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Child's Play


Child's Play 3


Uncle Sam




  • Restored Version (2001)
  • Restored Version (2010) - Part 2
Release: May 17, 2011 - Author: Odo - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Part 2
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Shot used twice in the 2001 Version
1:17:58 - 1:18:00

After Josaphat told Freder that the "Thin Man" has been roaming the worker city for ten days (intertitle), the two seconds that were shown before the intertitle can be seen again. This has probably been done in order to get a good transition to the following text.
+ 2 sec.

1:18:01 [1:35:30 - 1:35:59]
The "Thin Man" reports to Fredersen that the only thing that kept the workers from revolting was that they were still waiting for the mediator. Fredersen looks sinister. In the 2001 Version, this scene was bridged with a text title.
28,8 sec.
Restored Version (2001)
Restored Version (2010)

1:18:09 [1:36:13 - 1:36:33]
Josephat continues to tell Freder about the strange happenings since his collapse. The 2001 Version shows a text instead again.
20,4 sec.
Restored Version (2001)
Restored Version (2010)

Shot used twice in the 2001 Version
1:18:17 - 1:18:19

The 2001 Version shows the false Maria turning and letting her cape fly through the air which could already be seen a few minutes earlier (1:15:14 – 1:15:15).

So far only the notes in the score hinted at a repetition of a part of the dancing scene. However, if one looks at "flashbacks" in other movies by Fritz Lang, it can be seen that they always use alternative footage and not the exactly same shots. In this case, duplicates from the first dancing scene were added to the scene.
+ 1,6 sec.

Shot used twice in the 2001 Version
1:18:19 - 1:18:21

We also know this scene already (1:15:12 - 1:15:14): The audience stares at Maria's dancing doppelganger.
+ 1,6 sec.

Shot used thrice in the 2001 Version
1:18:21 - 1:18:23

The sequence from 1:18:17 is being repeated another time (Maria dances and her cape flies). Only difference: the scene is being shown completely and not just partially.
+ 2,4 sec.

1:18:23 - 1:18:26 [1:36:38 - 1:36:40]

The false Maria is kneeling on the floor, her arms are stretched out and her body is moving in circles.

Recut/ Shots used twice in BOTH versions
1:18:26 - 1:18:29 [1:36:33 - 1:36:36]

The following shot of the dancing Maria doppelganger and the soulful audience is being shown a few seconds earlier in the new version. However, these shots were used before in both versions (2001: 1:15:19 – 1:15:22 / 2010: 1:32:28 - 1:32:32).

1:18:29 [1:36:36 - 1:36:38]
Another shot of the paralysed audience was added.
1,2 sec.

1:18:29 [1:36:40 - 1:36:44]
Ditto. The viewers begin to awake from the lethargy and look at each other in a hostile way.
3,3 sec.

1:18:44 - 1:18:51 [1:36:59 - 1:37:07]
The suicide scene features a picture jump at 1:18:45, the new version eliminated it by using footage from the NZ Version instead, which is a few frames longer.
0,6 sec.

Picture Jump
1:18:59 [1:37:16]

Shortly before the viewers start attacking each other, another dancing presentation by Maria can be seen. The 2001 Version features another jump which has been removed by using footage from the NZ version again.
1 sec.

1:19:07 - 1:19:08 [1:37:24 - 1:37:25]

The false Maria storms up the stairs, a cheering mass is following her. The short part, in which the doppelganger reaches the end of the stairs and turns around, can be seen one second later. Before that, a shot from above of the mass of people reaching the end of the stairs. The new version shows this after Maria has turned around.

1:19:08 [1:37:26 - 1:37:27]
A shot of Maria loosening her left garter and throwing it into the crowd was added to the following scene. This explains why the people are going away from the stairs again: they want to catch the garter. The garter could already be seen in the old version in the hand of one fighting man.
1,3 sec.

1:19:27 [1:37:47 - 1:37:50]
One of the men draws a gun and shoots his opponent.

