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artist: Icona Pop


  • UK Free-TV
  • Uncensored
Release: Sep 18, 2013 - Author: Redeemer - Translator: Gladion
You're from the 70s but I'm a 90s bitch.
Who is meant by "you"? Could it be the censorship boards, who still live in the 1970s and feel the need to censor each swear word?

There are about two dozen Free-TV music statons in Great Britain, that actually have music on air. The high number is diminished by bad image quality, large amounts of advertisement and - which leads us right to the topic at hand - censored videos.

Corresponding words were removed or obfuscated for videos in which the artists were not able to pull themselves together, even during night-time. This was done on the above mentioned quote, too: "bitch" was replaced by "chick".
The differences in the text will not be subject of debate here, instead, the focus will be put on the differences in the video.

For this report, the
censored version (recorded from the British broadcaster Chartshow Dance on 7th September 2013 at 3:36 am) was compared to the
uncensored version (in this case by Dailymotion) (2:56 minutes PAL).
At first, the band- and song name are being shown in an animation in which the band's name is being created from rectangles. Afterwards, the two band members are talking about some new shenanigans.
~14 seconds

The Bridge ends with the previously quoted line and the vibrating word BITCH is put across the whole screen.
0.4 seconds

The missing time is being made up for right away. Two shots are shown in quick succession, 21 times after each frame in the original, in the censored version 7 times after a altering number of frames. This kills two birds with one stone, as there is always a warning before fast changes in imagery on British TV.
+0.4 seconds
Cut: 1.28 seconds
Uncut: 0.88 seconds

The title animation from the beginning is being played backwards, meaning the band's name returns to rectangles. A few moments of black screen follow.
~10 seconds