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  • Theatrical Version
  • Australian Original VHS Version
Release: Aug 11, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Version (Australian M-Rating / US R-Rating) and the uncut Australian Original VHS Version (both available on the Australian 4K Remastered Blu-ray by Umbrella Entertainment)

- 11 differences
- Length difference: 38 sec

There are a few minor jump cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec each that have not been listed in the following comparison.

Background Information Regarding the Censorship of RAZORBACK

Shot in Australia in 1984, Razorback is considered a classic among animal horror fans. And admittedly, the rather serious staging of the story about some killer boar is rather unique. Unfortunately, the movie was censored prior to its release resp. in order to get the M-Rating for the Australian theatrical release and that censored version was distributed worldwide. However, the Australian VHS was longer than any other release worldwide. The Australian DVD only contains the Theatrical Version, scenes from the Australian Original VHS Version are available as deleted scenes in the bonus section though.

As published quite detailed on, itis just a myth that the Australian Original VHS Version got the higher (Australian) R-rating. The distributor censored the movie prematurely and the subsequently released VHS was advertized with "Un-cut R-Rated version not seen in cinemas". But the fact of the matter is that said release also got the M-Rating - all the more annoying that the censored version was distributed worldwide.

RAZORBACK as Blu-ray Re-Release with the Original VHS Version as Bonus in 2018

In 2014, the very first Blu-ray of Razorback was released in Ausralia - so far, no Blu-ray has been released in any other country by the way. On 08/01/2018, the movie was released on Blu-ray again and that release is highly recommendable. On the one hand, the movie has been restored in 4K and the result is pretty amazing. In addition to that, the release contains the uncensored Australian Original VHS Version as bonus. Unfortunately, the original footage could not be found hence the compromise in quality. The movie is in SD and on top of that the Australian Original VHS Version is in full screen - the original aspect ratio 2.35:1. Be that as it may, the Australian Original VHS Version is finally available and that is something.

As already noted in the IMDb, 4 death scenes are not uncut. There are a few additional shots of Beth's death, there are more details of Jake's "pretty" face and the death scenes of both Dicko and the boar are longer. Surprisingly enough, there are also some missing scenes in the Australian Original VHS Version - nothing spectacular but still... The new footage of the Australian Original VHS Version does not exactly show over the top brutality either resp. a US R-rating by today's standards would never be at risk. All in all, the Regular Theatrical Version is pretty alright. Nevertheless, having the opportunity to get the Australian Original VHS Version - even though it is just a bonus of the second Australian Theatrical Version Blu-ray release - is pretty nice.

Time index refers to
Regular Version (Australian Blu-ray) / Australian Original VHS Version (Australian Blu-ray)
At the very beginning of the Theatrical Version, the Australian Blu-ray contains an additional logo.
Not considered as length difference.

+ 22.5 sec

When the credit appears subsequently afterwards, the writing kind of flies in the audience's direction in the Australian Original VHS Version (despite fullscreen, the writing is completey readable though), In the Theatrical Version on the other hand, the writing remains steady.

Theatrical VersionAustralian Original VHS Version

19:09-19:10 / 18:46

In the Australian Original VHS Version, a few redundant frames of the transition to the driving car are missing.

+ 1.2 sec

24:11 / 23:47-23:50

Two further shots of the boars feasting on Beth.

2.6 sec

24:19-24:21 / 23:58

Surprisingly, the shot of Beth behind the glass ends earlier in the Australian Original VHS Version.

+ 2 sec

24:33 / 24:10-24:12

However, when she is being pulled back from the hood, only the Australian Original VHS Version contains a further shot of the boar.

As if that were not engouh, the Australian Original VHS Version lacks a few redundant frames of the frontal shot of Beth (no screenshots).

Australian Original VHS Version 2 sec longer

71:12 / 70:49-70:57

After the camera zooms in on Jake's face, there is a shot of the boar coming up to the camera. The boar then bites, several close-ups of the head covered in blood follow.

7.9 sec

71:21-71:23 / 71:05-71:07

When Carl finds the body, the Theatrical Version shows the wall of the barn covered in blood. The Australian Original VHS Version contains a shot of Jake's shredded face with worms all over it.

no difference

Theatrical VersionAustralian Original VHS Version

71:26 / 71:11-71:12

In the middle of the shot of Sarah, the Australian Original VHS Version exclusively contains a further shot of the worms.

1.3 sec

82:03 / 81:49-82:02

After Dicko slips off, the boar comes closer in a rather threatening way. The boar then takes its time to suck on Dicko's leg.

13.1 sec

82:07 / 82:06-82:13

Further shot of him getting bitten (off-screen). At the end of the shot, Dicko spits some blood. In addition to that, there is a closer shot of the boar.

6.9 sec

86:37 / 86:43-86:46

Two additional shots of the gnawing rats.

3.4 sec

87:28 / 87:38-87:42

Four further additional shots, two of which contain blood spatter. To be more specific, the blood out of the boar's mouth winds up on Carl.

3.9 sec

Last but not least, a little gem: Since the actual VHS has been digitized 1:1, there is an announcement at the beginning of the end credits ("Don't turn off! Keep watching for further movie previews."). Of course, there are no trailers on the Blu-ray.