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original title: Mosura tai Gojira


  • US Version
  • JP Version
Release: May 10, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US and the Japanese version, both taken from the Toho Master Collection by Classic Media/Genius Entertainment.

Running times:
Running time US = 01:28:04
Running time JP = 01:28:35
(Without the Classic Media logo)

Image comparison (JP left, US right):

Toho had an additional scene shot for Mosura tai Gojira with the US army. This probably was supposed to prevent additional scenes shot with American actors like they were to be found in many previous Kaiju movies.

Daikaiju Baran (Varan - The Unbelievable) serves as a negative example for this, after the westernalterations merely 15 minutes of the original movie were still in it.

The additional scene, however, did not prevent some minor changes done by the US publishing company.

All time designations refer to the Japenese version if not stated otherwise.

The TOHO logo and the Japanese title overlay have been removed, the storm also starts later in the US.

27 sec

US version: 00:00:01
Japanese version: 00:00:27

The characters in the opening credits have been translated.

No difference in time

US version:

Japanese version:


The camera pan at the beginning starts at the houses in the US, in the original it starts earlier at the archway with a sign saying Grand Opening KURATA Beach.

7 sec

US version: 00:07:04
Japanese version: 00:07:38

Different press article overlays

No difference in time

US version:

Japanese version:


Before Ichiro, Junko und Professor Miura want the egg back we can see various signs at the fun park's building site. (Construction Site, Torahata Industrial Corp., Shizunoura Happy Center).

9 sec


After Mothra's and the Shobijin's departure some overlays of press articles have been removed.

28 sec


After Godzilla's first appearance, the general (Susumu Fujita) reads out army statements. During this, a soldier appears and tells him about Godzilla'spresent position.

General: „Emergency Deployments Level Three has been issued to Chubu, Kinki and Kanto’s Defense Base. All units are ordered to lead Godzilla to coastline, and attack. All units must minimize loss of life and property as much as possible. Carry out the operation in the least populated area. A future command will be issued from mobile headquarters.”
Soldier: „According to the latest report, Godzilla is moving toward the East from Nagoya.”
General: „All right.“

44 sec

US version: 00:36:15

The US version shows a press conference of both Japanese and US forces. The possible use of the newest US rocket („Frontier Missile“) is being discussed. Afterwards, there is an attack of the US marine against Godzilla, it is not successful.

170 sec


The song of the Shobijin (The Peanuts/Yûmi und Emi Ito) on Infant Island is longer and Ichiro'S group can be seen earlier.

8 sec


As soon as the group has reached the Shobijin, the three are kneeling down. In the JP version the singing continnues longer.

11 sec


And again more singin.

6 sec


After the singing, the pointing at the "last green spot" on the island has been shortened. The Shobijin's text is different as well.

US: „This spot here is the only green left on the island.”
JP: „Lock around you. This green oasis is the only place that is sustaining the lives of the natives.”

6 sec


When the knocked over Banzo Torahata (depending on the version Shiro/Jiro) looks through the window, Godzilla can be seen longer.

2 sec

US version: 00:57:17
Japanese version: 00:56:57

When Torahata (Kenji Sahara) shoots Kumayama (Yoshifumi Tajima), the US version uses the previously removed scene with Godzilla instead of the collapsing Kumayama.

US version:
2 sec

Japanese version:
4 sec


When they see the Shobijin again, the curtsy is missing.

2 sec


When defeat seems near, a soldier asks the general what they were supposed to do. The police (blue helmets) falls back to Shizunoura.

6 sec

US version: 01:27:47
Japanese version: 01:27:39

At the end of the US version the group waves at the caterpillars longer. The following talk was removed, too.

Jiro: „Are you letting them leave now?”
Ichiro: „Yes.”
Jiro: „Shouldn't we at least thank them?”
Ichiro: „The only way to thank them is to make a better world.”
Professor Miura: „Yes, free from distrust.”
Junko: „Sayonara.“
All: „Sayonara.“

US version:
16 sec

Japanese version:
57 sec