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Slaughter High


  • BBFC 18
  • R-Rated
Release: Feb 04, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Isn’t it, that there aren’t many things to say about the movie Slaughter High ? Originated in the main time of the Slasher-films this little "And then there were none" rip-off comes up with a fast storyline and features the common components of the genre: High-School kids playing games with a helpless nerd, the joke fails (drugs are also involved) and then get appeared before the headsman in a bloody "Vengeance is mine” slaughter.

But this movie is raised far above average through the partly very rough effects which still are looked at high recommendation for creative variety. Furthermore it’s a fact that the F/X designers (John Humphreys, Peter Litten and Robert Turner) only improved a few movies - Litten has been co-directing and co-writing the storyboard, Humphreys at least was responsible for the effects in ALIEN AUTOPSY and played the role of the pathologist. Honni soit qui mal y pense…. Anyhow there are some famous names: Caroline Munro, B-Queen of Trash Movies, plays a major role (and is I guess the only well known actor in the victim squad), responsible for the music has been Harry Manfredini and one of the best steady-cam operator John Ward has been hired. From the director and storyboard duo George Dugdale and Mark Ezra nothing more important has been produced afterwards. 4 years later Dugdale (together with Litten) put on stage the lame LIVING DOLL – this was closing-time! -, Mark Ezra wrote some more movies, the latest one has been the French co-production of RIDERS in 2002 and was director of some "Dark Knights" animation movies what doesn’t automatically achieve recognition in Hollywood. Yep, sometimes talents disappear from the scene…can one say so?

Due to the rough effects and the really tacky acts (death in the cesspit, naked person dives in lavatory) it’s just for everybody clear that there has been some censoring especially in the UK (BBFC 18).This version has only some little cuts – but regardless annoying. The comparison here has been done with the worldwide uncut exclusive pressing - US-DVD (R-Rated) released from Lionsgate on April 14th 2009 in their "Lost Collection".
19:51 Min. (US: 20:43 Min.)
Only in the UK version the shower scene with Carol starts earlier. This indeed could be a fault in the master of the US pressing!
( 1 sec. )


48:06 Min.
When Shirley takes an acid bath two more shots and one insert of the clown’s shadow have been removed.
( 6 sec. )

48:09 Min.
After another counter cut onto the shadow an ultra short take of Shirley previously removed has been inserted again in the UK version. ( 12 SF )
On the other hand in the US version she slowly sinks back while trying to grab hold of the curtain but then falls back into the acid. ( 6 sec .)
Total difference: ( 5,5 sec. )

Unrated version:UK version:

59:59 Min.
The lovers get electric shocks during the orgasm. Some takes are missing at this point, e.g. Frank fell down from his girlfriend, Stella still twitching of the electric shocks.
( 11 sec. )

60:18 Min.
And again a close-up of the now dead Stella and in an insert cut the power switch is levered.
( 9 sec. )