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Release: May 12, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Carla Harris has made it. She could escape from the small town, became an actress and married a good guy. Everything in her life is going well until this fateful night. Her husband is shot dead the offender could not be investigated. To get her sorrow under control Carla decides going back to her hometown to find a new lease of life at their parents. But her hometown receives her with mingled and doubtful feelings: Jealousness of former friends, envy and desire of the guys. Returning home ends up in a disaster….

Rape 'n' Revenge – should happen in this subgenre classic… NAKED VENGEANCE belongs to. The plot is simple and quite predictable but the screenplay itself tries to avoid evidently clichés and reaches well-ordered tracks after a clumsy opening with a constant solid suspense curve until the end. Despite all simplicities the positive aspect prevails: The characters act in a reasonable manner, the culmination with the multiple rapes is convincingly shocking and the following revenge is not as is customary in this genre. The Sheriff figures out pretty early how the wind blows and the hunt for the suspects gets soon into top gear. So she is huntress and prey at the same time. But the objects of revenge too react skillfully. They do not just kill the injured at the hospital but rather abide their time pulling strings behind the scenes. So it once already happens that the avenger is held up by a police road block after another murder, only just can escape before the hasty mustered mob drive her into a house. This house then is getting burned off above her head and she can only get out with difficulty. The end can almost be indicated as apocalyptic….

The actors all know their stuff. Deborah Tranelli in the leading role celebrated her biggest success 5 years later in the TV serial "Dallas" where she had a leading part in more than 120 episodes. Also in this movie she has some impressive moments. Her competence as Jazz musician has been used for recording the song "Still Got A Love" for the sound track. The bad guys Kaz Garas, Nick Nicholson and Don Gordon Bell are quasi components of a Santiago movie of the eighties confidently play their role. And director Cirio H. Santiago (suddenly deceased in September 2008) anyway belongs to the artists of the B-Action ware genre. With a very often low budget he creates expensive-looking movies usually belonging to the greatest exponents of the respective genres. I personally recommend the Mad-Max-Clone STRYKER (will also like NAM ANGELS be released uncut for the Export in the near future)!

Let's have a look now on the compared versions. The movie has been released as R-Rated and Unrated version within the USA. The R-Rated Version has been exported to several other countries like Australia and Germany. The UK version should also be based on the R-Rated but additionaly close to 30 seconds have been cut. As the only known to me Unrated Version the US-Tape of Lighting-Video is qualified for the comparison. This tape on hand has been compared with the German VHS from Vestron Video (R-Rated) running about 20 minutes longer. It should not go unmentioned that both versions contain a huge amount of jump cuts. I also do not list every passage featuring a longer running scene in whatever version. I’ve narrowed down to for me important differences and really conspicuous ones. However I would recommend every gentle fan to have a look on the US-Tape. The presented screen shots originate from the tape. This was not only old and hackneyed but also has been digitized in addition and for the purpose of a better comparison adjusted to the norm. Therefore please accept my apologies for the partly lousy quality. Here and there the images haven been edited but not all in the same manner.
So Folks, Action....

A extra huge thank you today for baron666, who provides the extremely rare German VHS tape for me.

R-Rated version = 74:28 Min. (Pal)
Unrated version = 97:08 Min. (NTSC), 93:16 Min. Pal

Total difference = 18 minutes 52 seconds within 35 distinctions
6:18 Min.
The complete sequence of Mark’s funeral where Carla once again declares her love to him and says tearfully farewell is missing. Right before the restart of the R-Rated version with the arrival of the Cops, Carla packs Mark’s clothes.
( 101 sec. )

9:09 Min.
The Cop leaves and the two last shots are missing. Directly after the unrated version shows some external shots of Carla driving to her parents.
( 46 sec. )

11:24 Min.
Only in the unrated version Burke mutters "Bitch!" when she leaves the gas-station. In the R-Rated version the following side-view of the driving Carla is also missing.
( 8 sec. )

