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Release: Sep 14, 2017 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the US version (US DVD released by Full Moon) and the international version (German DVD released by Sunfilm).

In the year 1892, the egyptian wizard Afzel steals a scroll from the god Sutekh which includes the secret of life. Afzel is able to flee, yet Sutekh revives three of his pontiffs who are supposed to bring back the scroll. At the beginning of the 20th century, Andre Toulon conducts a puppet theater in Paris. Ilsa, a swiss ambassador's daughter, secretly sneaks into one of the puppet shows and falls in love with Toulon. After being introduced, Afzel is being carried into the theater. He is wounded and gets a treatment. Since he realizes that he is about to die, he trusts Toulon with the secret of eternal life. When the pontiffs get to Afzel and kill Toulon's colleagues, the puppeteer has to use the secret on his puppets - also because his beloved Ilsa was taken hostage by the bad guys.

The seventh movie in the Puppet Master series tells the story of how Andre Toulon got to the secret of life, yet ignores all events that take place in the second part of the series where Toulon buys the formula from a merchant in Kairo. With a PG-13 rating, the movie is pretty different from the rest of the bunch. There is no gore, since the producers tried to create a more family-friendly flick. Unfortunately, the movie became a little dull. It takes quite a while until we finally see the puppets in action. The small budget makes the movie look pretty trashy at times (the mummies or the pretty stale finale inside a train are perfect examples for this). Fans of the series might still be entertained, yet many other entries in the series are much more interesting.

There are two different cuts of the movie. The US version is roughly 80 minutes long, while there seems to be an international version (which was at least released in Germany and the UK) that is about 10 minutes longer. The US version misses out on quite a few plot sequences, probably in order to give the movie some more dynamics. It works at times - for example, the scene where Toulon transfers his dead colleagues' souls into his puppets seems to take forever in the international version. THe shorter version thus might not be a bad choice. Fans of the series will probably still stick to the international cut.


German DVD: 90:09 min.
US DVD: 80:10 min.

The German version begins with the "Kushner-Locke"-logo which is also mentioned in the opening credits. The US version instead shows the "Full Moon"-logo.

International Version: 25 sec.
US Version: 24 sec.


Afzel asks the two men what happens to those who steal the gods' secrets. He gets to know that they will die and responds that it is better to die knowing than to die a fool. The men say that Afzel will lose his life today.

In the US version we only quickly see Afzel.

International Version: 16 sec.
US Version: 2 sec.


Afzel turns around and walks up the stairs. Then there is a transition to the next scene.

International Version: 14 sec.


In the international version we can read "A Full Moon Pictures Production", while in the US version it says "A Charles Band Production".

No difference in time.


The names of the execute producers are different. In the German version we can read the names Peter Locke and Donald Kushner while the US version names Charles Band.

The entry "original story" in the German version names "Robert Talbot" while the US version again lists Charles Band.

No difference in time.


We see a few shots of Paris before Ilsa walks through the streets.

International Version: 15 sec.


More guests leave the theater while Afzel is beat up.

International Version: 15 sec.


The candle is shown longer. Ilsa asks whether or not they should call a doctor. Valentin replies that this is not necessary since Duval had studied medicine. Another puppeteer jokes that he operated on his eye. Duval joins them and says that he ended up here due to living a life full of excess.

International Version: 32 sec.


The puppets fix the protection symbol while Afzel asks if the two should start. In the underground the pontiffs mention that they no longer can sense Afzel since he employed the protection symbol. It is only active as long as he stays in this place.

International Version: 49 sec.


Afzel says that Toulon will grow stronger with experience and that he at some point will no longer have to say the words out loud.

International Version: 9 sec.


Toulon asks if it is not a sin to use dead people to create such creatures. Afzel replies that humans use each other constantly and it is now up to Toulon to use his power. If he uses it for good purposes, good things will happen.

International Version: 33 sec.


Afzel says that it would be better not to have the beggar's corpse in the theater. Then he lies down. Toulon goes over to the corpse and says that he will now carry it outside.

International Version: 36 sec.


Cut to the puppet. Toulon and Ilsa are lead off. Toulon tells the colonel that he is an uncouth person since he treats Ilsa so bad. As a reaction, the colonel hits Toulon in the stomach and says that his men should bring him away.

International Version: 32 sec.


The colonel walks up the stairs.

International Version: 6 sec.


The ambassador says that he would already be asleep had his daughter not disappeared during dinner. He is glad that she was found. He adds that he will make sure that she is safe during her time in Paris and will not be disturbed again.

International Version: 18 sec.


The colonel says that Toulon should stick to actresses or street hookers. This would be where he belongs. Then the colonel hits Toulon again.

International Version: 15 sec.


The pontiffs say that he is hurt and not far away. They want to find the hideout and then get to the surface.

International Version: 30 sec.


Toulon pulls Valentin's corpse to the back.

International Version: 28 sec.


The passengers are shown a little longer. Toulon prepares a few more puppets.

International Version: 2:01 min.


Toulon says that they should get started.

International Version: 4 sec.


The pontiff says that they will only be able to sense the thief once he uses the secret of life. Sutekh says that they should kidnap someone that is important to Toulon.

International Version: 31 sec.


Toulon takes the scroll from the suitcase and puts it in his jacket.

International Version: 26 sec.


Ilsa is astonished and asks who he is. Toulon explains that at their first encounter he was just a puppeteer but now he became something bigger. He explains that his speech about magic became true since the old man trusted him with a secret. Ilsa realizes that the puppets are a part of this secret. Toulon says that she is pretty calm about everything. Yet, he says that he is no longer scared either and that life is a wonder.

International Version: 1:15 min.