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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Aug 29, 2009 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
And another somewhat unfunny movie from the Broken Lizard guys, this time spoofing the slasher genre. The new Unrated scenes are above all making the movie longer and more boring than it already is.

Theatrical Version: 1:39:29 Min.
Unrated: 1:53:08 Min.
Additional scenes: 878 Sec.
Theatrical Version
3:23 Min.
While Stacy and Kellie are kissing the door falls shut and it gets dark.
8 Sec.

4:01 Min.
Alternative footage of the kissing. Kellie approaches Rolo. Stacy notices a few things on a table. Rolo puts the stuff away and is relatively unimpressed when both girls yell at him. Now the door falls shut and it gets dark.
43 Sec.

9:49 Min.
Rolo hits on Jenny but she refuses.
19 Sec.

11:41 Min.
The performance of Coconut Pete is longer.
14 Sec.

12:15 Min.
Rolo and Stacy wanna go into the jungle. Lars follows them to ask for the way to Inga. Rolo makes fun of him and sends him in the wrong direction. Now the both walk on.
68 Sec.

16:42 Min.
Putman approaches Lars, Jenny and Yu. The girls introduce Lars. Putman compliments Jenny.
22 Sec.

After Hank has helped Lars into his shirt, Hank and Pete talk to each other.
10 Sec.

Theatrical Version
Lars and Jenny are searching a room and find various objects.
28 Sec.

Kellies corpse is washed ashore on the beach of Costa Rica. Two cops are examining the corpse.
20 Sec.

Theatrical Version
Alternative shot of nobody turning around.
7 Sec.

50:42 58 28
Pete mourns Hanks loss. Sam and Putman are turning around as a few people notice the group at the beach. A guest asks Sam someting and he answers.
They notice a boat approaching them. On th boat are the two cops who found Kellies body. Apart from Sam, Pete and Dave everyone runs towards the boat.
In a house Pete talks to one of the cops as everyone stands around Hanks body. The cop asks who has gone missing at first. After that is sorted out, Hanks body is uncovered. The cop finds something in Hanks throat wound. It's a badge that only the staff is wearing and now everybody suspects everybody. Juan is targeted by a cop. Both cops leave the group with the notion that the nightmare has come to an end.
Now we see Sam urinating. He hears a noise and goes to check it out. He walks up to the shower booths, opens one after another and, in the third one, finds a monkey escaping through the window.
He turns around and the two cops are standing behind him. Due to his Fun Police uniform they mistake him for security personnel.
He gives a rather inaccurate description of the suspect, but the cops are satisfied and leave. When Sam is alone he stands in front of a mirror and strikes out the Fun from his fake badge and salutes to himself. The cops walk back to their boat where they notice that a rope as well as the radio cable have been cut. The guests watch the boat as one of the cops notice that they are standing in a pool of gasoline. The killer starts shooting flaming arrows but misses a few times. As he hits the target the guests are cheering until the hosts arrive and seem not very enthusiastic.
466 Sec.

Juan suspects Pete to be the killer.
72 Sek

Jenny comes into the room, turns on the TV, starts to undress, turns on the shower, pauses and turns it off again.
39 Sec.

Jenny and Lars enter the party room and tell the guests about the killer. They take it for a joke and continue the party. Jenny and Lars leave.
47 Sec.

Dave meets the killer.
23 Sec.

Juan and Jenny have fled to safety. Jenny thinks about Lars and mourns him. Juan wants to comfort Jenny as Penelope bangs against the gate. They open the gate but Penelope is nowhere to be seen. Jenny asks Juan to close the gate again, which he does.
35 Sec.