In the Argentinian version, Maria disappears behind the curtain after the murder. In the new reconstruction, however, the scenes are interchanged. An editing goof?
3,2 sec.

1:19:27 - 1:19:40 [1:35:59 - 1:36:13]

After the false Maria disappeared behind the curtain, the 2001 Version features a scene in which Freder talks to Josaphat. In the new version, this can be seen BEFORE the long dancing presentation.

1:20:06 [1:38:16 - 1:38:22]
Freder's question whether the two women were the same is being answered by Josaphat's nodding.
5,3 sec.

1:20:06 - 1:20:07 [1:38:30]
Shift change. The scene takes longer in the version rom 2001: Before the steam is coming out of all the siren's pipes there is only a single hin one visible. The new version starts with the steam coming out of all the openings.

This is due to the fact that Freder and Josaphat already reacted to the siren in the previous shot (the sound can also be heard earlier).
+ 1,3 sec.

1:20:11 [1:38:26 - 1:38:59]
Freder says that many go into the "city of the dead", he opens up his arms and adds that the mediator should not be missing. The 2001 version features two texts instead.
32,8 sec.
Restored Version (2001)
Restored Version (2010)

1:20:34 [1:39:09 - 1:39:24]
Fredersen and the "Thin Man" in the office. Fredersen, sitting, turns to the thin man and tells him that whatever happened that night, the workers should have their way. The "Thin Man" nods loyally. The 2001 version shows a text instead, which is shown so shortly that it can hardly be read without pausing the movie.
15,4 sec.
Restored Version (2001)
Restored Version (2010)

1:21:06 - 1:21:17 [1:39:59 - 1:40:10]

Rotwang is sitting across the imprisoned Maria and tells her about Fredersens plans. The intertitle saying that whereas she has proclaimed peace her doppelganger would incinerate an uprising against Fredersen was recut.

After the shot of the many heads with the false Maria in the middle ( 1:40:29 in the new version) something has to be missing. The note "Rotwang" can be found 4 measures later. All in all, 8 measures had to be deleted, almost ten seconds. What is missing?

1:22:13 - 1:22:19 [1:41:17 - 1:41:23]

The false Maria talks to workers. The intertitle in which she says that despite her preachings for peace the mediator never came was recut.

1:24:10 - 1:24:11 [1:43:09 - 1:43:11]

A worker is so enthusiastic that he climbs on the stage and opens his arms.

1:24:16 [1:43:11 - 1:43:13]
After the previous scene, two more shots of the mentioned worker screaming at his colleagues were added.
2,5 sec.

After the workers left the hall, an important scene is missing. Rotwang talks to Maria. He tells her that he betrayed Fredersen twice. Maria is writhing in emotional pain. Then, Fredersen's shadow slowly can be seen wandering over the wall and over her. Rotwang turns around and sees Fredersen'S threatening silhouette.

1:26:21 - 1:26:54 [1:45:29 - 1:46:04]

Georgy, who saved Freder by throwing himself into the knife that was supposed to kill him, is dying in Josaphat's and Freder's arms.

1:27:03 [1:46:04 - 1:46:09]
An impressive shot: Fredersen's and Rotwang's shadows fight at the wall, Maria sneaks away.
5,3 sec.

The end of the shot is missing in the newest reconstruction. Maria disappearing completely cannot cannot be seen, although it was inlcuded in the Argentinian version. A mistake by the editors?

1:27:06 [1:46:13 - 1:46:21]
Freder and Josaphat go towards the worker city.
8,5 sec.

1:27:36 [1:46:53]
Two workers point at the false Maria standing in front of a big gong. Only three frames of this could be seen in the 2001 Version, the new one used footage from the NZ Version to complete the scene.
0,8 sec.

