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Mother North

artist: Satyricon


  • Censored Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Oct 27, 2012 - Author: kurisuteian - Translator: DaxRider123
Satyricon is a Black Metal band that was founded in Norway in 1990. The two members Sigurd Wongraven (aka Satyr) and Kjetil Haraldstad (aka Frost) got some support by Ted Skjellum (here aka Kveldulv) on their 1996 record "Nemesis Divina".

1996 Moonfog Productions released a promo tape that included a music video for the song "Mother North" which was directed by Satyr. The actress in the video is Monica Bråten (unfortunately we couldn't find any information about her).

The tape consists of an intro, the censored music video, a middle section that serves as an introduction for the uncensored music video, and the end credits. For this report we only look at the 2 videoclips. The runtime of the music videos is identical - they both have a runtime of 6 minutes and 25.8 seconds (9645 frames). The censored version includes 63.4 seconds (1585 frames) of alternative footage. The uncensored version is commented with "You will never see this on TV" on the backside of the cover.
1st Cut at 3:07 (frame 4695):
4.12 seconds of alternative footage (103 frames)

In the censored version Satyr bites Monica's neck (similar to a vampire); this is shown in a close-up shot. IN the uncensored version you see the exact same thing, however, this time it's not a close-up shot so that you can see Monica's breasts.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

2nd Cut at 3:27 (frame 5182):
8 seconds of alternative footage (200 frames)

In the censored version, Satyr poses in front of flickering light.

In the uncensored version Satyr indecently assaults Monica's motionless body.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

3rd Cut at 4:31 (frame 6789):
1.76 seconds of alternative footage (44 frames)

In the censored version you see a glimmer of light.

In the uncensored version, bloody pieces of meat fall out of Satyr's mouth.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

4th Cut at 4:42 (frame 7053):
4.28 seconds of alternative footage (107 frames)

In the censored version Monica dances naked in front of the camera; however, the whole scene is qulte blurry.

In the uncensored version we see a different camera angle, however, you can see everything.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

5th Cut at 4:49 (frame 7226):
11.28 seconds of alternative footage (282 frames)

In the censored version you at first see Monica's face while she dances. Then we see Satyr posing, followed by Monica dancing (blurry).

In the uncensored version Monica constantly dances while Satyr appears next to hear from out of the fog.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

6th Cut at 5:01 (frame 7543):
19.12 seconds of alternative footage (478 frames)

Again, some of the nude scenes were blurred.

Censored VersionUncensored Version

7th Cut at 5:22 (frame 8066):
14.84 seconds of alternative footage (371 frames)


Censored VersionUncensored Version