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Kill, Butterfly, Kill

original title: Hei shi fu ren


  • Underground Wife Cut
  • Original IFD edit
Release: Jun 04, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Underground Wife Cut longer
51:36-51:51 / 54:32

Underground Wife shows some additional dialog for this at the same place. Donna names an amount of money.

+ 15 sec

Underground Wife Cut longer
53:01-58:26 / 55:44

With a miserably long romantic scene Underground Wife now makes up for all the censoring during the rape scenes.

First Donna and Richard walk through an underpass and talk about marriage. She then explains a bit about how she got into the red light district and her dependence on Arthur (Paul Chang Chung), which is shown with appropriate flashbacks. Richard then also talks about his difficult childhood. This is followed by a shot of Richard fishing, and to loooong shots on a bridge, the romantic tiite song begins again, the lyrics of which are reproduced in the subtitles. This is followed by other shots of the two lovebirds. Finally, there is a short dialogue before Arthur joins in.

+ 325.1 sec (= 5:25 min)

61:27 resp. 05:30-05:56 / 58:49-59:06

Quite abruptly (while it is usually only fitting when Donna is confronted with her respective tormentor, directly after her concretely expressed mention of the rape) here comes another rape flashback in the middle of the conversation between the guys in suits.
Underground Wife Cut longer
05:47-05:56 / 59:06

At least it looks the other way around here: The IFD version is a bit shorter. One of the many flash/flower inserts is missing here and another long shot.

+ 9.2 sec

In addition, IFD, as before, lacks the "transition" in the form of about 20 sec of high-fives with the next tormentor (Baldy). His rape part was already visible at 51:37 resp. 06:18-06:51 / 52:49-54:32.

63:52 / 61:41-63:02

After the tormentor describes his encounter with Donna at that time as "unforgettable", the corresponding rape flashback follows in IFD. Especially this time, however: This part was missing from the long scene in one piece at the beginning of Underground Wife completely and is thus to be seen here quite exclusively. Basically, the censorship of this material is also no wonder, because here Donna is tied up and whipped extensively. The final medium long shot with the drinking baddies still gives an idea of where this part was originally intended chronologically.

76.2 sec (= 1:16 min)

64:34 / 63:44-63:53

Before the bite in the arm, the fight on the ground is a little longer.

8.3 sec

65:17 / 64:36-64:40

At the end of the shot, the guy still raises his hands, revealing the bloody stomach wound. Cuts to him and Donna stabbing again.

3.3 sec

65:24 / 64:47-64:52

Donna is choked on the ground longer. The following fight scene also starts a moment earlier.

5 sec

65:39 / 65:07-65:14

At the end of the shot, two more tons are thrown + more bashing.

6.3 sec

70:40 / 70:23-71:22

During the scene transition of Underground Wife surprisingly a larger piece with Mimi and Steve is missing. He tries to make it clear to her again that he is seriously interested in her. She runs away a bit and so into the arms of the baddie, with whom she then also talks a bit earlier.

57.6 sec

72:03 / 72:47-72:57

The guy is still brutally beaten to death with several blows.

9.3 sec

Underground Wife Cut longer
72:32-72:40 / 73:27

In Underground Wife there is an additional exterior shot of a building. Probably archive footage, clearly worse quality than the rest of the film.

+ 8.1 sec

79:19 / 80:15-80:20

The guy hit by Donna with a pole still has a lot of blood running out of his mouth.

4.5 sec

79:28 / 80:29-80:33

With the next guy, this was still hinted at, but the shot is actually much longer as well. Richard stabs again (offscreen).

3.7 sec

79:28 / 80:37-80:33

A long shot begins insignificantly earlier.

0.6 sec

81:40 / 82:48-82:50

Richard still hits his opponent on the stomach.

1.6 sec

82:12 / 83:21-83:30

Donna stabs several more times and her adversary spits blood.

8 sec

During the following slow motion shots of the final fight, the Underground Wife version again uses the annoying, own title song. In addition, a short text appears above the first B&W images of the credits, which probably points out that our vigilante protagonists have also subsequently received an appropriate punishment through legislation.

Underground Wife CutOriginal IFD edit

Slipcase (incl. gloss effects), cover and reverse cover of the Blu-ray by Neon Eagle Video: