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Camille 2000


  • EU Version
  • US Version
Release: Jan 18, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
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Additional Scene
41:33 / 51:42

Subsequently, there is additional footage Armand visiting Marguerite at home resp. setting food on the estate.

Also, the shot of Armand approaching the open door begins a bit earlier (no screenshots).

27.5 sec

Extended Scene
42:27 / 53:06

The EU Version shows Marguerite on the bed. In the US Version, the camera pans down to her from the ceiling and then zooms in on her.

10.7 sec

Extended Scene
43:48 / 54:41

Armand's talk with Marguerite is longer. He also says he thought he meant more to her. She then explains she had not been born the day the first met. She tries to say something else but he interrupts her by saying he did not have a clue what to believe anymore.

19.1 sec

Extended Scene
45:11 / 56:25

The US Version shows Marguerite on her way to Armand who is already waiting for her.

By the way, there is a jump-cut at the end of the shot. For that reason, the Extended Version is 1.2 sec longer than the US Version.

35.9 sec

Extended Scene
47:07 / 58:56

The subsequent shot starts earlier as well.

8.3 sec

Additional Scene
50:52 / 01:02:56

Further footage of Marguerite and Armand. She is running away from him resp. he is chasing her. At some point, he pretends to have hurt his ankle. Then some more footage of the two of them.

70.1 sec resp. 1 min 10.1 sec

Additional Scene
51:40 / 01:04:57

Only the US Version contains that scene at the market. Marguerite buys some stuff, then a first shot of Armand's father who is already waiting for her. Last but not least, a guy transports Marguerite on a scooter.

41.6 sec

Additional Scene / Additional Scene EU Version
01:03:34 / 01:18:00

First of all, there are two small additional shots of Prudence resp. Gody in the US Version.

Then some additional footage in the EU Version: Some small talk follows, then they talk about Marguerite. The beginning of that conversation is missing in the US Version. With Prudence's comment that De Varville paid Marguerite's debts, the versions are back in sync. At least for the time being…

…because with Prudence's following comment that life is too valuable to be bitter all the time, the scene ends in the EU Version resp. there is a cut to the close-up of the invitation Prudence gave Armand.
In the US Version, the conversation continues. Prudence would like to know from Armand if he had met a new girl. When he says he had not, she is both surprised and disappointed. She then gives him the invitation and compliments the host. With the close-up of the invitation, the versions are back in sync.

Except for a few comments in the middle of the scene, the EU Version only contains footage missing in the US Version and vice versa. The Extended Version contains the entire scene. Due to these alterations, the EU Version is almost half a minute longer than the US Version. The length of the complete scene is 123.8 sec resp. 2 min 3.8 sec by the way (starting with the small shot of Prudence until the beginning of the close-up of the invitation Prudence gives to Armand).

EU Version 25.4 sec longer

Additional Scene
01:06:03 / 01:20:07

A spliff gets passed around in the US Version.

7.5 sec

Extended Scene
01:06:39 / 01:20:52

The shot of the couple enjoying themselves on the couch is longer. Then a tracking shot to two ladies who are enjoying themselves as well.

9.5 sec

Extended Scene
01:06:46 / 01:21:08

The subsequent shot starts earlier as well. De Varville enters the room.

3.7 sec

Additional Scene
01:07:23 / 01:21:50

Additional footage of Armand who is busy with some blonde chick. Also, there is footage of De Varville and Marguerite. Jealousy is written all over her face.

36 sec

Additional Scene
01:09:50 / 01:24:59

Again, the US Version contains more footage and blondie resp. De Varville and Marguerite.

19.3 sec

01:11:06 / 01:26:38

Jump-cut in the US Version: Marguerite wants to go home she does not appreciate watching Armand having sex with another woman. De Varville on the other hand seems to enjoy Marguerite's misery. Since she is chained to him, it is no problem for him to keep her from leaving. Wenn she slowly walks up to her and wraps the chain around his hands, there is a part missing in the US Version resp. there is an abvious jump-cut.