12:03 Min.
Now we’ve got a massive shortening of important storylines – because two leading characters get introduced. After Carla has been said welcome from her parents the first thing missing is: Shift on to the next day, Carla in undies mixing some stuff in the kitchen. Somebody’s knocking on the door it is Tim, a young employee of her parents begging for a glass of water. While she is getting the water for him he considers attentively her body. He then drinks the water and goes back to work. A little later Carla leaves for the city and tells her father, who works with Tim in the garden, good-bye. Daddy mentions that they are invited for tonight but Carla wants to stay at home. Tim incidentally catches this conversation and it seems that he apparently registers it. Now change to the city where Carla is driving along the street. Suddenly a van comes out reverse of a driveway and she barely can stop. It seems that the driver, Artie, just has prompted this, gets out of the van and starts flirting with Carla. She gets mad and the Sheriff is joining. A little tit for tat, Carla is still annoyed, the Sheriff acts cool and Artie blank-faced. With the scene of Carla strolling about the sidewalk the R-Rated version restarts. In total at a stretch it is missing….
( 259 sec. )

14:33 Min.
Carla says good bye to her parents. The unrated in addition has a scene where she looks at her hand with the wedding ring and an outside view of the bar.
( 17 sec. )

14:51 Min.
Carla comes into the club. Again a pretty long piece from the beginning of the following scene is missing. Burke notices her and then calls for her. But Carla takes no notice of him because she recognizes an old friend–Estelle–who also call for her. She takes a seat at her table and gets introduced to her husband. After some small talk the next old acquaintance-David-appears. Here too Carla is pleased with his company and he also takes a seat at the table. Estelle suddenly prompts verbal barbs; David should now be better at home with his wife. Then her jealousness shimmers through on Carla: She were an actress and didn’t Estelle have lately seen her in a trash bag commercial? And that Carla had married a really rich patron. Carla obviously feels uncomfortable gets angry and takes a seat at the bar. With the now following shot of Sparky, Burke and Artie at the table the R-Rated version restarts again.
( 125 sec. )

20:45 Min.
The start of the long shot showing young Tim drinking booth from the bottle is missing.
( 7 sec. )

21:04 Min.
Another side close-up view of Fletch railing against Carla – even Burke butts in – is missing. The telling of raunchy jokes ("Bitch", "She's wide open" etc.) is missing, before the R-Rated version restarts again with the frontal long-shot.
( 19 sec. )

21:06 Min.
This frontal long shot only runs the length of one sentence ("She went to the Sheriff dropping a dime on me!"), and then we have another cut. More raunchy jokes follow ("You want to stick your finger in her butt!"), Fletch is getting pranked. He gets angry and tries to attack the youngster Tim but the others can cool him down. And there is more alcohol-impaired jabbering….
( 43 sec. )

24:54 Min.
Naturally the multiple rapes have been cut.
( 77 sec. )

26:06 Min.
The scene where Carla’s mother gets hit by a scatter-gun in her chest runs much longer in the Unrated version.
( 2 sec. )

26:10 Min.
And the slow-motion where she fell into her arms starts earlier in the unrated version.
( 2 sec. )

26:25 Min.
Another scene of her father’s going down on the floor with a bloody chest.
( 1.5 sec. )

30:02 Min.
The complete sequence in the fitness studio where the five rapists chew over their bad deed, arguing, fighting and finally calming down is missing. Then the counter cut on to the Sheriff’s office where he is just about to leave. Right now the unrated version switches to Artie’s ice factory where they all meet in front of the entrance. They are all told that Carla is still alive. But what should they do now? Nothing is the answer. Staying calm! In the R-Rated version this sequence gets inserted in the hospital scene at 32:25 Min. right before the Sheriff questions the injured Carla. There is a total difference in the R-Rated version of
( 128 sec. )

32:26 Min.
Due to connection reasons the beginning of the scene where the Sheriff together with the doctor enters Carla’s hospital room.
( 20 sec. )

33:38 Min.
The first part of the take with the freaking out patient Jessy after the counter cut onto the Sheriff is also missing.
( 3 sec. )