Alternative footage
1:27:44 - 1:27:45 [1:47:01 - 1:47:05]

After Maria told the workers that they should kill the machines, the two versions show different sequences.
2010: Maria is getting of her pedestal and makes her way through the crowd (again, some footage from the NZ Version was used).
2001: The descending from the pedestal cannot be seen, instead Maria is getting up next to the pedestal, raises her right arm and passes the camera at the right side.
The new version's sequence is 2,5 sec. longer.
2,5 sec.
Restored Version (2001)
Restored Version (2010)

1:28:55 [1:48:18 - 1:48:26]
Two short shots of the elevators and workers squeezing into them were added.
8,6 sec.

1:28:55 - 1:29:05 [1:48:35 - 1:48:45]

Masses of workers storm towards the barrier. Two additional shots show more workers trying to enter the already fully occupied elevators.

1:29:08 [1:48:30 - 1:48:35]
There are two more shots of crowds of people storming into the facility.
5.1 sec.

1:29:08 [1:48:45 - 1:48:49]
New: two shots depicting the workers in the elevators.
3.6 sec.

1:29:12 [1:48:52 - 1:48:55]
Another short shot of the elevators.
3 sec.

1:29:37 [1:49:21 - 1:49:24]
Another new shot of the elevators, the only long shot.
3 sec.

1:29:57 [1:49:45 - 1:51:04]
Now a longer gap that is being closed completely. To improve the overview, there is another parting along with seperate description and depiction. The total runtime is
79.3 sec.

After the workers have flocked into the machine hall: Storming of the M-machine, the false Maria agitating on the machine's steps: "Away from the machines, let them run until they die!" The workers storm the machine, get the working people down. Her: "To the heart-machine!" Then the heart-machine in a long shot.

Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

Close: Grot lovingly polishes one of the machine's windows. Startledly, he notices "Danger" flashing in rythm. He runs to a big lever, and pulls it. Long shot: the heart-machine, the gate makes its way into the frame from above and below. Very remarkable, by the way, the shot of the heavy iron gate closing and telescoping. Many Science-Fiction-films could have let them be inspired by this. Fredersen over beat-up Rotwang in the roof-chamber, steps outside. Grot is walking up and down nervously. Workers rampaging before the closed gate.

Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:31:02 [1:51:55 - 1:51:57]
New: Shot of the rampaging crowd in front of the closed gates.
2.2 sec.

1:31:03 - 1:31:04 [1:52:13 - 1:52:14]

Short shot of Fredersen having a conversation on the phone with Grot.

1:31:08 - 1:31:09 [1:51:57 - 1:51:58]

Fredersen angrily talks into the handset, lifts his right, clenched fist and lets it speed down again.

1:31:09 [1:52:02 - 1:52:13]
The following is added: You can see Grot shouting into the handset while gesturing wildly, then an intertitle is shown in which Grot warns Fredersen that there would be no stone left standing if the heart-machine was to go down. A shot from the newzealandish version is shown then: Fredersen speeds his clenched fist down again. In the 2001-version, the audience is shown the obligatory text box for bridging.
10.7 sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

Recut / missing scene
1:31:17 [1:52:19 - 1:52:44]

Reluctantly, Grot follows Joh Fredersen's order and opens the gates (by kicking the respective lever). Now, the workers are entering the heart-machine. In the 2001-version, a gap is filled with a text box, even though it is shown in a different spot than it actually should, regarding the placement of the respective scene in the new version.
25.8 sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:31:52 [1:53:11 - 1:53:14]
The workers storm the heart-machine. A scene was added, showing the workers passing the (false) Maria who is wallowing in the crowd.
2.8 sec.

1:32:04 - 1:32:08 [1:53:30 - 1:53:34]

Grot threatens the workers with an oversized wrench.

1:32:16 - 1:32:20 [1:53:38]
The 2001-version shows another view of raging Grot and the just as excited workers (in the middle: false Maria). The 2010-version misses this sequence.

It is probable that these two shots are extracted from another original negative. They seem to be alternative takes of the two shots that were used in the 2001-version directly before the just described sequence and then have been "left over" in the 2010 reconstruction.
+ 3.9 sec.

1:32:25 - 1:32:35 [1:53:52 - 1:54:03]

Maria is taking the elevator to the worker town. She takes a view over the deserted streets.

