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Long Arm of the Law II

original title: Sang gong kei bing 2


  • Hong Kong VCD
  • Original version
Release: Dec 13, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Hong Kong VCD by Megastar and the uncut original version (the latter included on the British Blu-ray by 88 Films)

  • 10 Differences
  • Cut duration: 168 sec (= 2:48 min)

The film Long Arm of the Law, made in 1984, spawned several sequels over the years and is considered one of the pioneers of Heroic Bloodshed cinema. Recommended not only for fans of Hong Kong cinema. In 1987, the sequel Long Arm of the Law II followed, and both films have been available in the United Kingdom as a Blu-ray set by 88 Films since November 20, 2023 - the identically equipped US counterpart will be available from December 12, 2023. In general, this set is highly recommended for Hong Kong cinema fans.

In addition to the uncut original version, both films are also included as English export versions in the set. In the report for part 1, we already noted that only a small singing scene, of not too great significance to the plot, was trimmed. Part 2 is missing around 3 minutes, including several cuts of violence. The VCD from Hong Kong presented in the following comparison reveals that in the home country the scissors were applied in some similar places at the time. However, it was definitely a separate and even more heavily censored cut version there. Obscene hand signs or the nasty F-word, for example, were also removed here, as was often the case in Hong Kong at the time.

Runtime indications are arranged according to the scheme
Hong Kong VCD in PAL / Original version on British Blu-ray

Different logos at the start. The title card is different.

British Blu-ray 14.5 sec longer

Hong Kong VCD88 Films Blu-ray

Disc 1: 26:44 / 28:08

A short blow with the knee to the genital area is missing here.

0.7 sec

Disc 1: 38:38 / 40:34-40:35

Bloody shots through the chest/back in two short shots.

1.6 sec

Disc 1: 40:15 / 42:16-42:25

On the VCD, you can still see the hand gesture in the long shot of the night's meeting, but there is no sound. The boss is actually swearing here and the shot is also a little longer.
There is also a short snippet of dialog at the beginning of the follow shot. Tung (Elvis Tsui) wants to know what "fuck" means and Biggy (Alex Man) explains this with the familiar "in/out" hand gesture.

9.3 sec

Disc 1: 41:13 / 43:26-43:27

At the end of the shot you can see an angry hand gesture, to which the boss shouts the nasty little word "fuck" one more time.

0.8 sec

Disc 2: 08:20 / 54:44-54:56

At the end of the shot, the old "in-out" game is demonstrated yet again with the hand.

1.5 sec

Disc 2: 09:34 / 56:03-56:06

The shot of Biggy being rammed against the car door is missing completely (while it was just cut off in the end on the Export version). He falls to the ground and is grabbed again.

3.5 sec

Disc 2: 11:33 / 58:10-58:13

The torture of Biggy is longer: there is another cut to his wrapped head as he wriggles around in fear of the rat. You can also see his feet again.

3.3 sec

Disc 2: 11:39 / 58:19-58:35

One of the men says "When I hit his chest, he'll open his mouth to scream, and a mouse will run down to his stomach. He'll definitely tell us then!"
This is followed by various blows with the iron bar.

Note: The cut starts a little later than in the export version in the bonus material of the British Blu-ray, but there is a little more missing at the end.

15.6 sec

Disc 2: 12:33 / 59:31-59:33

A short long shot with the axe hitting Biggy for the first time has been removed. In the VCD, this leaves a rough jump cut between two shots of the slamming bat.

1.5 sec

Disc 2: 12:33 / 59:33-59:39

At the end of the follow shot, blood splatters on the thug's face, which he wipes off in a makeshift manner. More hammer blows to the head follow in a long shot.

5.3 sec

Disc 2: 12:36 / 59:42-59:51

In two slow-motion shots, Biggy is decapitated and his (wrapped) head flies first against the wall and then onto the floor. In contrast to the export version on the British Blu-ray, the beginning of the following shot, in which the axe is thrown to the side, is also missing.

9.6 sec

Disc 2: 29:01 / 76:59-77:00

An insignificant moment from a shot of the building is lost here due to a reel change.

0.6 sec

Disc 2: 40:00 / 88:27-88:33

Tung is literally shot to pieces in further shots.

6.2 sec

There are other copyright notices after the identical credits.

Hong Kong VCD88 Films Blu-ray

Slipcase of the UK Blu-ray set and cover of part 2: