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Star Trek VI - The Undiscovered Country

original title: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Feb 15, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
About the film:
Nine years after Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan Nicholas Meyer was allowed the second time to direct a Star Trek movie and gave the old Enterprise Crew a more than worthy completion of their theatrical adventures. Interestingly, only the even (2, 4 and 6) Star Trek movies of the old crew are exaggerating in any way. Two of those are made by him. The added scenes improve the already good movie a little more.
37:14 Min.
Kurtwood Smith (as President of the Federation) assures John Schuck (as Klingon Ambassador) he will show deference to the federation's laws. The Klingon's ambassador leaves the room! A voice over speaker announces the visit of the space fleet's command. Leon Russom (as Starfleet Commander in Chief), Brock Peters (as Admiral Cartwright) and Rene Auberjonois (connotation: this actor will later be known as popular character Odo in the Star Trek TV series DS9)(as Colonel West) enter the office. The president greets his guests and offers them to sit down, everybody except Colonel West do so. Admiral Cartwright tells the president it could not be allowed that citizens of the federation are being abducted. The president replies that he must show deference to the laws! Then the spacefleet-commander's boss asks the president to apply his attention to Colonel West's presentation. He immediately starts his explanation of how to rescue Kirk and Dr. McCoy from the Klingon's hands. This, he does with an old-fashioned flip-chart and a laser pointer. The president interrupts by saying this would only lead to war. Col. West is aware of that and says the now weakened Klingon's had no chance anyways now. The president asks Romulan ambassador Darryl Henriques (as Ambassador Nanclus). He says this was a good time to go to war against the Klingons. The president interrupts the conference by saying he will keep this plan in his mind. Everyone except Mark Lenard (as Ambassador Sarek) leaves the room, the last one of the spacefleet commander's boss' group tries to appeal to the president that the men had saved the earth several times, the president responds by saying they will again, in the court room.
103 Sec.

41:25 Min.
After the sighting of the database, James Doohan (as Captain Montgomery Scott) assures Leonard Nimoy (as Captain Spock) once more, that no torpedo from the Enterprise's stock is missing. Spock says the computer was probably lying, Scott replies computers couldn't lie. Of course, Spock knows that. He orders Scott to count each and every torpedo. Scott says this would take hours whereas Spock answers this was the only way to prove the database has been manipulated and therefore, Kirk and McCoy are innocent.
Kim Cattrall (as Lieutenant Valeris) joins the two over a 'fire department pole'. (The actress is a little clumsy doing this and hits the prop walls and presses them in visibly. This may be a reason this scene wasn't included in the theatrical version.) Now, Lieutenant Valeris reports the Klingon-chancellor's daughter had something to do with her father's assassination and that she didn't shed a single tear. Very drily, Spock comments that Klingons don't have any tear glands.
77 Sec.

Theatrical version
1:14:34 Min.
We see Scott at the conference table with some of the Enterprise's blueprints.
0 Sec.

Special edition
1:18:51 Min.
The editing order is different here.
0 Sec.

1:22:59 Min.
A close-up of unshaven Kirk has been added here for a short moment.
0 Sec.

1:25:13 Min.
Spock does a spirit connection with Lietuenant Valeris. In the theatrical cut, the camera moves around them in a long scene. The special edition shows the picture of the respective traitor as his name is said, this is being emphasized by a short sound effect.

They are: Admiral Cartwright
0 Sec.

1:25:35 Min.
Christopher Plummer (as General Chang)
0 Sek.

1:25:55 Min.
And Ambassador Nanclus. (Connotation: After mentioning the Romulan's name, the theatrical version features the addition "and others!". This is now concealed by the sound effect described earlier.)
0 Sec.

1:38:28 Min.
The dark red blood of the seemingly Klingon assassin is being noticed bewilderedly.
2 Sec.

1:38:35 Min.
The spacefleed commando's boss and Michael Dorn (as Colonel Worf) reveal the assassin as Colonel West.

10 Sec.