1:32:35 [1:54:03 - 1:54:06]
The 2001-version misses another shot of Maria: worriedly, her gaze wanders around as she descends inside the elevator.
3.2 sec.

1:34:19 [1:55:46 - 1:55:48]
The 2001-version misses Freder and Josaphat running through the worker town's underground and startledly look up due to the noise of the elevators crashing down.
1.5 sec.

1:35:16 [1:56:47 - 1:56:56]
The children's rescue by bell: Maria is fighting with the levers that snip back all the time, making the sequence a whole lot more dramatic.
9 sec.

1:35:16 - 1:35:18 [1:56:59 - 1:57:01]

Children are running through the worker town streets.

1:35:21 - 1:35:25 [1:57:04 - 1:57:07]

Another scene with the children running out of the houses and through the streets was recut.

1:35:29 [1:57:09 - 1:57:14]
More and more children are flocking to the bell-pedestal, to seek shelter from the approaching floods. Maria continues sounding the bell in the meantime.
4.8 sec.

1:35:29 - 1:35:33 [1:57:25 - 1:57:29]

Bird's-eye-view: The cihldren are running towards the pedestal from all directions as the square is being flooded more and more.

1:35:40 [1:57:21 - 1:57:25]
A shot of the children running out of the houses is missing in the 2001-version.
3.1 sec.

Recut / Mounting error in the 2001-version
1:35:40 - 1:35:50 [1:57:45 - 1:57:54]

Long shot of the worker town, showing the pedestal that is surrounded by children and the plaza being flooded, as well as a following shot of children running through the flooded streets. The long shot of the flooded square was mounted mirror-invertedly in 2001.

Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:35:51 - 1:35:55 [1:57:54 - 1:57:59]

Another recut of a scene showing the children who are running onto the pedestal.

1:35:55 [1:57:59 - 1:58:04]
Another shot depicting Maria sounding the bell.
5.2 sec.

1:36:02 - 1:36:16 [1:57:31 - 1:57:45]

Several shots of Freder and Jospahat climbing towards worker town. For the reconstructing, there was footage used from the newzealandish version again. Very probably only regarding the last shot, though, since the new version shows a much better image quality compared to the 2001-counterpart.

1:36:20 - 1:36:22 [1:58:51 - 1:58:53]

Close-up shot of the mallet moving back and forth.

1:36:31 - 1:36:34 [1:58:46 - 1:58:50]

View of the hitting mallet and the desperate crowd of children in the background.

1:36:39 [1:58:29 - 1:58:46]
There was a shot of Maria added, sounding the bell with all her strength. Also new is a shot of the children desperately reaching their hands for Maria.
16.6 sec.

1:36:39 [1:58:50 - 1:58:51]
Short shot of the children walking through the water.
1.9 sec.

1:36:39 [1:58:54 - 1:59:04]
Children in the water and around the bell-pedestal. Children's faces, finally Maria asking: "Where are your fathers, your mothers?"
10.1 sec.

Shot used twice in the new version
1:36:39 [1:59:04 - 1:59:09]

The workers are dancing hand in hand in front of the destroyed man-machine. This scene is shown both later in the 2001-version (1:41:29) as well as a second time in the new version (2:06:58).

During the reconstructing, the very fragmentary shot of the Argentinian version was replaced here.
5.4 sec.

1:36:40 - 1:37:48 [1:59:16 - 1:59:25]

Exterior view of Metropolis at night.

1:37:52 [2:00:25 - 2:00:54]
Freder takes a peek through a whole in the wall at the worker town. He notices the flooded streets and the children, who are panically clustering around Maria and the bell-pedestal. Another close-up shot of the sounding bell. Freder calls out for Maria's name and, together with Josaphat, tries to climb down over a pipe. More and more water gets inside through air ducts.
29 sec.

1:38:02 - 1:38:09 [2:01:05 - 2:01:13]

Freder and Josaphat are running through the flooded streets.

