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Release: Jun 21, 2008 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
During the past few months Sony released a lot of Extended Cuts, but instead of using unseen footage, the only difference to the Theatrical Cut is that the Deleted Scenes of the first release are built-in the film now. The bonus material was moderate or non-existent but the fact that there were also some releases with unseen footage and that Sony's Extended Cuts are available for a fair price, were not regocnized. Furthermore some of the Deleted Scenes are really worth being watched, not each of them is garbage that deserves to be cut out. As a matter of fact Deleted Scenes are often interesting and enhance the whole film. The scenes could have been cut out because the film would be too long for the screening in theaters. Another aspect that should be considered is the producer, who could have been responsable for the Final Cut. Those are two more reasons why some scenes are cut out of the Theatrical Cut and it has absolutely nothing to do with the director's point of view. But in this case most of the new material in the Extended Version was available as Deleted Scenes with the Theatrical Cut. If you own this DVD and if you don't insist to have these scenes in the film itself, you can do it without this Extended Version. Nevertheless the new material is recommendable and enhances the film because the plot is more fluently and more detailed in this version. Especially the relationship between Maggie and her father profits by the new scenes and the alternate ending is preferable to the original one. To sum up, I can say that the Extended Version is really great and should be the first choice for potential buyers who don't own the Theatrical Cut. The bonus material could be more exquisite, but including a new director's commentary, six featurettes and the short films, the bonus material of this DVD is almost as limited as the bonus stuff of the first release. If you like the film, you should think about an upgrade to the Extended Version.

Compared is the Theatrical Cut (German DVD) with the Extended Version (Sony).
The first new scene shows up after the tooth surgery scene: Maggie (Cate Blanchett) does some housework while her daughter Lilly is standing in front of the bed, looking at some fashion drafts. She asks her mother what type matches for her and gives her two to choose. She explains that one opportunity stands for the fashion from London and the other one for Paris. Maggie doesn't share her daughter's enthusiasm, she doesn't have to buy clothes because she can stitch on her own. That's why Maggie replies that she can't wear the clothes outside anyway. Then she sends Lilly away to make the bed. Lilly is upset and leaves the room.
50,3 Sec.

The mexican Tommy Lee Jones was fighting with, checks out Jones' mule at night. He finds some documents and an antique gun. When Jones enters the barn the mexican stows the stuff quickly. Jones' recognizes at once that his stuff was checked out and notices the Mexican standing in the dark. He asks if the guy in Maggie's house was her boyfriend. The Mexican ignores that question und says that the people there were good people and that he should leave and steal somewhere else. Suddenly a loud whinny and moo can be heard from the outside. The Mexican leaves the barn to find out what happened. The cows run up and down in their compound while one of the animals is running out of its compound. Maggie's boyfriend comes out of the house to check out what happened. In the meantime Jones grabs his gun and comes out as well. The Mexican holds a calf und explains to Maggie's boyfriend that the coyote reached the barrier. Jones runs to the barrier, aims at something in the dark und pulls the trigger. Maggie leaves the house and wants to know what happened. Her boyfriend tells her that Mr. Jones (that's the character name as well) has killed a coyote. Jones adds low-voiced that it wasn't a coyote. Maggie says with anger: "Yeah, he's good at killing". Jones is fed up and returns to the barn.
First the screens, then the description of the new scene:

The scene shifts and the Mexican ans Maggie's boyfriend ride in the dark, each of them with a lamp in his hand. They want to find out what kind of animal Jones killed. They find a cougar, according to Maggie's boyfriend it wasn't a lucky shot. Jones waited until the cougar climbed up the hill in the moonlight.
First the screens, then the description of the new scene:

The scene shifts again. Jones is in the barn again and drinks some booze, he's obviously stressed. Maggie watches him from the dark. When she hears the men's arrival, she returns to the house rapidly. Meanwhile the men ride into the barn where Jones is cleaning his gun. Maggie's boyfriend says: "Nice shot". Jones just replies: "No big deal".
Totally running time: 3 Min. 12,23 Sec. (192,23 Sec.)

