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  • US version
Release: Aug 25, 2009 - Author: Bravia - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut British DVD from Warner Home Video (BBFC PG) and the uncut US-DVD from Warner Home Video (PG-13).

Running time of the US version: 94:16 min (including end credits) (NTSC)
Running time of the UK version: 89:01 min (including end credits) (PAL)

18 cuts = 94.331 sec (NTSC)
2 alternative shots
During the Cliffhanger-parody at the beginning of the movie several shots of the raccoon in danger had to be removed for the PG-Rating.
So the part is missing in which the animal loses his grip and dangles on the security rope screaming.
2.803 sec

Also a directly following shot of the abyss is missing.
2.670 sec

After the Pet Detective Ace Ventura tells it not to look down the animal's point of view shot is missing in the UK version.
5.512 sec

The animal starts dithering.
0.867 sec

When the lace is loosening the raccoon trying to climb up the rope has been cut out.
1.568 sec

The animal drops down.
0.801 sec

The dangling raccoon looking at the carabiner where a buckle of the lace got stuck is missing.
5.106 sec

When the lace loosens eventually and Ace grabs the pad another shot of the raccoon has been removed.
3.770 sec

Also the plot has been shortened heavily when Ventura convulsively tries to hold his protégé.
10.644 sec

A close up of the eyes has been removed from the movie, too.
0.701 sec

Also the fall to the ground cannot be witnessed by the British.
1.935 sec

During the briefing with the diplomat Vincent Cadby Ace Ventura's shadow play on the dia-screen is shown in an alternative way.
+ 1.560 sec (PAL)
- 1.635 sec (NTSC)

US version:UK version:

+ 3.200 sec (PAL)
- 3.370 sec (NTSC)

US version:UK version:

When Ace and the missionary Fulton Greenwall visit the Wachati tribe the detective informing a man that his testicles are visible has been removed.
7.604 sec

At the audience with the chief Ventura's excessive snuffling has been heavenly shortened.
12.880 sec

After that we do not get to see everybody laughing and leaving the cabin covered with slime.
3.637 sec

The shot of Ace's shadow has been removed when he is masturbating in the cabin.
9.609 sec

In the interrogation scene the detective tortures Burton Quinn by showing him how he touches his own eye. This is almost completely missing in the UK version.
9.677 sec

During the trials of the Wachootoo-tribe it has been removed completely how Ace presses a baby out of a pregnant woman's stomach catapulting it into the arms of a sitting man.
8.608 sec

In the last trial, the duel, we do not see Ventura's opponent stepping on his genitalia.
5.939 sec