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Fearless Hyena

original title: Xiao quan guai zhao


  • French Version
  • Original Version
Release: Jul 05, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut old French DVD by Metropolitan and the uncut original version taken from the German Blu-ray by Splendid.

- 2 cuts
- Total cut length: 336,5 sec (= 5:37 min)

Logos/Credits as well as small jump cut and mastering mistakes shorter than 0,5s were not included in this comparison.

Jackie Chan's directorial debut The Fearless Hyena from 1979 was originally cut for the French market by more than five minutes. This is due to only two cuts: Dean Shek's silly cameo was removed. The other alteration is surpisingly inconspicuous and was applied shortly after Jackie's grandfather's death. Another curiosity is the different French intro, which features scenes from the movie with psychedelic color filters. The newer French DVD in foldable book format contains both the old French and the uncut original version.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
French DVD in PAL / German Blu-ray
Logos / Credits

The German Blu-ray only shows a lot of logos at the beginning.

The French DVD, however, features merely one logo before the selfmade intro. Fighting scenes from the movie are shown with many color filters.

French DVD 12,8 sec longer

Only the BD shows the original credits during the following first movie scene.

French DVDGerman Blu-ray

20:28 / 21:07-25:02

After Jackie was told to get a job, a rather long scene shows him doing exactly that. He gets hired by Dean Shek, who plays the owner of a funeral service. After demonstrating a really comfortable coffin, Jackie comically buries him alive in it.

225,1 sec

53:40 / 59:39-61:35

Jackie mourns his grandfather longer. He then gets up and attacks his new master, The Black Scorpion, a little by blaming his grandfather's death on him. The master explains piece by piece who he is (a member of the same clan, he even presents his seal). Jackie is still angry and asks why he did not help. The Black Scorpion uses his stick to keep Jackie in check, the latter then goes back to his grandfather.

This is a very well hidden cut, by the way, because Jackie is getting up again from a different perspective but from the same position. The viewer cannot guess that he got up another time inbetween.

111,4 sec

87:55-87:56 / 97:19-97:20

An unfortunate common element of all rather new releases based on a Fortunate Star master: Jackie's genuflection at the end cannot be seen although the scene is also featured in part two without alteration. To make up for it, the shot starts earlier in the French version, whereas a latter moment of the scene gets frozen in the original version.

No difference in running time

French DVDGerman Blu-ray