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Original Version
Region: Worldwide

Edited Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Oct 17, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: DaxRider123
"Gothic II" is probably one of the best singleplayer-roleplaying games which have ever been programmed. The game's world is huge, the voice actors are top notch, the story is thrilling, the quests and puzzles are great, the characters are credible, the course of the game is awesome, and the list goes on. Most of the critics praised the game.

Especially the voice actors (at least in Germany) are an enormous advantage of the game and they make it easier to understand the quite complex story. Additionally, the dialogues are long and complex, so if you're going to buy an English version, make sure that your knowledge of the language is at a good level!

Overall, all the versions of Gothic II are identical when it comes to violence/gore. However, the programmers developed 3 different degrees of violence. By standard, you get the medium gore but you can always choose to switch it to the highest level (which acutally is not too different from the medium level, since Gothic is not a too violent at all).

To alter your game, all oyu have to to is edit the entry "blooddetail" in the file "gothic.ini" (which you will find in the subfolder "system") from 2 to 3.

This is a comparison between the German Version (Standard: Blooddetail 2) and the Setup (Blooddetail 3).
For the setup "Blooddetail 2" the most important difference is the lack of one effect which happens every now and then: blood stains. The following things will make blood stains appear when using the setup "blooddetail 3":

Blood Splatter Because of Fights
If you fight an enemy, the fight itself and especially the killing of an enemy will result in blood stains.

Blooddetail 3:Blooddetail 2:

Blood Trail of Heavily Injured Characters
Whenever an enemy is (or you are) heavily injured, the character - in the setup "Blooddetail 3" - will create a blood trail when he moves around. Normally, the blood-texture just looks like the blood stains when you kill an enemy. The rule is - the heavier an enemy is injured, the bigger/closer are the blood stains they leave behind.

Image Description: On the images you can see how the character (on low energy - which you can see in the lower left corner) leaves a blood trail behind when using setup "Blooddetail 3". However, when you choose to play with setup "Blooddetail 2" there's no blood.

Blooddetail 3:Blooddetail 2:

Guts of Zombie-Enemies
Sometimes (but rather rarely) you run into zombies. Whenever you kill one of these you (instead of the regular blood stains) see a stain with guts on the floor. Just as for the other blood effects, "Blooddetail 2" does not show any gore.

Image Description: The image on the left side (Blooddetail 3) in the lower left corner shows the guts which appear whenever you hit a zombie - they look like old and rotten innards.

Blooddetail 3:Blooddetail 2: