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4.18 Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades


  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Jun 20, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut episodes on the US DVD by Lions Gate / FOX and the uncut episodes on the German DVD by Warner Home Video.

The differences:

8 cuts = 1 minute and 11 seconds.
1 alternate scene = 37 seconds.

There is no need to make many words about the hilarious TV show "ALF". You doesn't know it has at least heard of it even though it has been quite some time since something new from the ALF universe was released. Anyway, the show consists of 4 seasons and aired in the late 80s and early 90s. Furthermore, there are two animated series ("ALF: The Animated Series" & ALF Tales) and a motion picture from the mid 90s.

As to the US Versions, a few minutes of each episode were cut for syndication in order to show more commercials. Unfortunately, these syndication versions were also released on DVD. Understandably, the fans were disappointed that the DVDs do not contain the uncut episodes. Whether or not the uncut episodes will be released one day (perhaps on Blu-ray?) is the million dollar question.
2 Min
Alf: (Wait! Do you have to go? Well, what if something happens to you?) What will I do?
2 sec

4 Min
Alf: When is your yutz of a husband gonna shape up and do something with his life?
Lynn: You're starting to sound like my mother!
Alf: Your mother, may she burn for eternity, was right!
14 sec

5 Min
Robert demonstrates his mime skills in front of Lynn and ALF.
18 sec

7 Min
Extended shot of Robert and Lynn.
1.5 sec

8 Min
Robert: (And the best part is, there's a place for both of you in the act!)
Lynn: But won't that mean my giving up school and throwing away 30 years of college! I was so close to declaring a major!
Robert: I hadn't thought of that, but yes, I guess it would! Is that okay?
Lynn: Can I wear a funny hat?
Robert: If I have anything to say about it!
Lynn: Then let's go for it!
Robert: Ha, ha, ha!
Alf: No! You're both insane! What about your dream? What about your space by the men's room? Are you gonna throw that all away?
Robert: It just feels right!
The US Version contains a shot of ALF instead.
US Version: 2 sec
German Version: 39 sec

US VersionGerman Version

13 Min
Alf: (Life stinks, and then 400 years later, you die!) Kind of a bummer, isn't it?
3.5 sec

18 Min
Willie sits in front of the window as an old man. He complains about not being able to look at the ocean out there. ALF explains there was no ocean out there because they were living in a city surrounded by four walls, just like his mind.
In the US Version, Willie's following comment is missing: After all I've done for you, you won't even let me watch the sunset!
9 sec

19 Min
When ALF wants to know from Willie what the fuss during his phone conversation was all about, Willie innocently says: Nothing! ALF's response: You just lost me another client!
6 sec

21 Min
Katherine: Hey, I've got a secret! I've got my bra on backward!
Alf: Big deal! So does Willie!
Willie: Tattletale!
17 sec