The farm at night, an image of the moving wind wheel that spins very fast. Cut to the sisters' bedroom. Lilly stitches a new dress with an old sewing machine. Her little sister Lilly runs up and down nervously and repeats permanently: "Please, Lilly!" It seems that she needs to go to the loo. Lilly tells her to ask her mother, the little girl responds: "She will just tell me to go for myself." Lilly stops stitching, looks out of the window and notices Maggie's boyfriend (on whom she has a crush on) running around. She decides to accompany her sister.
31,17 Sec.

There's a further scene after Maggie and her boyfriend kissed each other. This scene is connected to the last new one:
Lilly stands in the coldness in front of the loo, waiting for her sister. She spies through her mother's bedroom window and sees her mother and her boyfriend kissing each other tenderly. Moments later the mother notices Maggie's spying and draws the curtain. At that moment the little sister leaves the loo and Lilly says to her: "Hurry up. It's cold."
27,63 Sec.

The next new scene appears after Maggie prepared her kidnapped daughter's bed and leaves in tears: Maggie opens the gate to the grass which is completely covered with snow. Nevertheless she makes the the cattle to move there. Her little daughter yells at the cattle: "Take care of yourselves. We'll be back soon." Maggie looks around and brushes a tear away.

The Theatrical Cut shows the bed that Maggie made before a bit longer.(2,24 Sec.)
39,13 Sec.

After the Indian attack of the unknown family, the next new scene follows:
Maggie and her little daughter ride on a steep, tight, bumpy path. The daughter asks her if Jones went up the mountain. Maggie just tells her to be quiet. They keep on riding for a short period, then Maggie comes down from the horse. Far away she detects Jones' horse, but he's gone. She wants her daughter to stay with the horses, she agrees. Maggie gets the gun and sneaks to her father's horse. She hears some strange noises, then she sees her father in a bush, pointing his gun at her. She lowers her gun and mentions that he's not supposed to ride away that far. He ignores her request and starts talking about the traces he found, that the Indians stayed there the night before the attack und that they returned after the attack. Maggie checks out the fireplace, she finds some bones. Even though she's frightened she wants to know what kind of bones these are. But Jones, who seems to think what she thinks, interrupts her and explains that those bones belong to some deer. He also explains that the bones are still warm and that the Indians must have left recently.
Meanwhile Dot (the little daughter) plays on the rocks and asks Jones curiously why he knows that the bones are still warm. He steps up to her, picks her up, puts her down at another spot and says angrily: "Don't destroy the traces, kid!" Maggie goes straight up to Jones and makes him clear not to touch her child again. Jones calms down und says very relaxed that he would never harm her child due to anger. He adds that he's never harmed her (Maggie) either. The controversy is interrupted by Dot, who says her name from the behind with a low-kept voice. When Jones turns around, she repeats her name. - She seems to be angry that they were talking about her in the third person, in spite of her presence.
Jones passes her unimpressed. He goes to a bush with a pendant he saw before. He shows it to Maggie, she explains that the pendant doesn't belong to her kidnapped daughter. Then Jones puts the pendant back where he found it.
2 Min. 22,27 Sec. (142,27 Sec.)

After the last new scene a shot of a mountain follows. This mountain can bee seen in daylight in the Extended Version but in the Theatrical Cut the night already falls. Both versions continue with a dissolve to Maggie and Jones and show them riding.
No time difference

Maggie and Dot bury the settlers who got killed. The leader of the company (Val Kiler) prays for them. He takes off his head and a big scar near the hairline shows up, presumably caused by an Indian who wanted the scalp. Dot is upset and Maggie presses Dot's head down with her hand to spare her daughter that miserable sight. While the company leader is praying a corporal comes along and reports that the men have begun to fight each other.
24,03 Sec.