Interestingly enough, the Extended Version slightly differs here - again. To be exact, there are additional 1.7 sec - compared to the US Version. In other words: The Extended Version is approx. 1 sec longer than the EU Version.

EU Version 0.6 sec longer

Extended Scene
01:14:26 / 01:30:04

The shot in the following morning starts much earlier. Armand wakes up, gets up, takes a look around and approaches the blonde from last night. When he gives her the cuffs, the versions are back in sync.

52.7 sec

Additional Scene
01:15:49 / 01:32:22

Additional footage of the party.

24 sec

Additional Scene
01:16:56 / 01:33:55

Marguerite's conversation with Gody regarding her state of health is a bit longer. He tells to be careful and she says she would (the reason why she sounds like she does not give a damn will be revealed later on in the movie). Then she wants to dance with him.
Subsequently, we see Gastion at the gambling table. Armand and the blonde enter. When Gastion sees Armand, he gets out and goes straight to him.

30.6 sec

Additional Scene
01:17:42 / 01:35:14

Here, we have a nice little scene with a guy explaining the game to his wife but she believes the rules are stupid and leaves because she wants to play roulette. "Mr. Nice Guy", who just explained the rules to his wife, then changes the seat resp. he now sits where his wife used to sit.

29.9 sec

01:18:50 / 01:36:51

Jump-cut in the US Version: After De Varville's comment that an occasional disappoinment builds character, Armand's reaction is missing. To be more specific, the US Version only contains a teensy part of Armand's reaction and lacks his response (0.6 sec).

Armand: "I'll remember that. You might also keep it in mind."

The Extended Version contains the reaction shot as well by the way, except it is 5 frames longer there.

EU Version 3.5 sec longer

01:23:54 / 01:42:05

Jump-cut in the US Version: There are several jump-cuts during Armand's conversation with Marguerite. All in all, 4.5 sec are missing (no screenshots).

The Extended Version contains additional 5.2 sec due to these jump-cuts.

EU Version 4.5 sec longer

01:27:51 / 01:46:07

Jump-cut in the US Version: When Armand is checking out a book in the book shelf and then gets it out, there is a further jump-cut (no screenshots).

And again, there is a slight difference compared to the Extended Version. While the shot of Armand's dad has a length of 1.1 sec in the Extended Version, it is only 0.7 sec long in the EU Version.

0.7 sec

Additional Scene
01:29:21 / 01:47:39

Additional interior shot of the hospital.

2.2 sec

Extended Scene
01:29:21 / 01:47:42

The subsequent shot starts earlier. The US Version shows the nurse entering the room. In the EU Version, she is already inside and approaches Prudence and the doc who are standing in front of Marguerite's bed.

8.3 sec

Additional Scene
01:30:15 / 01:48:46

Armand runs inside the hospital and asks for directions to Marguerite's room.

By the way, there is another jump-cut in the US Version. After asking for directions to Marguerite's room, the Extended Version shows Armand running to her room. In other words, the shot contains additional 4.8 sec in the Extended Version.

14.1 sec

Additional Scene / End Credits
01:33:48 / 01:52:42

There are no end credits in the EU Version. The last shot is an exterior shot of Marguerite's villa, then the German term for "The End" ("Ende") pops up on the screen. A longer black screen during which the piece of music keeps being played follows (121.16 sec resp. 2 min 1.16 sec).

The US Version contains the mentioned exterior shot of Marguerite's villa as well, except a scene with Armand and Gastion partying follows. Here, the circle is complete that takes place on the very same steps Marguerite and entourage partied in the opening scene. The credits start rolling and after that, there is a trailer of "Camille 2000". This additional scene has a length of almost 2 min, the remaining length difference results from the credits and trailer (381.76 sec resp. 6 min 21.76 sec).

All in all, there are additional 113.1 sec resp. 1 min 53.1 sec in the US Version - also considered in the length difference calculation. The long black screen in the EU Version & the credits and trailer of the US Version have not been considered.

113.1 sec resp. 1 min 53.1 sec (260.6 sec resp. 4 min 20.6 sec in total)
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