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Clive Barker's Underworld

original title: Transmutations


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: May 11, 2010 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut theatrical version (TV)by Marketing and the uncut US extended version which was also released by Marketing. The DVD contains both versions. The extended version can be found in the bonus material but lacks a good quality. The new added scenes, with a runtime of about 11 minutes, only contain plot which can't empower this movie.

11 minutes and 21;34 seconds are missing in 17 scenes.

0 Min
Different title names.
no time difference

To the left: TV / to the right: Extended version.

1 Min
The agent in front of a door at which he is knocking: When Ricardo opens it the agent asks him several questions which leds to a closing of the door. The agent again knocks the door.
19,64 Sek

1 Min
While he keeps on knocking an old woman opens the door. Both start talking. Ricardo runs him off. When he had closed the door, the agent turns around and goes downstairs where he takes a seat.
48,28 sec

1 Min
The agent looks at three mean guys close to him. He gets up and leaves.
13,8 sec

4 Min
The old woman enters Nicole's room and starts talking to her.
36,84 sec

9 Min
Fluke and Bain enter the living complex and walk towards the elevator. Fluke uses the elevator while Bain chooses the stairs.
31,38 sec

12 Min
Bain can be seen on the ship. He gets back to the room where Fluke and Roy are sitting in. Afterwards they can be seen while they are walking through the backalley towars a bureau complex.

16 Min
Bain looks at Fluke before he gets up.
2,6 Sek

16 Min
One can see Motherskille behind a desk. Meanwhile, Roy looks at the picture of the missing Nicole. He walks to his closet, takes a shirt and throws it on his bed. He gets back to the closet and takes a gun. He starts aiming into the air and puts it on his bed, too.
33,68 sec

16 Min
The prostitute, who is looking out of the window, closes the curtains.
7,64 sec

18 Min
Roy and the old woman take a seat while she offers him something to drink. They keep talking while she gives Roy something to drink.
32,96 sec

23 Min
Bain walks along the street. Suddenly he meets Roy who is aiming with his gun on him. Roy takes Bain's pistol. He is just kidding and offers Bain a drink. Both are in a bar. Roy presents a serum and offers it to Bain. He refuses it.Both leave the bar and say goodbye and leave in different directions. Bain returns and watches Roy leaving.
191,64 sec

30 Min
The creature strays around the brothel and moves upstairs while one can see a prostitute who is combing her hair.
53,28 sec

30 Min
The creature opens the door a bit and looks into the room.
9,56 sec

40 Min
Roy walks around. Additionally one can see a man and two women on stage. Motherskille, Bain and Fluke are watching the scenery. Buchanan walks towards Motherskille and starts talking to him.
53,6 sec

41 Min
Motherskille can be seen longer. Waving his hand he orders Buchanen to him.
3 sec

43 Min
Motherskille yells after Roy who is about to leave. He turns to a mirror and reorders his tie while nagging about something.
16,12 sec

51 Min


Additional view on Roy.
+6 sec

US version:
Roy goes towards a hatch and opens it.
31,56 sec

Extended version:TV: