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original title: Stephen King's Creepshow


  • Theatrical Version
  • Workprint
Release: Dec 10, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The Theatrical Cut (US-DVD) has been compared to the Workprint.

The workprint of Creepshow is an early version which George Romero had to cut for about 10 minutes at the producer's behest to come by a total runtime of two hours.

The frame story in the beginning was left untouched.

Father's Day

Especially plot scenes were cut here. You find out more about Bedilias father and his business. Furthermore, a scene showing Bedelia in the morgue was removed.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill

Except for Jody's visit at the "Loan Department" only small things were removed here.

Something To Tide You Over

Here, the workprint is definetly better than the Theatrical Cut. Two rather long scenes between Richard and Harry, especially underlining Richard's sadistic side were cut.

The Crate

At 'The Crate' several shots were shortened and some dialog was cut. Nothing very important, though.

They're Creeping Up On You

The final story was not altered a lot, too. For the Theatrical Version, one scene was preponed, which makes much more sense because this way, it's earlier clear that the suicide of Upson's rival triggered the plague of insects.

For the frame story at the end, some dialog between the two garbage men has been removed.Runtimes:

US-DVD: 120:21 Min. (NTSC)
Workprint: 130:13 Min. (NTSC)

The workprint is 10:23 min. longer than the theatrical cut. The remaining difference is due to the missing WB logo at the beginning and the end.

Father's Day


Cass is seen a little earlier.

1 Sec.


A little dialog is missing

Cass: "It's Hank and Sylvia. He likes Hank."
Mother: "Oh I'm sorry darling. He just keeps slipping my mind."

6 Sec.


Bedelia's arrival is the subject matter in this conversation.

[Mutter: "Supposed to have murdered her father, yes."]


Theatrical cut:

The comic sequence of Bedelia in the car takes place.
Some dialog, the conversation is moving on to Bedelia's father Nathan Grantham.
Nathan Grantham is seen in the frame.


The dialog continues.

Mother: "He was the real patriarchate of us all. He made all the money. Didn't he, Richard?"
Richard: "And I loved him dearly."
Mother: "And so you shored (?) all that money. I think he deserves patriarchal status of that, don't you? Well of course, he does."

Richard is going through the house. While mother talks, cut to a bear.

Mother: "You see, Henry. Nathan Grantham simply would not die. He was almost as he made a pact with the devil or somebody."

23 Sec. longer.

Now Nathan Grantham is seen in the frame.

Then a little more dialog.

Richard: "He was a monster and way back in 1910 he got rich on Bootleg an Extrusion and smuggeling and murder for hire. If she killed him, I say, more power to her."
Cass: "Brother."
Mother: "Oh, she was acquitted, you know Henry. If that makes any difference to you."

20 Sec. longer.

Only now the comic sequence of Bedelia in the car takes place, then the conversation about her father, which is also contained in the theatrical cut.


A comic sequence was removed.

[Mother: "[...]Even when she was much younger[...]"]

A comic sequence is shown. Bedelia enters a morgue.

Man: "Can you identify this man as Richard Peter Yargrow, your fiance?"

She is shown a body. Bedelia starts screaming "Yes" loudly. The corpse's mouth is being covered.

Bedelia is shown in the car again. She looks out of the window and adjusts her hat.

As the car is seen, the theatrical version continues.

24 Sec.


Mother: "When she is overwhelmed with her own gift, despite what Richard and Cass may think. Patricide is a very terrible crime. No matter how evil the pater in question may've been."

Im Workprint sind zuerst Richard auf dem Sofa und danach Hank und Cass zu sehen. In der Kinofassung sind nur Hank und Cass zu sehen.
The workprint first shows Richard on the couch, then Hank and Cass are shown. In the theatrical cut, only Hank and Cass can be seen.
The redmarked spot is contained in the theatrical version, the rest is missing.

12 Sec.


Bedelia is seen a little longer as she goes to her father's grave.

1 Sec.


A little dialog about who was supposed to pick up Henry is missing.

[Richard: "Well, go get him."]

Cass: "You go, get him. Its creepy out there and she's creepy too."
Richard: "Rised (?)."

[Cass: "You go Richard."]

7 Sec.


Before mother enters the kitchen, Cass is seen three seconds in the theatrical version, in the workprint only one second.

Theatrical cut two sec. longer

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill


[Jordy: "Pay off that bank loan."]

Theatrical cut:

Cut to the meteor.

Jordy: "That's a ticket."

Jordy sits up.

Jordy: "Gotta cool that son of a bitch off."

