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Kill, Butterfly, Kill

original title: Hei shi fu ren


  • Underground Wife Cut
  • Original IFD edit
Release: Jun 04, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
The HD main movie version still has a reference to IFD for starters.

11.8 sec

During the first scene, credits start earlier and generally deviate in the alternate version.

Underground Wife CutOriginal IFD edit

At this point also briefly a few more comparison images from the film. The good old zoomed full frame...

Underground Wife CutOriginal IFD edit

01:50-01:52 / 02:03-02:08

The Underground Wife version shows here a little longer (with a small jump cut!) the torturer with half bald head, then briefly the woman (Tang Mei-Ling aka Donna).
In the original IFD edit you see Donna instead and in another shot of the man you can clearly see that he is peeing.

Original IFD edit 3 sec longer

Underground Wife CutOriginal IFD edit

Right during this first scene, the revised soundtrack is clearly noticeable. The IFD version features a driving score, the Mandarin soundtrack of Underground Wife instead keeps it as far as possible with the actual sound. In the further course, such numerous existing audio changes are not listed in detail.

Underground Wife Cut longer
05:30-08:45 / 05:52

In Underground Wife the gang rape is still shown in detail and completely in one piece - interrupted again and again by a shot of lightning and flowers falling out. A bald guy watches first while the first guy goes to work. When he's done, he puts his pants back on, high-fives the bald guy, and he falls all over Donna, too. Another one (Chen Sing) sucks on his beer completely drunk, also slaps off and falls over Donna as well. The next act is only briefly hinted at - and when the last tormentor then lets go of Donna, the IFD original version resumes.

+ 194.8 sec (= 3:15 min)

When Donna walks around disillusioned after the rape, Underground Wife features a melancholy song whose lyrics are subtitled. This song is also played several times in the further course of the film.

Underground Wife Cut longer
10:24-11:27 / 07:34

Still the same scene with song subtitles. In Underground Wife Donna walks around much longer in close shot. This is followed by a first shot of her with bra and further walking around.

+ 63.7 sec (= 1:04 min)

Shortly after in Underground Wife several times the image slips a bit. This also happens in the rest of the film every now and then - the VHS source was obviously quite worn out.

13:41-13:54 / 09:52 resp. 18:30-18:43

In Underground Wife you already see a few shots of Donna in front of a shrine at the transition of the scene.
This comes in the original IFD version only a few minutes later, after Donna is seen working as a prostitute and the suitor has "asked" for her attention.

No runtime difference
Image for orientation

Underground Wife CutOriginal IFD edit

Underground Wife Cut longer
14:12-14:13 / 10:10

A short additional cut to Ken (Chen Hung-Lieh) in the background.

+ 1.6 sec

Underground Wife Cut longer
14:53-14:57 / 10:52-10:53

Ken gives another command. For this, the follow-up shot starts a bit earlier in the original IFD version.

Underground Wife 2.5 sec longer

26:24-26:25 / 22:51-23:46

In Underground Wife Richard takes a step to the side to conclude the scene.

In the original IFD edit Ken says something else instead and a fight scene outside follows completely abruptly.

Original IFD edit 52.1 sec longer

31:00 / 28:28-28:30

In the original IFD version, the shot starts earlier and so the knife in the hand is more clearly visible.

2.1 sec

32:29 resp. 07:48-08:30 / 30:00-31:29

The IFD original version now intersperses here a short flashback to a part from the rape scene cut at the beginning, when Donna asks Ken if he remembers her. Of course, the introductory part with the high-five is missing - and then differences in the middle, here highlighted in color:
08:27-08:30 / 30:41-31:26

In Underground Wife there is only one short shot before the final flashes, where Ken opens his pants.

In the original IFD edit Ken holds Donna to the ground much longer instead, grabs another candle and plays with the wax a bit. Primarily, he lets it drip onto his own arm, but Donna is underneath it, screaming in panic.

Original IFD edit 40.9 sec longer

33:43 / 32:45-33:00

Only at IFD you see the guy with Donna's high heels in his throat still gasping a little blood and dying. Donna looks down again angrily.

14.2 sec

34:14 / 33:31-33:57

Mimi pushes herself a little longer through the crowded bus, whereupon the guy (Chiou resp. Steve in the English dub) already comes to it and presses himself indecently against her several times. She goes on with an annoyed look.

24.6 sec

34:48 / 34:32-34:33

An unimportant moment during the scene transition towards the disco.

1 sec

40:34 resp. 07:21-07:43 / 40:29-31:29

Next rape flashback, when Donna takes on Chen Sing. Once again, it is withheld that in the long opening scene he actually claps at his colleague before (the bald guy). And again, a censorship cut is revealed right at the beginning in Underground Wife, because when Chen has the bubbling bottle in his hand...
07:25 / 40:34-41:14

...he actually still holds her forward over Donna and then pours beer over her body and specifically into her mouth with sadistic comments. He himself also drinks some and spits it on her. Eventually the bottle is empty.

38.2 sec

Underground Wife Cut longer
45:02-45:13 / 46:00

Some more dialogue between the girls in closer perspective.

+ 11.2 sec

49:06 / 49:59-50:15

After another cut to Richard and Donna with camera, a shot of the bald guy in the bathtub at IFD starts much earlier. The two embrace each other in much greater detail.

15.7 sec

51:36 resp. 06:18-06:51 / 52:49-54:32

The usual game now with the flashback to the rape by the bald guy. As usual, the high-five with the guy in front of him is missing and the IFD version is conversely more explicit/longer.
06:38 / 53:10-54:19

A first medium long shot of the bald man sitting on her. Then he spies an aquarium with eels and throws several animals at Donna.

65.5 sec