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Silent Hunter 3

original title: Silent Hunter III


Censored Version
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Teen, 13+
Region: USA

Release: Jun 24, 2012 - Author: zombie-flesheater - Translator: Gladion
With Silent Hunter III, one of the best and most realistic submarine-simulations to date was released in 2005. This game is about taking control of a submarine of the German marine forces during a patrol and to sink as many enemy war ships as possible, or alternatively, to fulfill certain mission targets in several selectable single missions.
You don't only take control of the submarine itself, though, but also do the crew-management, the submarine's equipment, navigation and targeting.

As usual, Swastikas (e.g. on the flags of the German ships) had to be removed from the German version of the game since it is prohibited to show them in media of entertainment there. But this time, not only owners of the German version are missing that part of the realism. This time, though, even the UK and all other European versions are censored like this. Most likely because the publisher used the same version for the whole European market to spare costs. Only non-European version contains the original symbols.
Swastikas removed in the museum and in the game
Both in the museum as well as in-game, all the Swastikas on the war paint and the flags of the German units have been removed from the German version.

Uncensored American Version:Censored German Version: