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original title: Xiang Gang qi an: Qiang jian


  • BBFC 18
  • HK DVD
Release: Aug 04, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the cut UK DVD released by M.I.A. (BBFC 18) and the Hongkong DVD released by Universe (Cat. III)

- 18 cuts
- Difference in time: 661 sec (= 11:01 min) [in PAL speed]

As you could already see in the respective comparison there does not exist an entirely uncut version of this infamous Cat. III flick by Wong Jing: The DVDs from Hongkong and Taiwan both include exclusive material and were both obviously censored. In France you could also only get the Hongkong version, which is the most commonly used version for worldwide releases.

In the UK they also based their release on the Hongkong version - and then cut another 11 minutes out of the already censored version in order to get a BBFC rating. Along with the fact that the movie was in some countries marketed as a sequel to Naked Killer - which fits to the overall cast, but not in terms of the plot - this is a chiz.

The "remains" of this version will be discussed in the following report. As you will already guess, all rape sequences were cut out, thus making the plot pretty much unintelligeble. Also, a few violent sequences were cut out. Still, the censorship is mainly focussed on the sexual scenes. We cannot recommend this version, so keep your hands off of this one at all times!
Curiously enough, at the end of the movie you cann see a scene that is missing in both the Honkong and the Taiwan version.

Runtimes are listed as follows
UK DVD [PAL] / Hongkong DVD [NTSC]
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The HK DVD also includes the Golden Harvest logo.

17.4 sec

The rest of the opening credits is identical, however, the title is different.

UK DVDHongkong DVD

01:00 / 01:21-02:37

Right the first scene after the opening credits was cut out: a girl enters her house where a masked man already waits for her and then rapes her.
Over the course of the scene (or more exactly by the relaxed way in which he puts his mask off) we get to know that it is just some sexual roleplay between Chuck and his girlfriend.

73.7 sec

07:25 / 09:20-09:34

The bad guy talks threateningly to Nam on the phone before he says her name which seems to trouble her.

He tells her that he wants to sleep with her by binding her and making her tired. Then he will make her suck his toes. Nam does not seem to realize how serious the situation is and jokingly joins in his fantasies.

13.8 sec

15:33 / 18:02-18:14

Chuck cuffs the girl who seems to be surprised about it.

11.8 sec

15:38 / 18:19-18:39

After the muscular guy came in, the scene immediately ends with the puzzled look on the girl's face.

Actuall,y the scene goes on with Chuck closing her mouth with his hand. Then he lets the muscular guy have his way with the girl. He gets up to film everything. The girl helplessly tells him to stop.

18.9 sec

28:09-28:10 / 31:42-31:47

The UK version cuts to Pauline lying on the floor - a recycled moment from an earlier scene.

The HK DVD in return shows the club owner a little longer. She makes a threat, which is the reason for the censoring: She wants to have a clipper to cut the woman's breasts off. Tat calls for a clipper.

HK DVD 3.4 sec longer
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