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  • International Version
  • German DVD
Release: Mar 24, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the UK DVD by Boulevard Entertainment (BBFC 15) and the German DVD by Columbia Tristar (FSK 18)

"Guardian" is a very moderate dtv action flick with supernatural elements and some famous actors (Mario Van Peebles, James Remar, Ice-T). In England and the rest of the world, except Germany, the film's released in a version where more than 6 min. of plot scenes are cut. In opposite to that some violent scenes are cut in the German Version. It could be that the German Version is an R-Rated Version and the UK an Unrated Version because it contains alternate footage. A complete version with all plot and action scenes doesn't exist.

This comparison here is about the UK Version (to which the time index also refers).
German Version = 92:04 min

UK Version = 86:04 min

00:00 The German Version begins with the Helkon logo.
8,5 sec

18:13 The conversation between Kross and Frankie in the car is extended. They're talking about women and stuff till Frankie says sth. wrong, but he excuses for what he said.
47,3 sec

20:06 Shauna introduces to Hopkins' secretary, followed by a cut in the UK Version. She says that Hopkins wasn't available at the moment. Shauna bitchy replies that she could just tell him that "she" was there and that she had been sent by Max. She sits down on the couch and the secretary talks to Hopkins via headset. A door opens immediately and Hopkins shows up. He angrily asks why he hadn't been informed at once. Then he goes in his office with Shauna.
43,4 sec

47:02 The conversation between Susannah Lichtmann and John is extended in the German Version. Lichtmann explains to John that Selene had to protect David till the last day of his childhood. She adds that David was most vulnerable that day and that Telal had to be killed as well. She continues that Kroos needed to help David, John's still sceptical.
46,6 sec

48:03 Here's a long sequence missing in the UK Version. First of all Frank's at the police station talking to John on the phone. John wants to know Dr. Netanyel's address. Frankie's nervous because Taylor leverages him, but nevertheless he tries.

After that Kross calls the hospital and wants to talk to Susannah. But the woman on the phone says that he's dead for 6 months, which confuses John.

Later in the evening. Kross and his partner Cassie are going on a cruise. They chat while they're on patrol till a phone starts ringing. It's Frankie who says that he couldn't help with the address. Kross asks him why he was whispering, Frankie replies that he already had enough trouble with Taylor because of him.

Total running time 223,1 sec

Instead the UK Version contains a short scene which doesn't show up in the German Version. Kross and Cassie are on the road.
+ 3,2 sec

52:26 The conversation in the car between Kross and Selene is extended in the German Version. Kross still has doubts and explains how he would kill Telal if she (Selene) failed. Selene replies that she knew when the time had come.
48,1 sec