1:38:11 [2:01:13 - 2:01:21]
Another shot of the sounding bell. Maria is shown in a close-up shot shouting something to the children and a shot of the screaming crowd.A short shot of Freder, sprinting through the flooded streets takes place. The latter shot was already also to be found in the MoMA- and the Patalas-version.
8 sec.

1:39:22 [2:02:40 - 2:02:42]
After Freder has taken flight together with Josaphat, Maria and the children, the new version shows a shot of the children wading through the continuously rising water.
2.4 sec.

1:39:28 [2:02:48 - 2:04:37]
A long, dramatic sequence is added: The children are running up the steps. Upstairs, the lattice gate blocks the bath, the masses halt, Freder and Josaphat climb up the girder grid, Freder adventurously swings to the upmost platform (a daring stunt!), throws himself against the door. Dramatic children swarm, Maria alone downstairs, trying to calm the children. The old version shows the usual text boxes here.

In this sequence, there are discrepancies with the score's prompts, but there is nothing missing measuring from the length. The differences can probably be ascribed to the different original negatives again.
109 sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:39:40 [2:04:41 - 2:04:54]
Maria is still trying to calm the children while Freder and Josaphat work on the grid.
13 Sec.

1:39:40 [2:05:00 - 2:05:06]
Freder and Josaphat manage to open up the grid and disengage their escaping way. The 2001 version shows this act with a text box which is first faded in at 1:39:46.
5,2 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:39:40 - 1:39:46 [2:05:22 - 2:05:29]

Maria grabs to little girls and lifts them up and over the heads of the other kids to get them closer the exit. The 2001 version has this scene placed in a manner which makes the audience think the exit is still blocked. The new version shows this scene after Freder and Josaphat opened the grid and made the way passable.

1:39:51 - 1:39:55 [2:01:48 - 2:01:52]

View on the houses from a far perspective. The masses of water are hitting the town steadily.

1:39:55 [2:05:08 - 2:05:22]
Freder gets back down to take Maria and the children. The 2001 version shows a text box.
13,8 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:40:00 - 1:40:03 [2:04:37 - 2:04:41]

Other views on the houses of the town and the water.

1:40:11 [2:05:34 - 2:05:43]
Freder takes one of the little girls to bring her back to safety. Other takes are following of the escaping children.
9 Sec.

1:40:11 - 1:40:17 [2:04:54 - 2:05:00]

Again a view on the houses and the masses of water has been recut.

1:43:59 [2:09:31 - 2:09:40]
Yoshiwara from the outside and the first ones, lead by fake Maria on one man’s shoulders, come out. At first there is a long shot, then two close-ups at the portal of fake Maria and a take of dancing people.
8,8 Sec.

1:44:03 [2:09:43 - 2:09:46]
Another take of the dancing Yoshiwara guests.
2,8 Sec.

1:44:39 [2:10:27 - 2:10:34]
Freder lost sight on Maria amongst the children and yells after her. It is missing how she notices his yelling, lifts up the arms towards him and answers. Freder notices it and yells something to her.

Reconstruction mistake: Unnecessarily a take of Freder and the both takes of Maria has been added and therefore doubled. The take of Freder in 2001 has got two image jumps. Between these patterns the two takes of Maria had to be placed. Now we can see lot more of Freder and the second image jump remained.
7,1 Sec.

1:44:55 - 1:45:01 [2:12:17 - 2:12:23]

Take of flocking people through the streets.

1:45:15 [2:11:06 - 2:11:36]
Rotwang after his awakening in the attic: He stumbles to Hel’s memorial, spreads his arms. In a frontal manner (compared to the script),’With the expression of silent madness on his face’ he says that he is going to go and get Hel back home. The Yoshiwara parade fills the street.
30,4 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:45:21 - 1:45:25 [2:09:50 - 2:09:54]

Takes of the dancing crowd. In the middle fake Maria on one man’s shoulders.

1:45:25 - 1:45:29 [2:14:06 - 2:14:11]

Celebrating Yoshiwara parade continues moving through the streets. Fake maria cheers up.

