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  • Backdoor-Pilot
  • Director's Cut
Release: Oct 14, 2013 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Since a few years, The Vampire Diaries is the most successful series on the small American network The CW. What would be smarter than to try and establish a spin-off series to maybe get another high rating hit? Said and done. As a result, Klaus and his family will leave the main series and receive their own with The Originals. To get the fans more interested in the series, the producers included a backdoor-pilot in the fourth season of Vampire Diaries.

A few weeks later, The CW uploaded a Director's Cut of this episode that lacks all connections to the mother series and instead includes a lot of new material. The alterations are quite extensive as you will see in the following report. The Director's Cut is NOT the regular first episode of the first season which has just prmiered on US TV.

This is a comparison between the Backdoor-Pilot from the fourth episode of the Vampire Diaries and its Director's Cut.

Overall, there are 46 differences:
* 19 additional scenes/shots in the Director's Cut
* 12 additional scenes/shots in the Backdoor-Pilot
* 15 scenes/ shots with alternate footage

Overall, the Backdoor-Pilot is roughly 4 seconds longer than the Director's Cut.
0:00 minutes
The Backdoor-Pilot (of course) begins with a recap.
38 sec.

0:00 minutes
The Director's Cut has its own opening.
Klaus: "For a thousand years. My family has walked this earth. The original vampires. The first of our kind. Hated and hunted by our parents. My siblings and I searched the world for a place to call home. Finding it centuries ago in a muddy patch of land called New Orleans. We swore to stick together, always and forever. We failed. And when I left the town I had built it from nothing. I swore I would never return. Now I'm told a witch there named Jane Anee Deveraux is plotting against me. She should known better. I will not be hunted again."
51 sec.

0:38 minutes
Elena lies in the cellar of the Salvatore house where she's trapped. Then it cuts to Damon and Stefan who talk about Elena. They constantly talk about Katherine who suddenly pops up behind them. She takes some of the whiskey and tells them that Klaus left. Stefan wants to know more and Katherine tells them about Hayley who is ''the thing'' she needed to get rid of Klaus.
59.6 sec.

2:36 minutes
Jane-Anne: "This is our town. If we don't fight for it, we all may as well just pack up and get out."
6.4 sec.

4:34 minutes / 5:15 minutes
The title card is different.
No difference in time.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

5:53 minutes
Rebekah is shown longer.
0.6 sec.

6:34 minutes
Klaus is shown slightly earlier.
1 frame

8:59 minutes
There's a different shot of Marcel saying: "My Sire."
0.8 sec.

8:20 minutes
Marcel: "My Sire."
Klaus: "I had written you up as dead."
Marcel: "I rose like a phoenix from the ashes."
Marcel puts his hands on Klaus' shoulders.
6.1 sec.

10:50 minutes / 11:25 minutes
At this point there is some alternate footage. In the Backdoor-Pilot Marcel walks on and in the Director's Cut you see Jane-Anne. The following shot of Klaus is different as well. Additionally, the cut to Marcel happens earlier in the Director's Cut. As a result, Marcel's dialog is slightly postponed.
Director's Cut: 5.8 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 4.6 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

14:35 minutes
In the Backdoor-Piloten you can hear an additional sentence by Sophie: "I know you built this town."
No difference in time

14:37 minutes
Sophie: "But this is his town now."
1.3 sec.

14:04 minutes / 14:39 sec.
Again some alternate footage: In the Director's Cut you can see Sophie while in the Backdoor-Pilot you see Klaus.
Director's Cut: 1.8 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 1.7 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

15:15 minutes
The scene with the candles is longer.
Sophie: "You got me into this, Jane. Give me the strenght to finish it."
7.5 sec.

15:50 minutes
The door shuts slightly earlier.
0.2 sec.

16:20 minutes
There's a second shot of the heart.
1.2 sec.

16:40 minutes
A new dialog between Sophie and Elijah.
Sophie: "You're Klaus' brother. I've heard of all of you."
Elijah: "Well. I'm an Original. And I could kill you before you make a move."
11.8 sec.

17:02 minutes
The scene where Klaus walks along the street starts earlier.
1.4 sec.

19:40 minutes
Marcel takes some vervain.
Klaus: "You take vervain."
Marcel: "Burns like a bitch. But I figure I should limit the number of things I'm vulnerable to."
12.6 sec.

