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Release: Jun 06, 2009 - Author: Jason - Translator: Ryker - external link: IMDB
Comparision between R-Rated by Vestron with the Unrated by Subversive Cinema.

The movie "Future-Kill" got for the kind of this production considerable glory because of two things: The Acting of two former "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" leading actors Edwin Neal and Marilyn Burns and for the cover artwork designed by non other than H.R. Giger, the "father" of the ALIEN creature. Rumours spread why Giger did this for a rather Low Budget Production. Some say he was forced by some kind of contract and did it unwillingly, others say he did this because of his friendship to the director and Giger was angry when he saw the movie cover because he at this time didnīt know anything about the plot. We will never know the truth. Either way the movie has a small but officially sworn in fanbase.

More interesting is the story about the transnational cutting of the movie. The Unrated Version got the dreaded X-Rating (today NC-17). Therefor the publisher had to cut scenes to get the R-Rating in a new checking. This Version finally got on the German Video System VHS and spreaded on this way all around the world. The cuts werenīt that hard in the USA, bur the movie was not quite accepted and gained even more cuts. Althoug US-Publisher Vestron was known for releasing R-Rated AND Unrated versions, in this case it didnīt happen. With Subversiveīs Limited Collectorīs Edition on 2006-10-31 finally the Unrated Version was published, althoug in rather moderate picture and sound quality.

This report deals with the cuts in the R-Rated, which was edited for a new checking.

Running times refer to the cutted version. The rest of the time difference refer to the missing logo at the beginning of the Unrated version and the rounding from several scenes to half and whole seconds.

Running Time R-Rated VHS: 1:23:28 Min. (1:20:21 Min. without credits)
Running Time Unrated DVD: 1:23:21 Min. (1:20:12 Min. owithout credits)

2 cutted scenes = 7 Sec.
Front Credits:

The Logo of the R-Rated is missing in the DVD Version.

Therefor the R-Rated runs longer here.
14 Sec.

The Frat Boys meet the Mutants:

The Murder on Clint was defused: The first shot shows the victim with the armblades of Splatter in his mandible and another Shot of Splatter lifting Clint up and another shot at the victim. A lot of blood pours out of the stab wounds.
3 Sec.

Showdown / Splatters' Death:

Dorothy rams the trident into the already considerable abdominal wound of Splatter. She is twisting the trident in it.Then she pulls it out in a closeup while her victim is screaming. Some bowels leave Splattersī body. Dorothy steps back and looks pleased.
4 Sec.