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UK BD box set with the extended UK Versions of the entire 4 seasons

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  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Jan 20, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the International Version (German Blu-ray by Polyband / FSK 16) and the UK Version (UK Blu-ray by 2entertain / BBFC 15).

10 differences, consisting of
- 4 additional scenes
- 3 extended scenes
- additional recap
- additional opening credits
- alternate end credits
- Length difference: 315 sec resp. 5 min 15 sec

The Show

Luther is a British crime drama from 2010. So far, there are 4 seasons consisting of 16 episodes in total: Season 1 consists of 6 episodes, the seasons 2 & 3 of 4 episodes each and season 4 consists of 2 episodes only. In June 2017, a fifth season was announced for 2018. Without any spoiler alerts, it is safe to say that fans of British shows will enjoy Luther if one does not have an aversion of crime dramas in general.

The Versions

Like other shows before (e.g. Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes), Luther is yet another example for shorter, international versions (in comparison to the original UK Version that is). In order to do so, all the episodes are two-part episodes now and numerous alterations have been made. Often, the missing footage focuses on a or several particular characters but there are a few alterations that have censorship all over it. Certainly, the International Versions are still watchable, no argument there. But the better version is the uncensored UK Version, no doubt.

Time index refers to
International Version (German Blu-ray) – UK Version (UK Blu-ray)
51:51 / 00:00

Recap only in the UK Version.

62 sec resp. 1 min 2 sec

Extended Scene
51:51 / 01:02

The shot of the travelling train starts insignificantly earlier in the UK Version due to the fact that the International Version fades in while the UK Version does not.
0.1 sec

52:54 / 02:05

Opening credits only in the UK Version due to the fact that the International Version is a two-part episode.

45 sec

Extended Scene
52:54 / 02:50

The very first shot subsequent to the opening credits (distance shot of Luther from behind) is a little longer in the UK Version.

3.5 sec

Additional Scene
01:04:11 / 14:11

Two additional shots of Owen resp. Luther.

3.2 sec

Extended Scene
01:04:14 / 14:17

Subsequent to the additional shot of Luther, there are two exterior shots. The second one is a bit longer in the UK Version.

3 sec

Additional Scene
01:04:16 / 14:22

Ripley watches a report regarding current events on BBC News. Reed shows up, grabs a chair and sits down as well.
Reed: "You alright?"
Ripley: "Yeah. No. I've never been shot at before. You know there's people you can speak to these days. If you need to."
Ripley: "What? Like a counselor?"
Reed: "Yeah. Why not?"
Ripley: "If my dad knew I'd seen a counselor, he'd shoot me himself."
Then Teller from the off: "Alright everyone! (Roll up, roll up.)"

39.8 sec

Additional Scene
01:25:35 / 36:21

Zoe calls Luther .
Luther: "Have you left yet?"
Zoe: "No, we're still here."
Luther: "What? I don't believe it. Why?"
Zoe: "John, it's illegal to threaten someone's life. If Alice Morgan threatened me, why don't you just arrest her?"
Luther: "I can't, OK?"
Zoe: "Why not?"
Luther: "It's complicated."
Zoe: "It always is. What's this woman got on you? What have you done?"
Luther: "Listen, I haven't got time for this, alright? I just need you to trust me."
Zoe: "Thing is I'm not sure I do. If I called Rose Teller, would she know about this?"
Luther: "Have you called her?"
Zoe: "Not yet. Should I?"
Luther: "No, don't do that. Don't call her. "
Zoe: "Well, that tells me everything, doesn't it? So what's really going on?" What have you done?"
Luther: "Listen, listen. I need you to trust me, alright? At the very least, I need you to lock your doors, lock your windows. And if anything happens, you call me immediately, alright?"
The conversation is over.

But Zoe does not believe Luther is telling the truth.
Zoe (to Mark): "So, you were right. He's lying. I've had 20 years. When do I learn, it's 20 years."
Mark: "God, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

85.5 sec resp. 1 min 25.5 sec

Additional Scene
01:32:41 / 44:53

Additional dialog at the station. Teller, Ripley and Reed realize what Luther is realy up to.
Teller: "He wanted to guarantee that Owen Lynch overheard him when he mad that call. He brought Eppley's radio to me so I'd warn Anti-Terrorism and they’d shut down their comms. We cleared the airwaves for him. He’s made Owen Lynch hate him."
Ripley: "It's like he's waving a white flag, stepping onto enemy territory. As if he's gone in there to…"
Teller: "What?"
Reed: "Boss."
Teller: "What?"
Reed: I found John on the roof this morning. Right on the edge."
Teller: "So?"
Reed: "It's just… I'm not completely sure he expects to walk away from this."
Cut to Luther, then back to what is going on at the station.
Teller: "CO19?"
(Reed: "ETA 13 minutes.")

45.4 sec

01:42:57 / 55:55

The UK Version contains end credits & a preview of the next episode while the International Version only contains the actual credits.

27.5 sec