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Release: Aug 28, 2011 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
After three successful movies on the big screen, the popular American Pie franchise was continues via DTV productions. Similar to the motion pictures for theaters, an R-Rated and an Unrated Version was released. Except for American Pie 4, the releases in Germany were identical. At least that's what one thought so far. It turns out the German DVD of American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, which got released in December 2009, does NOT contain the Unrated Version. But: no cuts were made! On the contrary, the German DVD includes an Extended Cut based on the Unrated Version here. To be more specific: it's the Unrated Version plus some extra scenes, most of them are on the US DVD as deleted scenes. This makes the Extended Cut approx. 3.5 min longer than the Unrated Version. But this so-called "Extended Cut" is not only available in Germany. According to the IMDB, it has also been released in UK. A further clue for that theory is the running time the BBFC lists it with.

Compared are the US DVD / Unrated Version and the German DVD / Extended Cut, both available from Universal Pictures.

The German Version / Extended Cut contains 8 additional scenes with a total length of 220.3 seconds (~3:40 minutes).
14:19 Min
Gibbs enters one of the cubicles in the men's room. Lube follows because his $100 bill is stuck to Gibbs' shoe. While taking a dump, Lube crawls around and tries get his money back. Gibbs recognizes him, asks him what he was up to and tries to step on his hands. Gibbs kicks the door open, the door hits Lube's head which is why he goes down. Lube tells him to chillax, gets up, slips and ends up between Gibbs' legs while he's still on the can. While the others are making fun of it, Lube gets pushed out of the cubicle. Gibbs sees the dollar bill and is glad that he's found money. Finally a shot of Lube lying on the ground.
50.5 sec

39:40 Min
The three guys turn around. While Rob intends to vanish, Nathan and Lube don't seem hostile to Monique at all. After being asked if they were nuts, Nathan explains he drove lots of miles with his mom's ride and that, according to the "bible", Monique was supposed to be pretty experienced. Then they turn around to Monique again.
22.2 sec

50:34 Min
The camera keeps with the dark-haired student for a longer period. Then a pan shot to a guy crushing a beer can on his forehead. The camera keeps panning to three other dudes. One of them shows a video on his cell to one of his buds. It's a video of his sister getting undressed. Subsequently, he shows a video with his cousin taking a shower. Finally, he shows a video of his gran jacking off. Stifler, who's arrived in the meantime, nods and says he enjoye gran's handwork. While cheerfully telling the story how some particular electronical devices in the hardware store start beeping all the time when he's passing by, Stifler tosses a used condom in the cup. Stifler leaves, the moron drinks, pulls the condom out of his mouth and runs away to vomit.
48.6 sec

52:51 Min
Gibbs films three chicks with his camcorder while playing a game with them. Anytime the chicks answer the question wrong, they have to raise their top. The first question is for Crissi who replies wrong instantly and shows her boobies.
24.2 sec

53:44 Min
Next round, next boobs: Gibbs asks Sarah whether she ever got banged by an actor. She doesn't get it and lifts up her top.
11 se

57:20 Min
The dude tells the chick Stifler said she was an exchange student. She affirms and adds she was Nadia's cousin. He wants to know if she was talking about THE Nadia. She tries to convince him but he wouldn't believe her. She can't convince him until she gets rid of her top.
32.5 sec

1:08:24 Min
The Unrated Version ends after Mr. Levenstein said anyone in the camp had slept with Carlito. But Carlito replies that he was the one who married her. When his wife shows up, she's surprised to see Mr. Levenstein. Unfortunately, he can't recall her name which is why he congrats them, looks at his watch and leaves them asap.
13.4 sec

1:17:22 Min
Lube is supposed to get a shotgun. Full of panic, he's running back and forth in the house. He finds Nathan and Dana. Her boyfriend is licking her puss. Nathan wants to know if the noises came from a moose while Lube asks if he was trying the "tongue tornado". Nathan nods and Lube shuts the door.
17.9 sec