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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jan 23, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
Director and producer Ivan Reitman assembled some of the most prominent comedic talents of the US and Canada for his 1981 military comedy. For example: John Candy, John Larroquette and Judge Reinhold. Not forgetting the two leads Billy Murray and Harold Ramis, with whom he shot the extraordinarily successful "Ghostbusters". About the movie and the new version: The extra 19 minutes (the statement "14 minutes more movie" on the DVD cover is wrong) really do make the movie funnier and complete it nicely. The comparison is between the German cinematic version and the Extended Cut DVD.

Runtime cinematic version 1:38:31 min. without end credits
Runtime Extended Cut 1:57:53 min. with end credits

Additional new scenes: 7
Runtime of the new scenes: 1061 sec.
0:00 min.
The Columbia Pictures logo is missing.
22 sec.

14:12 min.
John Winger (Bill Murray) is completely exhausted from doing his 5 push-ups and stays lying on the ground. Russell Ziskey (Harold Ramis) offers him to stay at his place. For John it's already a done deal. He wants to join the army. Russell tries to talk him out of it.
134 sec.

38:46 min.
Ox (John Candy) says, that his trash bin is too heavy and switches bins with Russell.
10 sec.

39:45 min.
The unit returns from a drill completely exhausted. John asks Russell, how he feels. Russell "thanks" John, who talked him into joining the army and at the same time asks John to find a way to end their army carreer prematurely. John promises him to find a way. In the next scene, John and Russell (both dressed in civilian clothes) are on an airfield and sneak inside a frighter. Russell swallows some pills he believes to be a remedy against plane sickness. John explains to him, that they are LSD. Russell is totally baked and barely takes notice of anything. Now, a unit lead by Captain Hollister enters the plane. He is quite surprised about the two "guests" and wants to know, who they are. John and Russell introduce themselves as secret agency officers. Capt. Hollister buys into their story and salutes the two of them. John returns the salute and Russell starts singing a song under the influence of the drug. John joins in. Captain Hollister is confused. After some time in the air, the soldiers get ready to jump. A parachute is put on the sleeping John and he wakes up. He's looking for Russell, who's still a little stoned and ready to jump for quite a while. John wants to stop him from jumping, but doesn't succeed and now gets pushed out of the plane himself. After the jump, John and Russell find themselves alone in the jungle. John is trying to sling his socks dry, while Russell is reading from a survival guide. Now, they start walking. Of course, they walk directly into a trap set by rebels and get captured. When they arrive, they get invited for dinner. The rebel leader passes around a joint. Russell returns the favor with the pills (LSD) he's still has with him. The leader orders to put the pills into the stew, from which everyone is eating. John and Russel look for a way to leave the rebels. The leader notices this and wants to shoot them. John is able to save himslef and Russell by starting a well known South American song. The rebels feel incited to sing and dance and forget about John and Russell.
564 sec.

1:00:02 min.
Capt. Stillman (John Larroquette) has gathered Sgt. Hulka's men around him. He explains to them, how the accident happened. Only John makes a remark that implies that Captain Stillman is the true culprit.
72 sec.

1:26:12 min.
Sgt. Hulka (Warren Oates) joins his men, who're about to arm the EM-50. He picks John and Russell as voluntary guards. The others are sent away for the weekend.
82 sec.

During their "weekend vacation", John fools around with Stella Hansen (Pamela Jayne Soles) and Russell does so with Louise Cooper (Sean Young).
120 sec.

1:38:08 min.
Russell is against driving the EM-50 into Czechoslovakia in order to free their unit. John tries to dissuade him.
79 sec.