poster of the film that is shown currently in theaters. Behind this, there are some items in the PC-version. In the Nintendo 64-version, the poster was replaced with a graffiti that is a parody to the game "Shadow Warrior", and the secret stuff behind that was removed.

Next to the burning garbage container, there is the entrance to a garage in the Nintendo 64-version.

The snack bar on the movie theater's hallway was extended a little on the N64 and retextured, too, there are some snacks lying around in the screening room as well.

The hallway to the projector room that was destroyed by an earthquake is still whole in the Nintendo 64-version.

The bathroom was changed a little, the couch from the PC-version removed and some film posters were added in the hallway to the bathroom.

Near the end of the level, you go through an arcade-hall. The sign in the beginning was changed and some of the arcade machines were replaced. Additionally, there are some vending machines in the N64-version and the moving lights of the PC-version were replaced by a static one.

There is a completely new secret in the very end, that was not featured in the PC-version at all. You can get into a general store including an office through a teleporter next to the level's exit.
(Images only from the Nintendo 64-Version)

Level: Red Light District / Gun Crazy

In the original version, the second level is called "Red Light District". In this one, you visit a porn store and a strip club. This level is the most censored level in the Nintendo 64-version, even the title was changed to "Gun Crazy".

In the beginning of the level, you see a porn store named "Forbidden Videos & Books". In the Nintendo 64-version, this was turned into a gun store named "Simon Koe's Gun Botique".

The "Duke Burger"-restaurant is completely new in this level, it was not featured in the PC-version.

The entrance to the strip club was turned into the delivery entrance of the above mentioned "Duke Burger"-restaurant.

The bar from the PC-version was turned into the "Duke Burger"-restaurant's kitchen.

The sign of the strip club as well as the advertising poster were scrapped completely from the Nintendo 64-version.

The strip club itself was turned into the storage and the receiving department of the "Duke Burger"-restaurant.

This way, the strippers were also removed from the N64-version. It was possible to give them money so they would show the player their breasts.
(Images from the PC-Version)

Level: Death Row

There is a little chapel near the beginning of the level, where a lynched monk is found. The chapel had to be removed completely from the Nintendo 64-version and was replaced with another cell block, where a Hannibal Lecter-impersonator is shown. Since it had happened many times before that Nintendo games were stripped off of religious symbols (e.g. in many Castlevania-games), it is probable that this change is also a censoring.

Level: Lunar ReactorIn a hidden area, you can find a reference to the "Star Wars" films. In a cave, there is a body hanging, it is probably supposed to be Luke Skywalker. In the Nintendo 64-version, a Yoda-figure is hanging there.

Level: Raw Meat

In the beginning of the level, there is an "Exotica - Tonight"-poster with a lightly dressed dancer hanging on the wall. In the Nintendo 64-version, there is a poster for a band named "The Good Old Boys".

There are two Geisha-figures standing inside the hallways of the "Dukei Sushi"-restaurant. Pressing the action-button in the PC-version in front of them, they show their breasts to the player. In the Nintendo 64-version, they do nothing.
(Images only from the uncensored version)

The Sushi- and Strip-club were turned into a cafe in the N64-version. Accordingly, posters were removed and the interior redesigned. Also, there is no dancer any more, but the band that was announced before on the poster in the hallway "The Good Old Boys".

Level: Flood Zone
The neon-colored advertising sign for the "Alley Cat Lounge" shows a dancing stripper in the PC-version. In the N64-version, it's a cat.

Level: L.A. Rumble

There is an abortion clinic in the level. There is a fetus' head on the operating table as well as some intestines, a vacuum cleaner is standing in front of the table. Somewhere else in the room, there are some bottling jars with dead babies inside. All of this was removed from the N64-version, only the bloodstain on the floor is still there.

Level: Fahrenheit

The broadcasting station "KTIT" was turned into "KNAW", to remove the sexual innuendo. This is apparent when using the microphone inside the studio. In the PC-version, Duke says: "K-T-I-T: K-Tit, playing the breast, uh, BEST tunes in town". In the Nintendo 64-version, this line is missing entirely.

Level: Stadium

The cheerleaders inside the stadium show much less skin compared to the PC-version.