Jones watches an owl at night. He looks worried at Maggie while she's sleeping.
25,97 Sec.

Maggie awakes in the morning. Sleepy-eyed she notices a crawling tarantula on her skirt. She moves her hand frightened but calm to hit the spider. At the moment she wants to hit it, Jones keeps her away from killing it. He comes up with the explaination that the spiders will tell them if they are lucky. Maggie ripostes that she doesn't believe in luck, John responds that he does. After that he sets the spider free and it leaves immediately.
Subsequently he takes out a small book. Maggie wants to know what he's reading, but he denies that he's reading. Then you see the thunderstorm of the last night, it moves away above the mountains. There are a lot of lightnings, Jones tries to draw that phenomenon. Maggie tries to look over his shoulder but he closes the book and passes it on to her. Maggie skims the book and sees a lot of drawings showing inpressive scenes of nature, animals and Indians. Jones asks her if she can remember that he had studied art before he met her mother. Maggie shakes her head. She closes the book, gives it back and says: "Some life you've led". Jones laughs satisfied before he says "Some life". After a short while his laughing is gone and he wants to know what his son was like (her dead brother, one of people she makes responsable for his death is Jones). Maggie tries to explain that he was very tall for his age and that he was like Dot. She lists further personal characterics. Then she starts talking about her mother ans asks Jones if he can even remember her (she's also his ex wife). He calmly explains that he does. Maggie keeps on cleaning up and Jones, close to tears, asks for the name of his son. Maggie is quite for a moment, then she says "Jacob". Now follows a shot to Dot who has listened to the conversation. She spots the moccasins. Now she's allowed to wear them because she has lost her shoes during the thunderstorm. She drags them closer and seems to be delighted.
2 Min. 53,7 Sec. (173,7 Sec.)

The scene where Jones wants Dot to shoot a horse is longer in the Extended Version. Dot looks scared, her mother remarks that pulling the trigger isn't that hard. Dot replies, still frightened but also self-confident: "I know". The mother looks at her: "But it's really hard to pull the trigger when the target is human." She loads her gun for Dot and conitnues that she should pray and makes out a worship to ask for forgiveness etc. Dot is still anxious and tries to explain that she knew how to pull the trigger. Jones comes closer and recognizes that Maggie has difficulties to justify a human's death. That's why he doesn't give Dot a chance to speak and tells her to listen to her mother. Dot submissively responds "Yes Sir". Jones takes a seat and asks her if she's good at waiting, she denies. He expains that she will learn today.

Due to the new insert scene in the Extended Version, a shot of Dot and her mother is missing because it wouldn't suit here. (3,88 Sec.)
59,07 Sec.

The dialogue scene between Jones and Maggie at night, while they're watching the path, is a bit longer in the Extended Version.
Here Jones adds his explaination why he left and that he wasn't any kind of a rancher but a painter.
3,57 Sec.

The morning after the siege Maggie climbs down to Jones who felt into an abyss with an Indian warlock.
7,73 Sec.

In the Extended Version Jones is still alive when Maggie finds him. They have a word or two.

A further shot shows Maggies stepping up to her dad. She upholds her head to protect her father's face from the sun. She checks his body for injuries and notices a huge chest wound, three of his ribs stand out. She looks like she knows Jones will die. She asks him if he wants her to stay. Short silence, then she asks: "Or do you want me to bring you home". He sheds a tear and says: "Home". She explains that she is going to follow his request, then he dies.

Foot note: a much better final that finishes the story in a more plausible ending. Even though it's not explained if Maggie can forgive her father, he's finally at the end of his helpless trip and happy about having found a new home. Due to the good performance of the actors that scene is really brilliant.

In the Theatrical Cut another shot of Maggie and her dad (bird's eye view) is shown. It wouldn't suit in the Extended Version.(5,24 Sec.)
59,4 Sec.