5 Sek.


Shortly after his first dream, Jordy has a second.

Jordy: "That's a ticket."

A "Loan Department" door opens.

Man: "Would you mind telling me Mr. Verrill where you came by this money?"
Jordy: "You might say it felt out of the sky."

Jordy begins to laugh and throws around some money.

Jordy: "I said at least 200. My Meteor. My pride."

The dream is over.

Jordy: "You're fucking aright."
Jordy: "Gotta cool that son of a bitch off." (During that line, Jordy is shown a little longer than in the theatrical cut.)

30 Sec.


The workprint shows Jordy run to the water tap.

4 Sec.


[Jordy fills the bucket.]

Cut to the meteor incl. impact crater, then a little excited Jordy is seen.

[The steaming meteor is seen.]

4 Sec.


Jordy looks a little longer at his hand.

1 Sec.


Jordy returns to the impact crater a little earlier.

1 Sec.


The steaming liquid on the ground is seen. Then a ccut to Jordy leaving the impact crater. Then the liquid is seen again, but three sec. earlier than in the theatrical version.

9 Sec.


Jordy is going home longer.

In the workprint his line "Maybe I can glue it together in the morning." is heard while he goes home, in the theatrical cut while he enters the house.

2 Sec.


Jordy is seen a little longer after having turned on the TV. The host's comment is a little delayed the whole time.

2 Sec.


Jordy sits down. Cut to the TV set.

6 Sec.


The camera pan to the meteor liquid starts a little earlier in the workprint.

6 Sec.


The camera pan to Jordy's room starts a little earlier in the workprint, too.

2 Sec.


The liquid is seen a bit longer.

4 Sec.


The camera pan to Jordy's house starts earlier in the workprint.

2 Sec.


Jordy bows to the front and grabs his beer.

4 Sec.


[Jordy examines the green stains in his place.]

A little dialog is missing.

Jordy: "It was that meteor shit. That's what it was."

His hand moves towards his mouth, but he can just hold it back.

12 Sek.


Two takes of Jordy rummaging through his lockers.

3 Sec.


After Jordy has drunk the vodka, he is seen a bit longer.

1 Sec.


Jordy walks through the room and looks around, meanwhile the priest in the TV keeps tlaking. Cuts to the green rank growths. He stands in front of the TV set.

Jordy: "Its my chair and I'm gonna sit in it."

30 Sec.


After Jordy has set down, he looks a round a little again.
The priest keeps talking.

6 Sec.


[The steaming liquid is seen.]

A little dream sequence of Jordy with his rank growth is missing.

[The clock bells.]

9 Sec.


Jordy's father is seen a little earlier.

1 Sec.


Theatrical Cut:

Jordy turns to the bathtub that fills with water.

Jordy's dad: "Stop water at once, Charlie." (The tub is seen during that.)

8 Sec.


Jordy turns to the bathtub that fills with water.

Jordy: "It itches, Daddy. It itches so bad. I got to cool off."

Jordy turns to his father again.

Jordy: "I got to."
Jordy's father: "Stop water at once, Charlie."

18 Sec.


Jordy turns to the tub again.

6 Sec.

Something To Tide You Over


[Harry digs himself in.]

Harry being dug in by Richard is missing, some dialog as well.

A page is being turned. The sea is shown. Richard grabs the shovel and continues digging Harry in.

Harry: "Please."
Richard: "What? What did you say?"
Harry: "Please not over my chest. I can't breath. The sand's heavy."
Richard: "Very heavy. Yeah. Well. You'll be able to breath with some difficulty, of course."
Richard keeps on digging in Harry, he also holsters his Revolver
Richard: "But you will be able to breath."
Harry: "Bastard."

The sea and the sand are shown a little earlier in the workprint.

55 Sec.


[Richard: "I keep my promisses."]

A seagull is shown. Cut to Richard and Harry.

Richard: "Harry, look at this."
Richard has set up a camera that is pointed at Harry.
Harry: "What?"
Richard: "That's a video camera. I told you, I love these things."
Harry: "Look, you made your point. I'm scared, I mean, I'm fucking terr..."
Richard: "Harry, have patience, don't slow me down, we only got about two hours and so I got a lot of things to do."
Harry: "Two hours for what?"
Richard: "Bevor the tide comes in. Haven't you noticed, Harry? You're way below the high tide."
Richard starts singing

A bucket is seen at the beach. This scene is contained in the theatrical cut, too.

