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Camille 2000


  • EU Version
  • US Version
Release: Jan 18, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the EU Version (German DVD by e-m-s / FSK 16) and the US Version (US DVD by Image Entertainment / Not Rated).

55 differences, among them
- 24 additional scenes
- 23 extended scenes
- 1 additional scene in the EU Version
- 1 scene with additional footage in both versions
- Length difference: 1059.7 sec resp. 17 min 39.7 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 1 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

The Movie

Camille 2000 is one of many screen adaptions of La Dame aux Camélias written by Alexandre Dumas jr. and released in 1848 for the very first time. This is probably one of the reasons why audiences were surprised by the 1969 version directed by Radley Metzger. Drug abuse, homosexuality, orgies or BDSM was quite bold for 1969 - there were even accusations of pornography. However, that is complete nonsense because there is not a single HC scene in it. And if those things are not an issue, one gets to see a different kind of love story.

The Versions

Basically, there are 3 versions: The EU Version, the US Version and the so-called Extended Version.

With a length of approx. 96 min (in PAL), the EU Version is the shortest version of the movie. There are several European releases of this version.

The longer US Version has a length of approx. 119 min (in NTSC). Both versions contain footage missing in the other one. It is available on the US DVD by Image Entertainment.

Last but not least, there is the Extended Version. With a length of approx. 130 min (in NTSC), it is the longest version available and contains the footage of both the EU Version and the US Version and then some. In the US, it has been released on Blu-ray by Cult Epix. In the UK, it has been released by Arrow as Blu-ray/DVD Combo.

But which version is the best? In my opinion, the Extended Version is the best and I will explain why. Due to its length of only 96 min (in PAL), the EU Version simply lacks way too much footage. The US Version is better, no doubt. But even though there are a few rather redundant additional scenes in the Extended Version (such as the scene at the apartment of Armand's sister where Armand and Gastion meet again after quite some time), there are addtional scenes that really enhance the quality of the movie. For instance, Marguerite's conversation with Prudence regarding men in general and Armand in particular on Marguerite's boat is nice and I would not want to miss Armand's fight with De Varville at the end of the movie for anything in the world. Also, the Extended Version contains a bit more sex. Speaking of which, the darker scenes of the US Version are so dark that one can barely recognize anything. This is an issue in both sex and plot scenes. But even with a better quality, the Extended Version is superior due to mentioned reasons. Unfortunately, I do not have the US Blu-ray which is why I can't say anything regarding the quality of that release. That being said, the UK Blu-ray/DVD Combo has a good quality and is available on the cheap.

Time index refers to
EU Version (in PAL) – US Version (in NTSC).
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00:00 / 00:00

The versions start differently. The EU Version begins with the German title, followed by the opening credits.
The US Version begins with an additional logo. Then a slate with the title on it - including the corresponding comment. Subsequently, the actual movie begins but contrary to the EU Version, there are no opening credits.

23.7 sec
EU VersionUS Version

Additional Scene
02:54 / 03:20

The US Version contains several additional shots of the group on the highway and the plane nearby.

26.2 sec

Extended Scene
04:56 / 05:53

The first shot of the party Armand and Gastion are going to as well starts earlier.

8 sec

Additional Scene
12:59 / 14:25

Marguerite leaves and tells Armand to bring Gastion as well. And his girl, if he can find one. Marguerite then complains about her pants to Gody. Subsequently, she reminds Armand the party was on Sunday and goes in the cubicle. Gody follows her. Now Prudence and Armand. She gives him the invoice for the dress and explains she hopes it would fit. She wants to know where to send it and Armand tells her to give it to Gody so he could wear it on Sunday.

Also, the subsequent shot starts a few frames earlier (no screenshots).

33.8 sec

Extended Scene
15:40 / 17:45

At Marguerite's party, someone gets tossed in the pond. This shot is longer in the US Version. To be more specific, the guy splashes some water in the direction of the "perps" after he resurfaces.

The following pan shot of Marguerite's estate is also missing.

The subsequent exterior shot of the villa is a few frames longer as well (no screenshots).

10.9 sec

Additional Scene
15:46 / 18:02

After said exterior shot of the villa, several interior shots of the party follow.

21.8 sec

18:24 / 21:09

Jump-cut in the US Version: The shot of Marguerite stepping outside starts a bit earlier in the EU Version.

Also the case in the Extended Version, except the Extended Version lacks 1.7 sec.

EU Version 1.4 sec longer

Additional Scene
21:23 / 24:14

Additional exterior shots in the US Version.