36:26 Min.
One more shot of the burning Ray as well as a previous counter cut on Carla.
( 6 sec. )

37:55 Min.
An additional scene in the hospital where the Sheriff walks accompanied by the doctor through the corridor.
( 10.5 sec. )

38:01 Min.
Another additional side view of Carla sitting and painting something.
( 3.5 sec. )

40:20 Min.
There is a short scene with the doctor talking to Carla at the beach. He asks her how she feels and tells her that she could come to see him after a short walk. She nods her approval.
( 38.5 sec. )

41:41 Min.
Carla walks along the waterfront while Burke in a boat follows her on the lake. The cut begins when she starts lifting up her dress. It’s missing when she takes it off and walks along naked.
( 10 sec. )

42:50 Min.
Carla kills Burke in the water. The front view of Carla is also missing as well as the beginning of the following shot where he tilts aside.
( 7 sec. )

42:57 Min.
The front view is now inserted into the R-Rated version but therefore the complete rest is missing. The guy is still alive and tries to escape. Carla throws a grapple after him, catches him, ties the rope up to the boat and starts the machine. Burke gets dragged along and is on tow over the water. With a view of Carla gazing after him ("You Bastard!") the R-Rated version restarts with the locating of his dead body. In total there are missing....
( 42 sec. )

43:33 Min.
Once again a scene runs a little longer.
( 6 sec. )

56:33 Min.
This is a very smart cut because it can’t be seen in the R-Rated version how Carla hits Artie’s throat with an ice pick.
( 2.5 sec. )

56:40 Min.
She hits him two more times and Artie draws back on the conveyor band – imperceptible.
( 6 sec. )

66:02 Min.
As Fletch’s employee closes the door the following scene is missing. Fletch notices some more beef knuckles and carries one in the cold store. The R-Rated restarts at the time he picks up the second one.
( 34 Sek. )

66:32 Min.
One take is missing when Fletch cuts over Carla’s breasts with a butcher’s knife.
( 3 sec. )

66:37 Min.
The fight between Carla and Fletch has been badly censored. After Carla scurried through the door and Fletch closes in for the kill behind her the cutting starts: She gets the butcher’s knife and attacks Fletch. He could avoid a blow, takes away her knife trying to hit her with a meat hook. But he gets caught on a beam and Carla tries to escape. Fletch can grab her hair pushing her towards the sausage slicer and activates the switch. Before Fletch can push her face into the cutter blade she bites in his hand. Blood splashes before the R-Rated version restarts.
( 25.5 sec. )

66:47 Min.
Another take where Carla claws out Fletch’s eyes as well as a counter cut.
( 3 sec. )

66:57 Min.
The take of Fletcher who turns around with the meat axe sticking in his back has been shortened in so far the axe can’t be seen in the R-Rated version.
( 1 sec. )

67:01 Min.
The complete sequence of Fletch staggering over to Clara (the meat axe still in his back) and then flinging her against a shop window is completely missing. She breaks through the glass with her head and drops on the floor. Fletch also falls down on his knees before the R-Rated version restarts with the escape out of the store. Oh, due to connection reasons there is only in the R-Rated version a previous shown front view of Clara. In total there are missing
( 32 sec. )

67:05 Min.
Clara leans against the door and now the previous removed shot of Fletch skidded down the wall (see image 7 of the previous cut) is shown in the R-Rated version. The original version instead shows all the rest: Fletch is certainly not dead, comes out from behind the bar dashing at Carla. She escapes to his office and tries to break the window glass with a chair while Fletch behind her drives a hole into the door with his axe. When he breaks in she throws the chair against his head so that he’s falling down. Then Carla overturns the desk and the scatter-gun is dropping out. Bleeding and exhausted she slips to the ground looking at Fletch who crawls towards her. He gets up, raises the axe…Clara grabs the gun and shoots his head from his shoulders. In total the R-Rated version lacks of
( 50 sec. )

And last but not least the closing credits are complete in the unrated version. I go without time designation and images – I’m too tired.