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  • Intern. Blu-ray / European Version
  • US DVD
Release: Sep 29, 2011 - Author: Scat - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
„Executive Decision“ was at first released in Germany and the UK in an adapted, pre-censored version. Probably this also concerns other European countries and maybe Australia too (Caution: was not checked, but it's rather likely. If you have Infos please leave a comment). Many references to the Islamic-fundamentalistic background of the terrorists were deleted in this pre-censored version. The UK version moreover contains some further cuts due to violence. The old US version was uncut.

By this time, the movie has been released on Blu-ray in many countries, in the USA too. But it seems that Warner used the old pre-censored master for the BD. This master is the source for all Blu-rays worldwide. So the cut version was released in the USA for the first time.

Compared were the German version (very likely identical to all other European and probably the Australian versions; moreover identical to the worldwide Blu-ray version) and the uncut R-Rated US DVD.
The terrorist who blows up the restaurant says in the German version: "You're not worth to live longer! You are all going to die! Hear the voice of Al Tha'r!"
In the R-Rated version he says something in his national language. Additionally there's missing a shot in the German version after the terrorist turns around: He's got a book and a necklace in his right hand.
2 Sec

Moreover, in the following shot of the terrorist the book and the necklace in his hand were removed in the German version.
No runtime difference

On the left: FSK 16 / On the right: R-Rated

When Nagi says in the German version "It will soon be over. Have patience." there are alternative shots in both versions. In the German version Nagi's standing there normally. In the US version he's raising his hand slightly and then turns it towards the book.
No runtime difference

On the left: FSK 16 / On the right: R-Rated

Now there's something strange: In the US version Nagi and Abu-Jaffa speak Arabic with each other. The office in the USA is shown in between, where some men wiretap the conversation. One of those men translates the conversation. So in the background you can hear the two men talking.
In the German version everyone's talking German again. Therefore there's no need for a translation. So that this whole scene makes at least a little sense you can't hear the conversation of Nagi and Abu-Jaffa in the background. Thus the "translator" just reproduces their conversation. (following pictures just for determination/clarification)
No runtime difference

Additionally there's some dialogue censorship in this scene, which can effectively be found in the whole movie: in the original version Nagi says "All of Islam will embrace you as its chosen leader. I am your flame. The sword of Allah." In the German version he says "Our friends all around the world will welcome you. And I will destroy your enemies."

In a short shot Nagi is shown praying. After that two shots of the pilots are missing.
6 Sec

When Nagi is answering the phone, there's missing who he's standing up again. In the German version it looks like he's just answering the phone.
2,5 Sec

In the German version there's also missing how Nagi gets up.
1 Sec