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Release: Jan 22, 2010 - Author: Legend of a Fighter - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Okay, I can't deny that some scenes of Beerfest are really funny. The film begins with a funeral and the probably most hilarious death in film history, impressively celebrated by Donald Sutherland in his last will taped on video. And even the central part of the film, beginning with the recruiting of the drinkers and the first training sessions, is quite good. The character Barry gets all the credit here, escpecially in the Unrated Version. But all that is qualified due to the annoying, absolutely not funny scenes which are supposed to play in Germany or that come up with Jürgen Prochnow's very lousy dialect. It's very hard to stand and that's why I had to take several breaks. Furthermore the films runs just too long, escpecially the tournament scene at the end could be shorter. "Wedding Crashers" and "The 40 Year Old Virgin" were entertaining, even at the end, but here it's just exhausting. Even though the Unrated Version doesn't include new footage here, the film's still 10 up to 20 minutes too long. Almost each of the added scenes are unimportant, the last two ones are actually annoying. Only the recruiting scene with Barry, which is complety missing in the Theatrical Cut, is a real asset. Sometimes it'd be better to get rid off really good scenes if these scenes make the whole film worse.

The Unrated Version includes 9 min and 45 sec in 8 additional scenes. A scene that runs 7,5 sec is missing. All of the deleted scenes are plot scenes cut to shorten the film a bit, to reach the R-Rating no scenes had to be cut out.
The group recrouts the last fellow: Barry. He works as a hustler and he's glad to see his four friends when they appear at his "working area". Due to the fact he doesn't recognize them at first, he starts to name the prices for the different services. "One dollar, to look at it. Two dollars to touch it. Three dollars to watch me touch it. [...] Five dollars to touch it, while I touch my toes. Six dollars to touch it, while I touch your toe..." But he finally realizes who they are and says hello. The guys in the car are still confused and don't know what to say. Barry would offer them a discount now, but his pimp his a tough SOB, so he continues as usual: "10 dollars for a BJ. 12 dollars for a HJ. 15 dollars vor a ZJ." Langfill wants to know what a ZJ is and Barry just replies that you couldn't afford it anyway if he had no clue what it is. Jan finally gets a chance to speak and says that they didn't come for a BJ or another J. Barry's disappointed and leaves, the friends follow him. Jan tells him about the beerfest and that he should train with them till next year. Barry doesn't get it and tries to raise the price without knowing for what. Todd asks him to show one of his famous tricks with the coin from the past. The aim is bouncing off the coin somewhere and hitting the mug. Barry doesn't get it again, opens his zipper and wants to pack out his penis, but the others stop him just in time.

Barry tries to flip two coins into a cup, but he doesn't hit. Two further hustlers argue about the coins. Barry has self doubts, hits his head with a bottle and threatens his frineds with the shattered bottle. The friends run away.

Later in the Schnitzengiggle, the group looks for a fifth guy. Barry, who's completely drunk and can't articulate very well because of that, enters and wants to join the team. The others deny and Barry wants to show them that he'd deserve to become a team member. He grabs a billiard cue and pots one ball after another, hits the Bulls Eye when he's playing dart blindly and flips the coins into the glasses.

One month later Jan reveals the location of their training camp to the others. Everybody's thrilled about the opportunities they have there. Barry finds a mascot, the doll of the grandfather, and starts playing with it.

5 min 8 sec in total

At the party Fink just goes down in the Theatrical Cut because he's drunk and baked. In the Unrated Version he's being watched by the paperboy who also takes a picture.
Here the Unrated Version runs 14 sec longer.

Jan's hiding behind a bush when the police ends the party. A teenager's confused about that because Todd's an adult. Todd's sad and leaves.
13 sec

Barry satisfies his catch in the car with his mouth, after that he goes home.
16 sec

While's he's getting laid with his chick, the scene where Barry has some fun with cream and a hot chick, and with mustard and a fat chick, doesn't pop up in the Unrated Version.
- 7,5 sec

Fink works in the lab. He still tries to find out the right technique to empty the boot glasses without spilling
21,5 sec

After visiting the Germans at the Schnitzengiggle, Todd and Jan watch TV. A report about the Germans, blurred for not being recognized, and the so-called employees, to be exactly. The report's about a lot of different violations of the health conditions. One of the employees shows a finger, that got cut-off, getting processed in the food and then given to the guests. Todd and Jan are upset.
116 sec

At the funeral Barry talks to Todd's wife with whom he he had an affair a long time ago. Todd interrupts them due to his jealousy.
43 sec

The US Team packs one's bags for the trip to Germany. Finky packs a lot of nerdy stuff in his bag, a toy missile for instance, and Barry unpacks the box he used to live in when he lived on the streets.
55 sec