1:45:38 [2:11:45 - 2:12:17]
After Rotwang stumbled out of his house and along the camera a longer sequence follows. The last children are lured the club of sons. Close-up: Maria is exhausted and leans against a wall. Enraged workers float through some cars (they are not aware the riot was set by a fake Maria and that their children are still alive). Maria looks up. The 2001 version only offers a text box.
31,3 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:45:38 [2:12:23 - 2:12:34]
Maria, still not visable for the workers and unaware of their plans of revenge, innocently walks towards them while the workers, with vitriolic faces, come close to her.
11,4 Sec.

1:45:55 [2:12:36 - 2:12:38]
Maria appears on the landing and is spotted by the mob. The 2001 version offers a text box.
1,3 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:45:58 [2:12:47 - 2:12:50]
After Grot notices Maria and yells to the mob the with is here, the new version offers another take of stunned Maria.
2,4 Sec.

1:45:58 [2:12:50]
Close-up on Grot. The 2010 version has this leak filled by material from New Zealand.
0,6 Sec.

1:45:58 - 1:46:01 [2:13:00 - 2:13:02]

The mob led by Grot storms in rage towards Maria.

1:46:07 [2:12:57 - 2:13:00]
Other takes of Maria who tries to calm down the mob.
2,7 Sec.

1:46:07 - 1:46:12 [2:13:11 - 2:13:16]

The workers, armed with hammers and clubs, come closer.

1:46:12 - 1:46:14 [2:13:18 - 2:13:21]

Other takes of the incoming workers who throw their hammers after Maria.

1:46:21 [2:13:09 - 2:13:11]
The 2001 version shows two text boxes which describe the missing scenes. The new version offers a take of Maria who recognizes that she can’t help herself with words and tries to flee.
2 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:46:21 [2:13:16 - 2:13:18]
Maria retreats the mob.
2,2 Sec.

1:46:21 [2:13:21 - 2:13:28]
Maria wants to find shelter in the club of sons but has to recognize that the door has been already locked. She turns around and continues fleeing the mob which is still throwing things after her.
7,2 Sec.

The take of the bridge on which the mob chases Maria (at 2:13:38 in the version) is still not complete in both versions. The editors in the 1920s have deleted a take which makes it only interpretable that the workers are after Maria. The MoMa version, the Munich version aswell as the version from Argentina (!) offer the complete take, the new reconstruction does not.

1:46:48 [2:13:43 - 2:13:58]
Maria gets down some strair, followed by the workers. Behind a corner the workers move on in the wrong direction but correct their way.
14,8 Sec.

1:46:52 [2:14:02 - 2:14:06]
Different takes of the mob.

Possibly here is a mistake in the reconstruction. The music lacks 4 bars. The musical motive actually follows takes in which Rotwang threats Maria. But where is Rotwang’s take? It is possible the missing take is about Rotwang on the dome which comes right after the long shot in which the masses come together. The take of Rotwang should be between the moving workers and the fake Maria. This means Rotwang spotted fake Maria, his Hel, and not the crowd.
4,2 Sec.

1:46:56 [2:14:15 - 2:14:19]
Impressive camera ride in front of Maria. The enraged mob is close behind her. The 2001 version shows a text box.
3,9 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)

1:47:11 [2:14:33 - 2:14:35]
After the workers met the celebrating Yoshiwara parade a short take of the mixed up masses follows.
2,3 Sec.

1:47:11 [2:14:40 - 2:14:52]
After Rotwang hid himself behind a statue (this scene comes later in the 2001 version) the new version shows the still fleeing Maria who is unintentionally hiding close to Rotwang. Afterwards one can see the celebrating Yoshiwara people and the workers. One can notice Grot and his mob who are rushing through the masses.
12 Sec.

1:47:17 [2:14:57 - 2:15:00]
Freder and Josaphat, who heard about the riot, are running towards the action.
2,4 Sec.

1:47:58 - 1:48:01 [2:15:45 - 2:15:49]

Short take of Freder.

