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Gatherer Of The Pure

artist: A Forest Of Stars


  • DVD Version
  • YouTube Version
Release: Sep 15, 2012 - Author: Jim - Translator: Sebbe
A Forest Of Stars (aka The Gentlemen's Club) is a British metal band who recently released a new album entitled "A Shadowplay For Yesterdays". Beforehand also came a video to the song "Gatherer Of The Pure". This work of art, designed by Ingram Blakelock, was released on the DVD of the special edition of the CD and also on the official YouTube channel of the label (where they offer all of their music for free listening) - but in a slightly different version.

The story is the same: Mr. Crow is a photographer and quite lonely. Due to his looks and low social status he belongs to the lower part of the society, but his heart is with a young and wealthy woman. Mr. Crow has built the city he lives in inside of his house and transfers himself into it in form of a puppet, with the help of photographs he takes of noblemen. While doing that he proposes to the lady. But she sees through his disguise, because under his suit and top hat he's still just Mr. Crow., the disgusting photographer. Crow is upset about this and starts a quarrel. When a butler tries to get him out of the club, where he proposed to the lady, Crow stabs him in blind rage.
Terrified, the lady flees to a lake. Crow strangles her there, but he immediately regrets his deed. While the mob, carrying torches and pitchforks, is searching for him he drags the corpse to his house, but they find him there. He flees to the roof of his tower, where he is confronted and finally shot.
In this moment the true Mr. Crow sets the miniature city on fire and destroys it, with all the persons living in it and finally also himself as his house goes down in flames.

The video was received positively because of its gloomy atmosphere and the very nice art style. According to the label Mr. Blakelock wanted to change some things for the release on YouTube, so the YT clip could be called director's cut. But the video is pretty decent in both versions.

Left: DVD Version
Right: YouTube Version
Running Time Difference: none (the YT version is, strictly speaking, longer due to a longer black screen at the end of the clip)
Running time indications are from the DVD version.
The beginning differs. When only the "scratched film" is visible the YT version is grey, the DVD version black.
Some details in the following scene were also changed (the tower in the background is white in the DVD version, in the YT version it has green lights and the windows were edited).

The logos set in a little bit later in the DVD version and are slightly edited. In general, more details were changed again (lights at the well, lamps on the carriage)

The man who walks through the scene from left to right has moths or butterflies on his staff in the YT version.
While Mr. Crow prepares for taking a photo the DVD versions zooms into the picture and the background becomes blurred. Only shortly before Mr. Crow takes the photo the camera zooms out again. The actual effect of the shooting (the three "light tentacles") are missing in the DVD version.
When the world has changed after the photo the background was heavily edited again (in the YT version there's for example more detailed undergrowth and on the hoof of the unicorn is sitting a crow).

The YT version cuts earlier to the next scene, in the DVD version Mr. Crow is shown longer going his way.

The following scene was also changed. In the DVD version the world looks a little bit more at ease; the street musician and the man sawing the fence are missing. The details in this scene were edited again.
When Mr. Crow goes on an ash cloud is blowing towards him in the DVD version; sparks fly through the air in the YT version (hard to see on stills).

Mr. Crow's house was also edited.

When Mr. Crow is cutting out the photograph the DVD version zooms into the picture again. The YT version only zooms in a little bit and the background stays clear.

The carriage has no lamps in the DVD version.

There's more going on in front of the house in the YT version.

There's a cat sitting on the stairs in the DVD version. It taps a carnivorous plant with its paw, whereupon the plant simply eats it.

The animation of Mr. Crow stabbing the butler has only been edited slightly. The YT version shows a little bit more detailed how he's raising his hand and then stabs him. In the DVD version it looks as if he's just striking once and then "stirring around" in the wound. Corresponding to the new animation the blood spatters were slightly shifted, but this is hard to show with stills for the light flickers and the scene is quite shaky.

In the YT version two persons enter the room and Mr. Crow flees. In the DVD version it's only one person.

The garden shown during the flight of the woman is much more detailed than it is in the DVD version.

After Mr. Crow has murdered the woman the Northern Lights are visible in the sky in the DVD version. This was removed in the YT version.

When Mr. Crow's dragging the corpse through the street there's a short insert in the YT version which shows him and the woman happily walking in the street (there's a tower with a searchlight in the background in the YT version; when the searchlight shines directly into the camera the picture dissolves - this searchlight is completely missing in the DVD version). Moreover, the hair of the woman in the DVD version is tied, whereas in the YT version it's open.

The background was pretty much edited again.

There's a short distortion effect in the DVD version when Mr. Crow is ascending the stairs (hardly visible in stills).

The scene in which Mr. Crow escapes to the upper tower was edited.

There are blood splatters in the YT version when Mr. Crow is shot. Moreover, the muzzle flash of the gun is bigger than in the DVD version and also there's smoke coming out of it.

The grand finale is different in the two versions.

DVD: the camera keeps zooming out and the puppet of Mr. Crow and one arm of the real Mr. Crow are visible. He finally crushes the shooter with a match stick, whereupon the city catches fire. Mr. Crow dances euphorically while the city burns to ashes. Finally, he sits down on a chair while the flames take his house; the ghost of the woman appears beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

YT: here, the Mr. Crow puppet also appears at first before Mr. Crow crushes the shooter and sets the city on fire. But the scenes are partially different. The lens effect with the burning edges was completely removed. Moreover, Mr. Crow acts way more destructive in the city and the military attacks him but in vain. There's another group of people sitting calmly in front of the city gates and watching the end of their world. Mr. Crow also sits down on a chair here while the flames seem to reach his house. The ghost of the woman appears and puts a hand on his shoulder. In the YT version the flames are burning more and more of the picture until finally the ghost of the woman also disappears.