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Her Vengeance

original title: Xue mei gui


  • HK: CAT IIb
Release: May 24, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the HK-VCD from Fortune Star/Joy Sales and the HK-VCD from MegaStar

Her Vengeance is a pretty good rape & revenge flick by Lam Ngai Kai (The Seventh Curse, Story of Ricky). The movie offers a well-told story, convincing characters and quite graphic violence (at least in the CAT III version)

The movie was released first by MegaStar with a CAT III rating and a running time of 78 min. This VCD is already OOP. Later the movie was re-released by Deltamac with a CAT IIb rating and a running time of 85 min. In that version some violent scenes are censored but it also contains some new scenes. Those scenes are not just filling material but interesting additions that hilight some aspects of the plot. For example the characters Hsiung and Susan are introduced differently and more importantly better. Moreover, the CAT IIb version has a different and also better score. Therefore, the best version would be one that has both the violence and the additional scenes. As for today, a second re-release from Fortune Star/Joy Sales is available but despite the CAT III logo on the front cover, it only contains the CAT IIb version. Ironically, some of the censored scenes are on the backcover of that edition.

Marked red are the scenes that are in the CAT III version but missing from the CAT IIb version.
Marked green are the scenes that are in the CAT IIb version but missing from the CAT III.
Marked blue are alternative scenes.

Comparison of the image quality:

Fortune Star/Joy Sales:


The Joy Sales has the better image quality. Severe stains have been removed and the colors are better.

running times:

MegaStar: 78:21 min. (PAL)
Fortune Star/Joy Sales: 84:58 min. (PAL)

Kit-Ying buys a bag of nuts from a vendor. This is followed by a couple of shot in which she walks throught a dark street. One of the rapists steps on a nut that was dropped.

The MegaStar version continues when she turns around.

52 sec.


Joy Sales:

A lighthouse is shown.

4 sec.


One of the men punches Kit-Ying in the face longer. After that the men tear off her clothes and press her against a tree. Two of the men rape her.

The Joy Sales version continues when she falls down to the ground.

1:07 min.


Kit-Ying is raped by a third man.

The Joy Sales version continues when one of the rapist screams "harder".

34 sec.


Joy Sales:

Kit-Ying is writhing on the ground. Inter-cut to some statues. The lighter of one of the rapists falls down to the ground. Kit-Ying is panting for air.

13 sec.


The lighthouse is shown. Kit-Ying falls down to the ground, she is panting. The rapists let go of her and leave.

34 sec.

The versions synchronize when Kit-Ying stands up.


Kit-Ying grabs the lighter that was dropped by one of the rapists.

13 sec.


film tear:

Kit-Ying supports herself a little longer.

2 Sek.


Kit-Ying arrives at the doctor's office in a taxi. He asks her in. Some dialogue follows. Kit-Ying takes of her panties and lies down on the stretcher.

1:15 Min.


The subtitles for the diagnosis of the doctor are different. In the Joy Sales version the diagnosis is AIDS and the doctor tells her that her breasts could become smaller because of that. In the MegaStar version he tells her that she has a veneral disease caused by unprotected sexual intercourse.

no time difference.


After the diagnosis Kit-Ying goes crazy. The doctor tries to calm her down which results in a small fight. Then Kit-Ying flees.

48 sec.


Joy Sales:

Kit-Ying walks to the address that is written on the lighter through heavy rain but she only finds an empty shop.

In the next scene the hotelier tells her that all hotels are booked out.

Eventually she is accomodated by Hsiao Hao, whom she had met on the ship. He offers her soup and lets her sleep on the sofa.

The next scenes shows Kit-Ying looking for a job. She is not successful.

In the evening, while she is buying something to drink in a shop, she sees one of the rapists walking on the street. She follows him to the "San Francisco Club" and smashes a bottle over his head but as it turns out he is not one of the rapists. The man slabs her in the face but when he tries to do that a second time Hsiung intervenes and ends their fight.
Hsiung buys the man a drink while Susan accompanies Kit-Ying out of the club. During that Kit-Ying begs Susan for a job. Susan promises to check what she can do for her.

8:24 min.


Kit-Ying and Hsiao Hao drive to the "San Francisco Club" in a taxi. Hasiao says bye because he has to go back to his newspaper job. Kit-Ying enters the club and looks around. Susan sends her to Hsiung

1:11 min.


Kit-Ying brushes her teeth when Susan storms in to use the toilet. She complains that Kit-Ying needs so much time for brushing her teeth.

35 sec.


alternative scene:

In the MegaStar version the panties in the laundry basket are stained with blood, in the Joy Sales version they are not.

no time difference. (each shot is 4 sec.)


film tear:

Hsiung is shown a little longer.

