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  • PG-13
  • R-Rated
Release: May 31, 2010 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The mediocre horror flick "Bats" was released in a slightly censored version that received the PG rating. The PG version then was on the VHS, the later released DVD, however, contains the uncut R-Rated version. This uncut version was released in other countries as well.

Comparison between the cut PG-13 version taken from the US VHS by Columbia and the uncut US DVD by Columbia (R-Rated)
R-Rated: 0:02:47
In the death scene at the beginning, some frames of the girl are missing. One can see her forehead bleeding.
0,6 sec.

Alternative footage
R-Rated: 0:02:50
PG-13: 0:02:49
Despite the fast cutting at this point some alternative footage has been used. The R-Rated version is longer and more explicit, however, this is barely noticeable. The still frames shown here are therefore much more brutal than in the movie itself.

PG-13: 0,4 sec.
R-Rated: 0,5 sec.


Alternative footage
R-Rated: 0:09:35
PG-13: 0:09:31
During the autopsy of the male corpse, some alternative footage hsa been used again. The PG features the scientist talking, the R-Rating shows the corpse instead and the text can be heard as voiceover.
No time difference


R-Rated: 0:36:57
PG-13: 0:36:55
The deputy sheriff's death is a lot less cruel in the PG-13 version. Two shots of the deputy sheriff fidgeting on the ground are missing, blood is splashing on his face. The following shot lacks its beginning (close-up on the face) and is therefore rather harmless.
3,4 sec.

R-Rated: 0:41:46
PG-13: 0:41:41
A shot showing the bat tearing a piece of the scientist's neck skin out is missing.
0,7 sec.

R-Rated: 0:41:48
PG-13: 0:41:42
Another hectical shot of the scientist being eaten by the bats is missing, blood is splattering again.
1,2 sec.

R-Rated: 1:05:56
PG-13: 1:05:49
The shot of the scientist with his ear eaten off was shortened by 4 frames.
0,16 sec.