19.4 sec

Extended Scene
22:24 / 25:37

The shot of the quadruple mirror image of Marguerite and Armand having sex is longer in the US Version.

11.9 sec

Extended Scene
22:46 / 26:10

The subsequent shot starts earlier.

10.2 sec

Extended Scene
23:22 / 26:56


17.7 sec

Additional Scene EU Version
24:31 / 28:25

Additional footage of Armand resp. his reflection in the mirror while he is getting a BJ by Marguerite.

Contrary to the US Version, where this scene is completely missing, it is also in the Extended Version. However, half of is missing in the EU Version resp. it is almost twice as long in the Extended Version.

EU Version 33.2 sec longer

Additional Scene
25:05 / 28:25

Now the scene with Armand and Gastion in the US Version. The former can't stop talking about Marguerite and Gastion makes a little fun of Armand's being in love. All of a sudden, Armand spots Marguerite. She waves, he believes she means him and runs to her. With the subsequent shot of her ignoring him (resp. she only says "Oh, hi." while running past him), the versions are back in sync. As a result, the encounter appears to be random in the EU Version even though Armand is actually there because he has fallen in love.

43 sec

Additional Scene
25:34 / 29:38

When Marguerite drives off with De Varville, the US Version contains two additional shots. The first one shows Armand watching Marguerite drive off with De Varville, the second one shows Marguerite watching Armand watch her leave. She then turns away.

The subsequent shot starts earlier as well. The US Version shows Marguerite's maid on the way to the front door. Shortly before she opens the door to let Armand in, the versions are back in sync.

18.2 sec

Extended Scene
28:20 / 32:47

Longer shot in the US Version: The spliff gets passed along.

11.2 sec

Additional Scene
28:43 / 33:22

Marguerite returns, reaches for the reefer someone is offering and then slowly walks up to Armand.

26.4 sec

Extended Scene
29:15 / 34:22

Longer shot of Marguerite and Armand. After Marguerite asks Armand if she still loved her in spite of her bad manners, which he answers with yes, the conversation continues while she keeps coming closer. She also asks if he still loved her in spite of everything. And again, he says yes.

32.7 sec

Additional Scene
30:13 / 35:54

Armand poors some champagne. Marguerite comes in and walks up to him slowly.

In addition to that, the subsequent shot of Marguerite starts a bit earlier (no screenshots).

19 sec

Additional Scene
30:36 / 36:36

At first, a shot of De Varville at the door. Then Marguerite and Armand, followed by another shot of De Varville's attempt to get inside the house but the door is locked.

21.7 sec

Extended Scene
31:09 / 37:32

Marguerite and Armand a little longer.

1.4 sec

Additional Scene
31:11 / 37:36

Several additional shots of the party follow.

21 sec

Extended Scene
33:12 / 40:03

After her orgasm, Marguerite just lies there in the US Version. The EU Version instantaneously cuts to the next scene after she climaxes.

18.2 sec

Additional Scene
34:06 / 41:15

The subsequent high-angle shot of Marguerite and Armand is exclusively in the US Version.

6.2 sec

Extended Scene
34:06 / 41:21

The close-up of Marguerite starts a little earlier.

Even though the beginning of the US Version is a little longer, there is still some missing footage due to a jump-cut. to be more specific, there are 1.2 additional seconds in the Extended Version (compared to the US Version).

0.6 sec

Extended Scene
34:47 / 42:03

For starters, the shot starts earlier in the US Version.

Also, the part in the middle is longer in the US Version. The EU Version instantaneously cuts from the glass of champagne to the end of the scene.

54 sec

Extended Scene
35:32 / 43:42

Longer shot in the US Version: The camera zooms out on the house longer.

5.6 sec

Extended Scene
35:38 / 43:53

The subsequent shot starts earlier. As a consequence, one gets to see Marguerite entering.

13.5 sec

Additional Scene
39:18 / 47:57

Armand gets up and puts on a robe. When he is walking away, Marguerite says that he would have forgotten all about her after being with another girl. Armand stops, turns around to her and explains that he could not forget about her after 2000 other girls. He then leaves the room while Marguerite stays in bed.

43 sec

Extended Scene
40:37 / 50:02

Armand earlier when he prepares the dinner for Marguerite.

21.4 sec

Extended Scene
41:21 / 51:08

After Armand reads the letter from Marguerite in which she explains she did not feel well and could not make it for dinner, the scene continues in the US Version. Armand is disappointed, sits down, contemplates and leaves the room.

22.8 sec

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