19:26 minutes / 19:52 minutes
Different shots of Klaus.
Director's Cut: 1.4 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 1.2 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

19:30 minutes / 19:56 minutes
Again there are different shots of Klaus.
No difference in time

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

20:37 minutes
Klaus follows Elijah into the crypt.
4 sec.

21:03 minutes
Elijah is shown earlier behind the lattice gate.
0.2 sec.

21:07 minutes / 21:29 minutes
At this point, Sophies dialog was extended and you can see her in an additional shot.

Director's Cut: "He has put the entire witch community in subjugation. He does what he wants, kills who he wants. I'm going to stop him. And you're going to help me."

Backdoor-Pilot: "He does what he wants, kills who he wants. I'm going to stop him. And you're going to help me."

As a result, the Director's Cut is a little longer.
Director's Cut: 10.8 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 7.5 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

21:24 Minuten minutes / 21:43 minutes
In the Director's Cut Klaus talks a little longer.
Klaus: "You want to recruit a wolf to hunt down a dog. This was your big plot? Only trouble is, I don't take orders from anyone. Least of all you."
Director's Cut: 8.1 sec. / BC: 0.8 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

22:33 minutes
Klaus is shown longer.
1.4 sec.

22:47 minutes / 22:57 minutes
When Klaus says "It's impossible." he is shown in different shots.
No difference in time

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

22:48 minutes
Additional dialog.
Elijah: "I said the same thing myself."
Klaus: "This is a lie. You're all lying."
4.3 sec.

23:32 minutes
Sophie: "We can keep him save. Or we can kill them."
4.5 sec.

23:51 minutes / 23:52 minutes
In the Director's Cut Klaus is shown longer and from behind, while the Backdoor-Pilot cuts to Sophie a little earlier.
No difference in time.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

24:08 minutes / 24:09 minutes
The Backdoor-Pilot cuts to Sophie, while the Director's Cut doesn't. In return, Klaus says one more sentence in the Director's Cut: "This is a pathetic dissection."
Director's Cut: 3.4 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 1.3 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

25:10 minutes / 25:09 minutes
At this point both versions are very different in terms of the footage.
In both versions Klaus says: "Kill her. And the baby. What would I care?". In the Director's Cut he takes some more time with it. He turns around and leaves. In the Backdoor-Pilot you shortly see Hayley before the scene changes. In the Director's Cut, the scene continues:
Hayley: "Screw this. I'm out of here.". She also wants to leave, but the witches hold her back.
Elijah: "No one touches the girl. I will fix this."
Sophie nods and lets Elijah go.
Director's Cut: 28 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 8.8 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

28:25 minutes
The phone conversation between Rebekah and Elijah is longer.
Elijah: "He has changed over the centuries, Rebekah. I will grant you that. But time has not erased from me the memory that I have of my little brother. Before we were vampires, before he was this hybrid. He was so full of love. All he ever wanted was to be loved in return."
23.1 sec.

28:04 minutes
In return, the shot of Elijah starts slightly earlier.
0.6 sec.

28:56 minutes / 28:13 minutes
In the Director's Cut Elijah puts his iPhone away and leaves. The Backdoor-Pilot shows Rebekah talking to Katherine.
Director's Cut: 5.5 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 51.1 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

29:09 minutes
Klaus watches Marcel partying.
4.4 sec.

31:10 minutes
More party-people.
1.5 sec.

34:59 minutes
The shot of Klaus starts earlier.
1.2 sec.

35:20 minutes
The conversation between Klaus and Elijah is longer.
Elijah: "Are you aware that the witches can't leave here? They practice ancestral magic, they draw their power directly from their dead in those cemeteries. If they go they leave the source of power behind."
Klaus: "I suppose that explains their hunger for revolution. That and I believe Marcel has found a way of controlling them. I want to know what it is."
30.4 sec.

35:16 minutes
The Backdoor-Pilot only shows a different shot of Klaus.
4 sec.

35:51 minutes / 35:20 minutes
In the Director's Cut the conversation continues as follows:
Elijah: "What it on your mind brother?"
Klaus: "This town was my home once and in my absence Marcel has gotten everything I ever wanted. Power. Loyalty. Family. I made him in my image and he has bettered me. I want what he has. I want it back. I wanna be king."
Elijah: "And what of Hayley and the baby?"
Klaus: "Every king needs an heir. Tell Sophie Deveraux, we have a deal."

