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Silip - Daughters of Eve

original title: Silip


  • Greek VHS
  • US DVD
Release: Dec 07, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Greek tape by Jaconde Video and the US DVD by Mondo Macabro.

About the movie:

Tonya is the head of a small village's school and is also responsible for the relgious education. Despite her own lust, she preaches that sex was something evil. One day her sister Selda shows up together with her new boyfriend. It is getting more and more difficult for Tonya to keep up appearances because of her sister's libertine behavior. The situation escalates when Selda starts flirting with Simon, one of the village's inhabitants.

This is a very surprising and brave movie, which was made by Elwood Perez in 1985, starring former Miss Philippines Maria Isabel Lopez. The main themes are sexual lust and religious zeal resulting in murder and mayhem.

About the versions:

Before the release of the US DVD, Silip was only available on the Greek VHS by Jaconda Video. There, the movie was in full screen aspect ratio, but without Pan▀Scan (see picture comparison) and containing only the mediocre English dubbed audio track. Additionally, the last scene and the ending credits of the movie was missing. It seems likely that this was done just to save some tape because all the violence and sex scene were left in the movie. In the meantime Mondo Macabro has released the movie on DVD. The picture qulity is very good and there is the option to watch the movie with the original audio track and subtitles. The problem with the English synchronization is that the dialogs have been simplified very often. For example, Mona and her son suddenly are siblings. The partially spooky score by Lutgardo Labad was replaced with rather meaningless tracks, too. The bonus material on the DVD is also very convincing. Besides interviews with Elwood Perez, Maria Isabel Lopez and Alferdo Sandos, there are some texts with lots of background knowledge on the second DVD. The only downside of the DVD is that the English synchronization is partially a bit off. This has been done better on the Greek tape.

Picture Comparison:

Greek VHS:


Running times:

US DVD: 125:30 min (NTSC)
Greek VHS: 117:43 min (PAL)

There are different title overlays.

Greek VHS:


No difference in time.


The Greek VHS lacks the last scene of the movie and the ending credits.

The boy slowly approaches the inhabitants of the village, who have gathered around the priest. One of the children takes him by the hand and they go to the front. The boy confesses that he - blinded by rage - has done evil things. The ending credits follow after that.

1:45 min (w/o ending credits)
2:40 min (w/ ending credits)