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Bad Influence


  • BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 19, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Total length of missing footage: 27.88 sec, 3 cuts in total.
Running time UK Version (credits excluded): 1:32:05 (PAL).
Running time Uncut Version (German DVD) (credits excluded): 1:32:32 (PAL).
The time index refers to the Uncut Version.


Michael Boll has anything one can only dream of: a good-paying job, brilliant career prospects and a lovely fiance of a good home. But then again he lacks the ability to get things done. This is going to change when he meets Alex. With his charme and his extraordinary lifestyle, he is able to drag the yuppie into his dangerous society. First, Michael likes the wild parties, drugs and criminal deals but then he faces the ugly truth: Alex' friendship can be a killing.


The nowadays relatively unknown thriller Bad Influence (1990) is being pronounced as insider tip for a reason. Due to its fascinating plot and the authentic leading actor, the movie mesmerizes genre fans pretty fast and makes one being thrilled until the end. Rob Lowe as the mysterious Alex, who has a diabolical charisma in that movie, with one of his best performances ever and James Spader's reserved performance is pretty amazing as well. From time to time the movie reminds one of David Fincher's masterpiece Fight Club (1999) but it doesn't contain such bloody fights and concentrates only on the psychological aspect. Genre fans should check it out!


Only a cut version of this really terrific thriller has been released on DVD in the UK so far. According to the BBFC, 28 sec had to be removed so that the with a fuel tank connected taillight doesn't pop up any more because that's considered a dangerous act which could be done at home very easily and that should have been avoided. The UK Theatrical Version and the UK VHS by Entertainment in Video released in 1991 contain a similar version, according to

Compared are the UK DVD by MGM (BBFC 18) and the Uncut German DVD by MGM (FSK 16).
Missing shot of the manipulated taillight.
1.56 sec

Now the connection of the taillight with the fuel tank. Cut to Michael, who opens the fuel filler door slowly in the following shot.
11.44 sec

Michael removes the fuel filler door and gets the cable out of the tank.
14.88 sec

Extended black screen in the UK Version.
+0.16 sec

Jump cuts aren't considered in this comparison.