3. Cutscenes

Intro / Story
The game's story is told by a text overlay in the PC-version, the N64-version features an animated sequence. The text of the sequence was changed drastically in the N64-version. The reason for this are probably the references to alcohol, sex and the real, existing Los Angeles and the LAPD.

Text of the PC-Version
"A babe, a stagie, and a bottle of Jack. That's what I need right now."
Duke mused on his recent defeat of the Rigelatins, his voice raspy even in his thoughts. After single-handly saving Earth --again-- he was ready for a long period of lying the hell down.
"And no more freakin' aliens".
Just then, a white-hot plasmatic blast punched through the hull of his cruiser. Klaxons flared, warning lights flashed, and static filled his monitors. He flipped on his comm.
"Hey, anybody out there? I got a little probl..." Duke started.
"Mayday! Mayday!" the radio replied. "Los Angeles is under Attack! There are aliens everywhere, an they've mutated the LAPD. Is anyone there? We need help!--". The transmission went silent.
"Great," Duke grumbled as his careening ship missed a skyscraper, "What's the problem with all these aliens attacking Earth anyway? How many alien races have to get their asses kicked?"
Duke slammed his fist into the waiting eject button.
"I guess one more."

Text of the Nintendo 64-Version
When we last saw Duke Nukem, the earth's only remaining hope had single-handedly defeated the despicable Dr. Proton and his legion of evil robots.
With Proton out of the way, Duke returned home to a hero's welcome, and was immediately abducted by Rigelatins - beings generally known as alien scum from the sewers of space.
Using explosives wisely hidden inside a molar, Duke escaped, destroyed the Rigelatin mothership and cruised home in a stolen, yet suitably cool, ship.
His long haul back to earth, shortened by thoughts of adoring crowds, curvaceous beaches...
And no more freakin' aliens!
Warning!! Incoming!!
Hey, Earth? Anybody listening? I got a little prob...

Boss 1
The cutscene after the first boss was changed in the Nintendo 64-version. In the PC-version, the Battlelord asks "Who are you?" before being shot in the head by the Duke. Subsequently, there is an image of the Duke staring at a screen, the story is being told by text. The Nintendo 64-version misses the Battlelord's execution completely. The scene with the screen is contained, but with another picture and the final line "Nobody steals our chicks... and lives!" is missing.

Boss 2
The cutscene after the victory over the second boss was changed massively in the N64-version. In the PC-version, the Duke says "I'll rip your head off and shit down your neck!" before the fight. In the cutscene after the fight, he actually keeps his promise and rips off the boss' head, pulls down his pants, takes a seat with a newspaper and does his business. Then, there is another text overlay with a static image, continuing the story. In the Nintendo 64-version, the entire part before the text overlay was removed. Again, the image was replaced with a newly rendered version and the text was changed drastically, removing all references to sex, alcohol and the like.

Text of the PC-Version
Duke cracked his knuckles and smirked, "I need a stiff drink... a shower... and, a soft-skinned belly to lie my head on."
A nearby monitor flickered on, and an incredibly ugly face spoke an ominous message: "The moon assault Overlord has been defeated, as was our Battlelord on Earth. But while Duke Nukem has been distracted, our main attack wave has begun its final assault on Earth. We shall obliterate all resistance."
"Guess again, freakshow," Duke growled. "Duke's coming back to town, and the last thing that's gonna go thru your mind befor you die... Is my size 13 boot!"

Text of the Nintendo 64-Version
Nobody messes with Duke Nukem! Time for that vacation, and no more freakin' aliens!!
A hologram flickered on, and an incredibly ugly face spoke an ominous message.
The moon Assault overlord has been defeated, as has our Battlelord on Earth.
But while Duke Nukem has been distracted, our main attack force has begun it's final assault on Earth.
We shall obliterate all resistance!

Final sequence
After the sequence in which the Duke kicks out the final boss' eye (also contained in the N64-version), the PC-version features a static image of a radioactivity-logo. The Duke can be heard in the background, saying "After a few weeks of R'n R, I'll be ready for MORE action!" Then you hear a woman's voice: "Ooooh, come back to bed, Duke! I'm ready for some action, NOW!" Sex sounds and moaning can be heard afterwards. This part is missing in the Nintendo 64-version, where the credits are rolled instead.