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Paradise Alley


  • US iTunes / US DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 23, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US iTunes Version / US DVD (also available on the first German Blu-ray by Paragon Movies) and the Uncut Version (available on the new German Blu-ray by Koch Media [2018]).

- 3 additional scenes
- Length: 104.8 sec (= 1:45 min)

Paradise Alley (1978) starring Sylvester Stallone is really something when it comes to all its different versions. As already documented in the comparison with the UK DVD, the movie was not released "uncut" in every country (Germany for instance got the very same cut UK Version). In the US on the other hand, the scene was in the movie - this goes both for DVD and HD releases. It is likely that this version has been released in further countries as well. On 01/25/2018 however, the German label Koch Media released a Blu-ray that contains two further versions of Paradise Alley.

First of all, there is the US TV Version which is shorter but contains some additional footage as well - a detailed comparison will follow. The Main Version on the other hand has a length of almost 109 minutes which means there are almost two additional minutes - compared to previous HD releases. As for the new footage: It is a double-edged sword. Mostly, there are additional shots of musicians. But then again, there is some additional dialog with Sly as well. But at least one finally gets to watch the Uncut Version.

Time index refers to
Paragon Blu-ray (= US iTunes / US-DVD) / Koch Media Blu-ray (Uncut Version)
35:24 / 35:24-35:33

The shot of the singer (Frank Stallone) is a longer resp. he sings a little on-screen.

9.3 sec

49:08 / 49:17-49:37

After Lenny gets left behind all by himself, the shot is longer - followed by a smooth transition to the next scene: : Mumbles (Tom Waits) sings a little and Cosma calls him by name.

When Cosmo keeps talking, the versions are back in sync.

19.8 sec

82:25 / 82:54-84:10

Before the car crashes into the bar, Cosmo and Big Glory are driving around longer.
Cosmo gets out of the car and yells while someone is throwing bottles from above: "Glory just broke his company's property! Are you crazy? Now get rid of this!"
Big Glory: "I'm a bear! Argh!"
Cosmo: "Don't you recognize Santa Claus?"

Then a small scene at the bar: Mumbles intones a song, the guests are singing along (scarcely audible).

Back outside, somebody comments from above: "Look what kind of drunken bums they are."
Cosmo: "Ey, what do you say, we go to Stitch Mahon for a drink?"
Big Glory: "You know they don't allow coloured folks in there."
Cosmo: "Come on, I can get you in. Me and Stitch are good buddies, come on."
Then they drive off.

Last but not least, the scene at the bar sarts earlier. They are singing together.

75.6 sec (= 1:16 min)