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September Morning

original title: Il falco e la colomba


  • Export Version
  • Italian Version
Release: May 30, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Export Version and the Italian Version (both available on the German DVD by filmArt).

13 differences, consisting of
- 1 additional scene in the Italian Version
- 1 extended scene in the Italian Version
- 9 extended scenes in the Export Version
- 1 scene with alternate footage (= alternate ending)
- different opening credits
- exclusive footage in the Export Version: 322.4 sec resp. 5 min 22.4 sec
- exclusive footage in the Italian Version: 322.36 sec resp. 5 min 22.36 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 1 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.

Spetember Morning is a drame starring Fabio Testi and Lara Wendel. The differences regarding the versions are not really worth mentioning. However, there is one exception: The different ending. Given the circumstances, one might speak of a happy ending in the Export Version. The ending in the Italian Version is more sinister.

Time index refers to
Export Version - Italian Version (both in PAL).
Opening Credits
00:00 / 00:00

The title is different. The Export Version uses the German title while the Italian Version uses the Italian original title "Il falco e la colomba".
In addition to that, the footage slightly differs. The Export Version contains a tracking shot to the van near the playing field. Then, the title is being displayed. In the Italian Version, the title is being displayed while the game in the background continues. Then the tracking shot to the van nearby.

Export Version 0.12 sec longer
Export VersionItalian Version

Extended Scene Export Version
21:06 / 21:05

After Viva slaps Michele, she leaves the restaurant. The shot of the revolving door is a little longer in the Export Version.

Export Version 1.24 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
21:16 / 21:14

The subsequent scene starts earlier in the Export Version. Michele takes off his jacket and his shirt when Rita sneaks up on him from behind. She states he was all sweaty and asks if he had to tell her anything.

The versions are back in sync when Michele takes off his watch. However, this very shot of Michele and Rita is also insignificantly longer and so is the subsequent shot of them (no screenshots).

Export Version 25.56 sec longer

Additional Scene Italian Version
22:37 / 22:10

The Export Version lacks the entire scene with Michele and Ernesto Trentini. Michele finds out that the meeting which took place before was about him. He is supposed to become the new political candidate.

The Export Version only a very short shot of this scene with is more than 2 minutes long. The very short remaining shot does not make any sense by itself (1,48 sec).

Italian Version 129.28 sec resp. 2 min 9.28 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
38:44 / 40:26

The shot if Viva looking at the stars starts earlier in the Export Version. At first, one gets to see the stars. The camera then pans to the right showing Viva at the telescope. As soon as she lowers the telescope, the versions are back in sync.

Export Version 11.48 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
47:02 / 48:30

After shooting up in front of Michele, the shot of Viva is longer. She lowers her head.

Export Version 2.68 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
54:08 / 55:32

This (rather long) shot is a little longer.

Export Version 1.92 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
56:20 / 57:42

The bathtub scene starts earlier in the Export Version. Viva stands up and grabs a towel. In the Italian Version, she already has the towel and somebody knocks.

Export Version 7.92 sec longer

Extended Scene Italian Version
01:04:09 / 01:05:22

The close-up of Viva starts earlier.

Italian Version 4.76 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
01:12:24 / 01:13:41

A shot of Viva and Rita's dad is longer. He makes a further comment regarding his son-in-law.

Export Version 3.76 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
01:13:34 / 01:14:47

The last shot of their conversation is also longer in the Export Version. In the Italian Version, Rita's dad offers his help. Then the dinner scene with Michele and Viva.
In the Italian Version, Viva responds. She explains she could get by by herself, stands up and leaves the room. A reaction shot of Rita's dad follows. Then the dinner scene.

Export Version 11.16 sec longer

Extended Scene Export Version
01:13:50 / 14:14:52

The beginning of the dinner scene is also longer in the Export Version. Michele asks if she set the table like that to keep him away from her. Viva explains she only did to celebrate their love in a festive way. Michele then toasts to her.

Export Version 20.2 sec longer

Alternate Ending
01:30:50 / 01:31:31

The ending is entirely different. In the Export Version, Michele is not behind bars any longer. He gets home, gets the smack from Viva's stuff and prepares to shoot up. But then he comes to his senses and throws the stuff across the room.

In the Italian Version, Michele is still in jail. He returns to his cell, lies down and pulls the blanket over his head.

Also, only the Italian Version contains end credits. The Export Version ends with a freeze frame, "Fine" pops up on the screen and the Export Version fades to black. The Italian Version contains a freeze frame as well. Except, one here gets to see Michele resp. the blanket he has covered his face with. Then the end credits start rolling.

Export Version: 236.36 sec resp. 3 min 56.36 sec
Italian Version: 188.32 sec resp. 3 min 8.32 sec

Export Version 48.04 sec longer
Export VersionItalian Version