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Dragons Forever

original title: Fei lung maang jeung


  • French Version
  • Hong Kong Version
Release: May 07, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut French Version and the uncut HK Version (both taken from the French DVD by Metropolitan)

- 20 cuts
- Total cut length: 961,3 sec (= 16:01 min)

Dragons Forever from 1988 was the last big movie, in which the "three brothers" Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao could be seen together.
There are several official cut versions for this movie, resulting in several comparisons in our database (of which this is the second one to be translated). The Export Version features two more scenes with Yuen Biao than the HK Version but lacks a few short plot scenes. The Japanese Long Version combines these two versions' material and also features an exclusive outro with outtakes. The German DVD contains all the movie scenes, but not the outtakes. But this is some additional information...

The French DVD contains both the uncut HK Version with the original audio and an overdubbed but 16 minutes shorter French Version, which lacks some of the plot elements. This is probably not the same cut that can be found on the French tape by Rene Chateau because the exclusive scenes from the Export Version can be found in French language as a bonus on the French DVD. Also, both versions on DVD have more or less the same picture quality, which is not always the case with this label. It looks as if the HK master tape has been used to recreate the VHS release's cuts – without including the Export Version's scenes due to their inferior quality.

It can be assumed that the Exported Version was used as a basis for the French Version because all of its cuts are included in it as well. Another 10 minutes of storyline were removed as well. This version is certainly not recommendable, but at least the complete cut can be found on the DVD as well – even in good quality. However, it lacks English subtitles, English speakers should therefore buy the British DVD, which is also good.

Running time designations are formatted like this
French Version in PAL/ HK Version in PAL
The black screen at the beginning is longer in the French Version.

+ 1 sec

01:34 / 01:33-03:04

In the French Version, the gangster meeting suddenly stops after Charlie has raised this cup. Originally, the two discuss a few moments longer and eventually Mr Hua shoots one of his competitors. The latter's now unemployed henchman is offered – more or less politely – a position in Mr Hua's team.

90,7 sec

05:22 / 06:52-06:59

After Jackie has beaten down his client, he looks at the judge, who signals him with a gesture that did not like this that much.

7,6 sec

06:47 / 08:24-09:24

The talk between Muss Yip and Mr Hua is longer. She wants to buy the factory, but he declines the offer. Miss Yip announces to sue him and leaves.
Afterwards, Mr Hua talks to his employess. He refuses their suggestion to kill her and wants to get her a bad lawyer to delay the trial instead.

59,4 sec

08:50 / 11:27-11:43

After the elevator door has closed in front of Jackie's nose, the scene continues. His secretary appears next to him and makes fun of him.

16,2 sec

14:36 / 17:29-18:33

Yuen Biao turns around and talks some nonsense about his birds and fish. Jackie mentions the plan to use bugs again, Yuen suggests a more radical solution. Jackie declines it, and after Yuen asks AGAIN what that is all about, he has had enough of it and just laughs.

64,1 sec

15:37 / 19:34-20:11

Sammo brings the suitcases to his room and flirts a bit with Miss Yip, trying to make her stay for a coffee. She declines politely, Sammo gazes after her.

37,1 sec

16:00 / 20:34-21:15

Miss Yip reacts to Nancy's comment about Jackie's invitation – she criticizes that men always only want the one thing. Sammo overhears the conversation and sucks in his stomach when Miss Yip mentiones that money and materialistic things are not important for her, but that she could not stand men with a belly.

40,9 sec

21:07 / 26:22-27:05

Jackie and Nancy clink glasses, he then makes a grimace after a sip from the glass and manages to get a caring touch for it.

42,6 sec

22:01 / 27:59-28:15

Yuen Biao continues to talk to Jackie, he can be seen again and the following shot starts earlier as well.

15,9 sec

22:33 / 28:47-29:09

Again more dialog between the two. Jackie pushes Yuen Biao into the interior beofre leaving the room again to go to Nancy.

22,2 sec

34:55 / 41:31-41:42

Bevor die Gangster an Bord kommen, führt der Kellner Nancy noch ein Stück weiter an Bord herum.

11,2 sec

38:47 / 45:34-49:47

Sammo tries to convince Miss Yip longer to go out on a date with him. However, she refuses and he eventually tells her that he will wait in the restaurant anyway.
Directly afterwards Miss Yip can be seen with binoculars watching Sammo waiting for her. He ends up seeing and following her, including several gags, until Miss Yip finally agrees to eat with him.

252,7 sec (= 4:13 min)

42:29 / 53:29-55:14

Sammo starts singing, then the chat continues a little longer. Miss Yip tells him the secret that her rich father wants to give his fishing company to his son-in-law. Sammo does not like this – because he is bad at keeping secrets. Miss Yip tells him to think of it as his own personal secret and he is content again.
He then sings again.

105,6 sec

58:33 / 71:18-71:38

The judge talks to Jackie, who then goes to Nancy.

19,7 sec

59:10 / 72:15-72:20

The judge continues to talk in the same shot.

5,2 sec

60:11 / 73:21-74:37

Jackie asks Nancy longer, she hesitates before answering – the French Version continues with her love confession.

76,5 sec

60:45 / 75:11-75:16

Jackie and the judge wink at each other.

4 sec

60:49 / 75:20-75:32

Jackie and Nancy are glad.

12,6 sec

61:46 / 76:29-77:43

Mr Hua walks back into his factory, Jackie, Yuen and Nancy secretly follow him. This scene also explains why Nancy suddenly wears different clothes, because Jackie gives her those as a disguise. When Yuen Biao briefly pushes her out of their hiding place, the guard notices her and Jackie knocks him unconscious.

73,6 sec

72:13 / 88:10-88:13

The first variant of the kick (in slow motion) is missing.

3,4 sec