Richard goes home. Several shots of his monitored house are seen. He enters his house (these scenes take place a little later in the theatrical cut, see next cut) and walks into a room with some surveillance monitors. On one of the screens you first see Harry, then Richard switches over to Harry's girlfriend Becky, who is up to her neck in the water.

Richard: "It's your time."

Richard laughs, you hear Becky scream.

Cut. Richard lays two cable strings with his wagon. Then Harry and a shot of the video camera are seen.

The theatrical version continues only as the cancer approaches Harry's face.

2:29 Min. - 42 Sek. = 1:47 Min.


Now, the theatrical cut features the scenes showing Richard driving home. But only up to the point as he enters the room with the monitors.

The workprint features here the scene in which Harry pulls up the cladding and then continues at the above mentioned scenes in the theatrical version as well.

42 Sec.


[Richard drinks from the glass.]

Harry, who is being flown around by the tides. Cut to Richard who enjoys the show. On Becky's monitor you can only see the sea now. Richard turns off the screen. Harry is seen on the second monitor. Richard starts singing.

48 Sec.

The Crate


While the janitor examines the bars he says: "Quiet. (?)"

1 Sec.


In the theatrical cut, the janitor pushes up the crowbar a little longer.

Theatrical cut 2 Sec. longer.


The stairs are seen a bit longer.

Charlie: "The Body, where's that professor? Where's Mike?"
Dexter: "I don't know."

14 Sec.


A little dialog after Dexter has told the story is missing.

Dexter: "I will make them hear. That's how it stands now. What do I do, Herny. What the hell do I do now?"
Henry: "I don't know."

12 Sek.


Henry can be seen a little longer writing.

1 Sec.


Henry is walking towards the door and looks at sleeping Dexter.

3 Sek.


Henry locks the door a bit longer.

1 Sec.


The entrance can be seen a bit longer. In the next scene, Henry is seen a little earlier.

1 Sec.


Henry is walking down the steps.

[The blood stains on the floor are shown.]

17 Sec.


Henry continues going down the steps while looking around.

16 Sec.


Wilma is seen a little longer.

2 Sec.


[Wilma looks down.]

In the theatrical cut Henry is seen a little longer.

Theatrical cut 1 sec. longer


[Wilma comes down.]

Henry turns to Wilma.

2 Sec.


[Wilma: "...afraid of you own shadow."]

A little dialog of Wilma is missing.

Wilma: "What would you do without me?"

4 Sec.


Henry checks the are below the stairs a bit longer.

14 Sec.


Dexter is seen a little longer after having turned. In the next shot, Henry is seen a little earlier.

2 Sec.


The box, under water, is seen a little earlier.

4 Sec.

They're Creeping Up On You


The workprint misses Upson's stocklists which are being printed out. But therefore it features him bowing forward.

Theatrical cut 9 sec. longer.
WP 1 Sec. longer.


Upson looks at his hand a little longer.

2 Sec.


The cockroach on his hand is seen a bit longer.

1 Sec.


[Upson: "...get rid of them."]

Upson: "Bastards."

Upson turns off his speaking device.

4 Sec.


A scene showing Upson killing a cockroach that was creeping on his screen. Then he gets called by the wife of his deceased rival. These scenes are are at [01:56:48] in the workprint, i.e. already after the cockroaches have spread across the apartment.


Upson fights the cockroaches a little earlier.

3 Sec.


After the ringing, Upson takes a bottle of insecticide.

1 Sec.


Upson runs through the room.

5 Sec.


Now the workprint features the scene with the call of his rival's widow.


A cockroach creeps up the music box. Upson sees it and kills it with his spray can.

The theatrical cut continues as he runs through the room.

13 Sec.


In the theatrical cut, the creeping cockroaches are seen a little longer.

1 Sek.

Frame story


The creepshow magazine on the ground is shown a little longer.

In the next scene, the two garbage men (one of the two is Tom Savini, by the way) are shown much earlier.

Garbage man 1: "What you do last night?
Garbage man 2: "Ha?"
Garbage man 1: "What did you do last night?"
Garbage man 2: "Ha?"
Garbage man 1: "What did you do last night?"
Garbage man 2: "I went dancing."
Garbage man 1: "Dancing."
Garbage man 2: "Have you ever gone dancing?"
Garbage man 1: "I don't dance."
Garbage man 2: "You gotta dance."
Garbage man 1: "I don't like to dance."
Garbage man 2: "You like this garbage."
Garbage man 1: "Yeah. That garbage. That's why I don't dance. What chick wants to dance, when the guy smells like ???"

18 Sec.