In the Backdoor-Pilot it goes as follows:
Elijah: "What it on your mind brother?"
Klaus: "For a thousand years, I lived in fear. Any time I settled anywhere, our father woud hunt me down and ... chase me off. He made me feel powerless and I hated it. This town was my home once and in my absence Marcel has gotten everything I ever wanted. Power. Loyalty. Family. I made him in my image and he has bettered me. I want what he has.I wanna be king."
Elijah: "And what of Hayley and the baby?"
Klaus: "Every king needs an heir."

Director's Cut: 66.1 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 79.4 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

37:07 minutes / 36:49 minutes
In the Backdoor-Pilot the scene with Elijah and Sophie continues, while the Director's Cut cuts to a dying vampire.
Director's Cut: 4.2 sec./ Backdoor-Pilot: 3.3 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

38:16 minutes
Now follows an additional scene of Elijah and Sophie talking while they walk over the cemetary.
Sophie: "No one can know our arrangement. Marcel will retaliate and I won't allow any more dead witches. I want you to make him suffer. Undermine his rule, distract him. But above all, keep him alive."
Elijah: "And why is that?"
Sophie: "You need to earn my trust before I let you in on witch business. Just know he needs to remain unharmed."
Elijah: "Oh, you have no idea what you're asking. My brother's temper is legendary."
Sophie: "Well, then I guess you got your work cut out for you."

Eventually, they arrive at the crypt where Hayley hides.
Hayley: "What the hell? You leave me in some filthy tomb over night. Has everyone forgotten that I'm pregnant?"
Elijah zu Sophie: "Release her to me. As a token of good faith. The girl is carrying my family, therefore she too is my family."
Hayley: "Can you not talk about me like I'm not here?"
Elijah dreht sich zu ihr um: "Forgive us."
Elijah zu Sophie: "Let her come with me. You've done what you needed to do keep her safe. Now let me do the same. I can assure you, there is no one stronger."
Sophie nods to show that she agrees with Elijah.
Before they lieave, Elijah gives Hayley his jacket.
Elijah: "Wait. There's a chill out there."
He puts his jacket around her.
Hayley: "I guess chivalry is not dead. Just really damn late to the party."
Sophie: "If Klaus betrays us, Hayley will die. You have my word on that."
Elijah: "Then I will give you my word. We will be your partners. We will end Marcel's reign. But know this: If anything whatsoever happens to that girl or her unborn child, you needn't fear Marcel, nor Klaus nor anyone more than you will need to fear me. Goodbye."
After that, Elijah and Hayley leave the crypt.
116.8 sec.

40:17 minutes / 38:02 minutes
Different footage during the parade.
Director's Cut: 1.6 sec. / Backdoor-Pilot: 1.5 sec.

Director's CutBackdoor-Pilot

40:26 minutes
Klaus and Marcel are part of the parade.
Klaus: "Whose life are we celebrating?"
Marcel: "Old Abe from the butcher shop. Nice guy. Handy with a meat cleaver."
Klaus: "What happend to him?"
Marcel: "He broke the rules."
Klaus (as a narrator voice): "Marcel's rules. But how does he know when they are broken? What secret weapon dow he posses that gives him control over the witches? If I'm to claim his throne what must I take from him?"

Then you can see Davina at the window before a woman enters her room.
Woman: "You know Marcel doesn't want you standing by the window."
Davina: "I'm hot. I need air."
Woman: "But you can't."
Davina: "I said I need air."
The womab puts the tray down.
Woman: "Marcel's asked me to find out if the witches are quiet today."
Davina: "Yes. There's no magic out there."
Then she turns to the window and slightly opens it.
Woman: "Honestly child, you can't"
Davina: "Can't. Can't. Can't. I'm so sick of that word. It makes me want to vomit."
She gets so mad that she pushes the woman out of the window with her magic powers.
92 sec.

38:10 minutes
Klaus calls Caroline and leaves a message saying that he will some day show her New Orleans. Then follows a cut to Elijah and Rebekah who talk about Rebekah's future in Mystic Falls as well as about her wanting to have a family also as a human being. Elijah wants her to go to New Orleans, too. However, she doesn't want to because of Klaus. Katherine arrives and says that Rebekah is right, that Klaus is insane and that she wasted a big part of her life with Klaus. Elijah kisses Katherine's forehead. At the end there's a final cut to Elena who is still trapped inside the Salvatores' basement. Damon gives her a package of blood which is mixed with vervain. As a result, she spits it out after tacking a sip. At the end she wants to get herself into the brothers' games and is curious about who will collapse first.
234.2 sec.