1:48:05 [2:15:49 - 2:16:03]
Just before Grot stands alone beside the tied up Maria at the stake: Two takes of how the fake Maria is tied up and three workers climb down the stake.
14 Sec.

1:48:48 [2:16:51 - 2:16:54]
Freder thinks the workers have tied up the real maria and tries to get to her in panic but the workers hold him back.
2,4 Sec.

1:49:09 - 1:49:13 [2:16:21 - 2:16:25]

Takes of the burning stake and the cheering crowd.

1:49:06 - 1:49:09 [2:14:29 - 2:14:33]

Rotwang moves along the streat with his arms spread wide open.

1:49:13 - 1:49:18 [2:14:35 - 2:14:40]

Rotwang is hiding behind a statue.

Between the take where Freder runs along and is held by the workers the take of the bridge with Josaphat (at 2:16:37 in the 2010 version) the score lacks 12 bars and the keyword ‘Witch’, ‘Freder scuffle’ and high street’. This is sad because the important 8 bars are deleted which float the rhythmic stomping with an increasing spike in higher tunes.

1:49:26 [2:17:21 - 2:17:29]
Newly added is a take of the burning stake and again a view on Freder who is still hindered to help the presumably real Maria. New as well is the side title in which Freder yells for Maria.
8,2 Sec.

1:49:26 - 1:49:30 [2:17:55 - 2:17:58]

Long shot takes from the burning stake and the cheering crowd.

Takes which are used twice in the new version
1:49:46 [2:17:47 - 2:17:48]

One can see the scene which is again shown in the new version at 2:18:07 (fake maria convolves laughing in the fire). The 2001 version shows a black frame.
1,1 Sec.

After Josaphat alarmed Fredersen and the small one the score lacks 19 bars (32 sec.) which are made fort he fight at the dome. Keywords of this score are: ‘Fight’, ‘both at a wall’, ‘against the roof’, #both on the ground’, ‘both up’, ‘Freder boxes’, ‘stake’ and ‘dome gallery’. Not all keywords can be fit into the image order.

1:52:00 [2:20:10 - 2:20:18]
View on the burning stake and the cheering crowd which surrounds it. Afterwards a take of Freder fighting with Rotwang follows. Rotwang clinches Freder and smashes him backwards, Freder gets free and both start to rumble.
7 Sec.

1:52:11 [2:20:29 - 2:20:44]
Close-up on how Rotwang smashes against the roof and how he charges back on Freder, both strangulating each other. Afterwards Maria on the ground, over her at the wall one can see the fighting shadows. Figure shot: Rotwang smashes Freder against the roof and jumps on his back but is dislodged by Freder who also manages to push Rotwang back.
15,5 Sec.

1:52:11 - 1:52:15 [2:20:47 - 2:20:51]

Fredersen observes the fight and touches his head in a horrified manner.

1:52:18 - 1:52:20 [2:20:54 - 2:20:56]

Fredersen, still touching his head, drops down on his knees.

1:52:22 [2:20:56 - 2:21:03]
The workers observe the fight between Rotwang and Freder.
7,1 Sec.

1:52:31 - 1:52:34 [2:21:18 - 2:21:20]

Close-up on Fredersen who, hands over head, watches the fight astonished.

1:52:56 [2:21:39 - 2:21:51]
Two new takes of the workers, who were informed that their children are still alive, start cheering.

Here one can find a definite cut mistake. Grot was standing in front of Josaphat and suddenly the workers hug each other. Maybe it would have been more correct to change the scenes position.
12,4 Sec.

1:54:38 - 1:54:49 [2:23:42 - 2:23:53]

Freder helps Maria getting down the roof. Both hug each other.

The final title ‘Arbiter between …’ (at 2:26:23 in the 2010 version) is delivered with original trick transition in the Australian version. Like the Babel sequence circle-like rays are transisted from the picture margin. This was not made in any reconstruction.

Longer credits in the new version.
142 Sec.
Restored version (2001)
Restored version (2010)