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3.09 The One With The Football


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: May 15, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Director's Cut.

To go on air, all episodes were shortened too a reasonable length for that kind of series on TV. The uncut episodes have been released on several medias so far. The comparison has been made with the US DVD-Box ("The Complete First Season").

Generally counts: all differences are being mentioned, among other things the extended shots.

[...]: Comments in spare brackets are also in the TV Version and just being mentioned to make it easier for the reader.

Other things, like different angles, are being listed cursively (because the corresponding scenes aren't missing).
Chandler: "[All right, I play] ...But I don't like you.
[Rachel: "Let's do it!"]
2.5 sec

[Ross: "Monica and I aren't supposed to play football."
Joey (laughing): "Says who? Your mom?"
Ross & Monica: "...Yes."]
Rachel: "'What do you mean' she asks her boyfriend really scared to hear the answer."
[Monica: "Every Thanksgiving, we used to have a touch football game..."]
4 sec

[Phoebe: Okay, so how do we decide that?"
Monica: "Well, why don't we just bunny up?"
Joey, Chandler & Rachel: "What?"
Ross & Monica: "Bunny!"
Monica: "Okay, looks like Ross and I are the captains."]
Joey: "There must be a special place in heaven for people who hung out with you two in high school."
[...Monica: "Okay, so I bunnied first, which means I get to pick first. Joey!"]
5 Sec

[Monica: "Score! Seven to nothing!"]
Rachel (she sounds like she knew nothing): "Okay, honey, just so that I'm clear on this. You said in the huddle if Joey caught the ball, you'd be the one to stop him. Now, you didn't. So, is that like a football strategy?"
Ross: "Yeah, it was part of my plan to fall instantly behind. So...] Come on, let's go."
[Monica: "Losers walk!"
Ross: "Yeah? Losers talk!"]

Instead of having a long conversation, Rachel simply says to Ross "You okay?" in the TV Version, which is missing in the DC.
12 sec

[Joey and Chandler are talking to the Dutch chick.
Joey: "Her name is Dutch and also Marghan."
Margha: "Mar-ha."
Joey (tries to pronaunce it correctly): "Margha."
Margha: "Mar-ha."
Chandler: "Mar-honn..."]
Margha: "Mar-ha."
Phoebe: "Yo, flirty boys. We're in the middle of a game."
Dazzled by the Dutch chick, Joey and Chandler stop.
[Monica: "Come on guys, let's go. Come on. Second down!"]
6 sec

Margha: "[Is it okay if I stay and watch?] I can't go home just yet. My roomate is forshlocking a big American businessman.]
[Chandler & Joey: "Yeah..."]
8.5 sec

The DC continues with a dissolve to the next scene. The TV Version fades in and out instead. As a result of that, the background music while fading out is missing in the DC.
no difference

[Rachel: "All right. So are we not having dinner at all?"]
Phoebe: "Hey, could you please set the timer, Margha?"
Margha: "Okay, Beefy."
Phoebe thinks about correcting Margha but she doesn't.
[Monica: "Come on, Phoebe. Let's go."]
8 sec

[Monica: "I trade you Joey for Rachel and I'll still win the game."]
Rachel: "Oh, that's great. There goes my last shred of self-esteem."
[Ross: "What? The guys against the girls"?]
4 sec

Rachel: "[I cannot believe you are trading me.] You are gonna lose. And you are gonna...lose. And..." (to Monica) "Come on, help me out. I've never done this before."
Phoebe: "That's good. Lose."
Rachel: "Lose!"
[Monica: "Come on, Rach. Let's see what it's like to be on a winning team..."]
13 sec

[Joey: "I was just up by that much."]
Ross: "Look, let me put it this way. If we lose, they will never let us forget it. Okay, and worse than that, they'll never let the woman you date forget it."
[Monica: "Hey, are we playing football, or what?"]
11 sec

The DC contains an additional shot of Rachel from the front while the three guys are approaching her. The camera zooms in and Rachel runs away.
2 sec

[Joey: "Thirty seconds left on the timer!"
Ross: "Woohoo.] (dancing to Monica) You - are the lo-ser."
[Chandler: "Okay, okay. So we get to take that stupid troll thing home."]
5.5 sec

Extended shot of Monica and Ross lying on the ground in the TV Version. The shot of Ross biting Monica is missing here. The scene fades out and then in again to the four of them at the appartment. The DC contains a dissolve instead. Furthermore the shot if different in the DC. The camera zooms out from the table with a turkey.
no difference

Extended shot of Monica and Ross on the ground until it fades out. In the DC, teh final credits don't start until now. What follows is an additional scene with Monica and Toss who finally went back inside.
Monica: "There was a time tonight that I started losing the feeling in my toes."
Ross: "I know."
Monica: "That's when I realized there's more important things than beating you at football. ... Things like feet."
Ross: "Yeah, I know. This thing has caused us too much pain and suffering."
Moncia: "Yeah."
Ross: "It's time."
Monica: "We'll just call it a tie."
Ross: "It's a tie."
Monica: "All right."
Monica and Ross put the Geller Cup in the garbage disposer. Both say goodbye. When Ross can't her anymore, Monica runs back to the garbage disposer.
Monica: "Pheebs, did you get it?"
Phoebe: "Yeah, I got it."
Monica: "Oh, great. Bring it up. There's champaigne in my apartment for the winners."
Phoebe: "Ross!?! What are you doing down here?"
Ross: "...uh...mmm...nothing."
55 sec