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artist: Tool


  • MTV Version
  • Uncut Version
Release: Nov 10, 2015 - Author: Der Mann mit dem Plan - Translator: DaxRider123
On July 11th, 1997 the video "Ænema" by Tool was first aired on TV. The video was a masterpiece of classic art (just as the song and the same-named album). The song itself is complex: it includes several changes of mood, is not too easy to grasp, and is characterized by its sophisticated rhythm as well as its hearbeat-enhancing intensity. For this aggressive and cynical song, guitarist Adam Jones produced one of the band's most unique music videos which nowadays is often used during the band's live shows. The video is a cold and surreal interpretation of the creation of the world. "Ænema" is one of the few Tool music videos that can be interpreted quite easily and plausibly; additionally, it fits the song's content/context quite good. Tool wrote a masterpiece of a song and also produced a music video that was ready to blow TVs away.
But then came MTV. Not only did they have to censor all the swear words (overall, there are 15 fucks and 6 shits) they also decided to censor a "violent" scene - apparently, this scene was supposed to offer a bandwagon effect for little children; therefore, it was blurred. Still, one could ask oneself what kind of a kid would watch a music video by Tool (especially they are rarely ever aired). The artistic value of the music video makes this censorship even more scandalous: while other bands mostly just stand in front of the camera to perform their song (in videos like this, it's rather "Front Nudity" that has to be blurred) we here deal with a concept video which insanely fuses with the song and its lyrics and offers intense and outstanding visuals.
Overall, there's no difference in time. However, the ideological loss of such an edit is huge.
In the uncut version of the video you see the creature ramming a needle in its head; the MTV version (which was aired at daytime), however, blurred this scene.