2 Sek.


The policeman fells one of the security guards.

3 sec.


The brawl outside of the car is a little longer.

1 sec.


After Kit-Ying has asked for a snack, the rapist unbuttons his pants.

4 sec.


The rapist kisses Kit-Ying longer.

11 sec.


Kit-Ying cuts off one of the rapist's ears.

11 Sek.


Kit-Ying strangles the rapist.

8 sec.


Some more shots of the strangulation.

9 sec.


The apples and blood fall to the ground.

3 Sek.


One of the attacked men is beaten up longer.

3 sec.


Another man is attacked with a machete

5 sec.


The throat of another man is cut.

2 sec.


A man is hit on his head with a pineapple.

8 sec.

8 Sek.


Kit-Ying cauterizes the skin of the rapist.

2 Sek.


Hsiung meets Kit-Ying, who takes care of her wounds from the acid attack and tries to convince her that taking revenge for the rape is not the right way to go.

2:11 min.


Kit-Ying continues to file the pipe into shape.

5 Sek.


The two drunk girls on the bed touch each other longer. A man comes into the picture. A porn shoot follows.

1:21 min.


The girls are filmed under the shower, followed by a cut to Kit-Ying.

7 sec.


The sawed off piece of piece glides out of Kit-Ying's sleeve longer. The next scene starts slightly earlier. The breasts of one of the girls are shown.

3 sec.


Blood drips out of the pipe. Kit Ying pushes the pipe in further while the rapist is staggering backwards.

11 sec.


Film tear in the MegaStar version: The rapist is shown longer.

1 sec.


In the Joy Sales version the beginning of the porn shoot is missing before the camera pans over to Kit-Ying.

2 sec.


Probably a film tear:

The rapist with the cauterized skin wonders how a blind woman would be in bed.

4 sec.


Kit-Ying's sister is being beaten up longer.

9 sec.


A new scene in which Hsiung shows some tricks with his wheelchair on a roof.

Parts of that scene are shown later in the MegaStar version. See [01:06:00][00:26:55]

1:39 min.


Susan staggers backwards against a wall and collapses. Kit-Ying runs outside.

7 sec.


Susan's throat is cut. She goes down to the ground.

In the Joy Sales version the scene where Kit-ying runs outside follows now. (2 sec.)

5 sec.


Hsiao Hao gets off the motorcycle to help Susan, but as it turns out she has already died. He leaves.

14 sec.


Kit-Ying bites the cheek of the rapist.

2 sec.


The heel hits the rapist.

1 sec.


Hsiung says: "Is the sacrifice worth while?"

3 sec.


In the Joy Sales version the scene between Hsiung and Kit-Ying continues. He explains her on which parts of the human body she has to concentrate.

28 sec.

In the MegaStar version part of the roof scene follows here. (cpr. [00:58:54][00:18:35])

37 sec.


When Kit-Ying and Hsiung prepare the traps almost all shots are extended.

MegaStar: 9 sec.
Joy Sales: 17 sec.


The Joy Sales version shows how several traps are set up.

1:12 min.

In the MegaStar version another part of the roof scene follows.

16 sec.

The version synchronize when the instects are ground in the pot.


Kit-Ying mashes the instects longer. The next scene starts earlier.

4 sec.


Kit-Ying binds the mattocks together longer.

6 sec.


Joy Sales:

Kit-Ying cuts herself when she hangs up the chain. Hsiung appears and says that it's time to get ready.

13 sec.

In the MegaStar version now follow the other scenes in which they prepare the traps (cpr. [01:07:02][00:27:55]) and afterwards the rest of the roof scene.

1:15 min.


One of the rapists pulls the mattocks out of his face.

5 sec.


The rapist writhes longer in the liquid.

5 sec.


The rapist is being choked.

1 sec.


The rapist is choked longer.

8 sec.


Hsiung beats up the rapist.

3 sec.


Hsiung repeatedly stabs the rapist with one of his spokes.

4 sec.


The second rapist is hit by the pipes.

3 sec.


One rapist fights longer with Hsiung while the other one is pulling the pipes out of his stomach.

26 sec.


The rapist tries to stab Hsiung with the pipes. Kit-Ying gets back on her feet.

13 sec.


Kit-Ying tries to stab the rapist.

2 sec.


The rapist hits Hsiungs arm against the pole two more times.

3 sec.


Kit-Ying jumps onto the rapist but doesn't manage to stop him from beating up Hsiung.

24 sec.


The rapist continues punching.

2 sec.


Kit-Ying continues drawing the bow. The rapist breaks one of Hsiung's fingers.

6 sec.


The arrow hits the head of the rapist.

1 sec.