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Last Battle


Censored Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Oct 26, 2011 - Author: DarkChojin - Translator: Bensn
Sega’s simple Beat’em up belonged to the first generation of games for the Genesis/Mega Drive in 1989 and was particularly infamous for its hard difficulty level. In Japan “Last Battle” is known under the name of "Hokuto no ken" (eng.: "Fist of the North Star") which refers to the equally called manga series the game is based on. As well as the cinematic reference, the game was not quite thrifty regarding the red lifeblood. Personally inquired (at this point a kind regard to Mr. Döhla), SEGA confirmed that they were the opinion back then that the crude depiction of violence would not suit the taste of the Western audience. Hence, they reached out for the scissors. The censored version was sold in Europe as well as in the USA.
Almost every character received a new coloration for the censored version.


alteration of names
The initial names had to make way for self-creations.
Examples: "Kenshiro" became "Aarzak", "Bat" became "Max", "Lin" became "Alyssa".

Image only from the censored version

Originally, when an opponent was hit, firstly his head would burst and then his whole body exploded and created a fountain of blood. The censored version shows the opponents merely flying out of the screen when hit.
The pirate-opponents in the 3rd chapter fly out of the screen in the uncensored version, too. Thus, this is not a censorship.


The boss-fights

Boss No.1:
The blood has been colored yellow.


Boss No.2:
Blood has been colored green. Additionally, an animation showing the boss exploding in a gush of blood has been removed.


Boss No.4:
The same as with Boss No. 1 except for blood being colored green now.

Boss No.5:
The censored version shows the protagonist smashing the boss a few times more after the last hit, whereupon the boss is defeated and simply brought to his knees.
The uncensored version shows the protagonist beating the boss by his fists a few times after the final hit. However, the boss’s skin cracks at several points and blood is splattering out of it. Then, the boss is brought to the ground while blood is still dripping out of his wounds. (The pictures are enlarged for if they were not, the difference would not be recognizable that well.)


chapter 3-5:
At the end of the level of the censored version you can see Duke wearing ragged clothes.
The uncensored version features him littered with wounds and separated from one of his legs.


Boss No.7:
Blood has been colored blue.