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original title: Alla ricerca del piacere


  • US VHS (SWV)
  • US DVD
Release: Jun 11, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US VHS by SWV and the US DVD by Eurovista.

Greta begins her new job as a secretary for the writer Richard, who lives with his wife Eleanora on a solitary island near Venice. But Greta's real intention is to investigate the disappearence of her friend Sally, who worked for Richard as well. First investigations confirm her suspicions that Sally had been killed and dumped by Richard.....

As a giallo, Amuck is just ok, but thanks to the cast it's really worth being watched. Greta is played by Barbara Bouchet and Richard's wife Eleanora is played by Rosalba Neri. The two Leading Ladies of the Italian genre cinema can be watched together in an infamous love scene in slow motion. Just because of that scene you should have a look at this movie. Richard is played by Farley Granger, who played in Hitchcock's "Rope" and "Stranger On A Train" at the beginning of his career.

There's still no reasonable release of this rather unknown giallo. The US DVD, released by Eurovista, seems to be based on a VHS without any remastering, furthermore the image is cropped due to Pan & Scan. Nevertheless there are two really interesting interviews with Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri on the DVD, but they're quite short.
The VHS, released by SWV, is the only release I know which contains the movie in its correct aspect ratio. Presumably it's based on a copy for movie theaters, but there's also a huge disadvantage: approx. 20 min have been removed which is, escpecially in the final sequence, really annoying.

Short jump cuts aren't considered in this comparison.

Comparison of the images:



Running times:

Eurovista (US DVD): 98:16 min (NTSC)
SWV (US VHS): 77:50 min (NTSC)

Missing beginning in the SWV. Greta arrives at the house and introduces herself to Eleanora as the new secretary. Eleanora asks her in.

In the next scene she plays a tape and writes down what she's hearing.

The SWV starts when Richard enters the room.

Now the alternate title "Leather and Whips" in the SWV.

EV: 1:57 min
SWV: 4 sec


The scene goes on. Richard shows Greta a nail in the wall and explains it had taken five years to get the painting he always wanted to have. He also swarms about the painter.

Then Richard, Eleanora and Greta at dinner. Richard has fun with Greta.

EV: 1:15 min


Eleanora and Greta on a square. Eleanora says goodbye because she has to go to the barbershop and tells Greta she felt solitary in that house and she needed sb. to talk to. She also asks if she didn't want to go to the barbershop as well. Greta doesn't want to because she has to do some other stuff. Then we see Greta, she puts some mail in the mailbox and goes into a phone booth.

The shot of Greta begins earlier.

EV: 57 sec


Missing part of Sally's letter, some reflections in the water. Sally talks about mysterious events she can't let loose of.

EV: 27 sec


Extended shot of Eleanora and Greta kissing each other. Then a missing scene when they touch and kiss.

16 sec


Extended shot of Greta. A shot of Eleanora in between, she stares at her.

Earlier beginning of the next shot which shows the girl.

EV: 14 sec


Greta keeps on talking to Richard. He explains he was also part of that decadent society.

EV: 34 sec


The dinner conversation continues. Richard asks Greta if she had known Sally, Greta denies.

EV: 35 sec


Here a longer scene is missing. Greta looks around in the basement, checks a closet and accidentally drops a stuffed bird.

EV: 55 sec


Extended shot of Richard. Then Greta, she runs to a motor boat and attempts to start it with several keys. The butler arrives and tells her Eleanora had the boat key. Greta mentions her errands had to wait now.

Then Greta, she attempts to make a call but the phone seems to be dead. She runs to the window and sees Eleanora and Richard leaving with the boat. Greta runs back, recognizes that the phone's still dead and turns on the dictaphone.

EV: 1:37 min



Greta goes to the phone, the butler picks it up and tells her that Richard wanted to talk to her. He says they were going to eat sth. and they would be back with Sandro as a guest in the evening.


Here some parts of the scene with Richard and Eleanora on the boat instead.

EV: 1:09 min
SWV: 7 sec


Greta turns around to Sandro who mentions everyone had to die one day.

EV: 3 sec


Richard comes back in the room and tells Greta not to worry about Eleanora Vision. He comes closer and says he could fall in love with her and they better went to bed.

EV: 1:26 min


Missing pan shot above the water.

EV: 13 sec


Greta keeps on running in the grass. Richard finds her gun.

EV: 17 sec


Jump cut: Greta continues running and earlier beginning of the following shot of Richard.

EV: 2 sec


Extended scene of Greta when she's running in the grass. She arrives at a swampy spot.

EV: 7 sec


Antonelli dries his hair and sits down on Greta's bed.

EV: 11 sec


The three arrive at the pier and Eleanora says goodbye to Sandro, who intends to go fishing.

Then Eleanora, she talks to Stuart about the inspector's visit.

EV: 1:20 min


Richard and Eleanora in Venice.

EV: 12 sec


Greta at the pier, she watches the leaving boat.

EV: 6 sec


Greta shuts the door, goes in another room and puts the tape in.

EV: 20 sec


Richard gives Greta a towel and implies again he was in love with her. She asks what Eleanora would think about that.

EV: 37 sec


Richard says he wasn't in love with Eleanore but with Greta.

EV: 32 sec


Eleanora has fun with Rocco; intercut to Sally, the ash tray and the phonograph.

EV: 32 sec


Extended shot of Rocco and Sally kissing each other.

EV: 4 sec


Richard has a drink, Greta lightens a cigarette. Then Richard, he goes to the window.

EV: 32 sec


Greta opens the door for Richard.

EV: 13 sec


The phone rings when Greta wants to leave. She picks it up, Eleanora wants to meet her in the living room.

EV: 24 sec


Richard tells Greta she was going to die like the butler and he had the perfect alibi because Antonelli had seen him at the station. His and Eleanora's plan is blaming Rocco for her and the butler's death.

Rocco molests Greta but he stops when he remembers her bandaging his finger. Eleanora gets upset and starts hitting Rocco until he pushes her away.

EV: 3:08 min


Extended shot of Eleanora. She's unconscious, Richard looks at Rocco.

EV: 11 sec


Extended shot of Greta and then Antonelli, he's leaving.

EV: 3 sec


Extended shot of the train when "The End" is on the screen.

EV: 7 sec