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Don't Play with Fire

original title: Di yi lei xing wei xian


  • British VHS
  • International Theatrical Version
Release: Sep 27, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the shortened British VHS by Intervision (Pre-Cert) and the uncut theatrical version on the French DVD by HK Video

- 26 cuts
- Runtime of cuts: 155.8 sec (= 2:36 min)

The French master has several small template errors, which are responsible for the additional runtime difference and were only mentioned in the report if the duration exceeds 1 second.


In the report on the Director's Cut, you can read in detail about the problematic development history of this Hong Kong cinema classic. As already indicated there, in Germany, the only version of Don't Play With Fire that was released for theatrical release, was further shortened by about 8 minutes of action scenes based on the international theatrical version. The British, however, were almost worse off at that time, despite a smaller difference in runtime.

For the local VHS release, various censorship interventions were made. In total, the version is 2.5 minutes shorter, including a plot cut at the beginning, which was also seen in Germany. Animal violence, imitable techniques and violence in general have been extensively edited and the badly zoomed full screen completes the miserable overall impression in Great Britain. A DVD release was unfortunately not released.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: British VHS in PAL / theatrical version on French DVD in PAL

Additional logos at the beginning of the French DVD. After an identical, additional company note (Fotocine Film Production Limited), the theatrical version also has textual references. The credits afterwards are in English vs. partly Chinese.

French DVD 18 sec longer

British VHSOriginal Version

01:41 / 01:59-02:25

Another needle is taken out and stuck into the head of a rat. The animal runs around shortly somewhat startled and is pulled up by the tail.

26.2 sec

01:56 / 02:40-03:32

A large part of the discussion at the beginning was removed: You can still see the first weapon pictures being hung up, then the American is introduced in the shortened version.

Actually, there is one last long shot of the pictures and various people from the secret service are now discussing the former MI-6 mercenaries who are smuggling weapons in Vietnam. A connection to the red army is mentioned, but denied. There will be a transaction in Hong Kong shortly, which the secret service wants to monitor.

52 sec

03:17-03:18 / 04:52

A longer one among the many small mastering errors of the master on the French DVD: Tsui Hark first appears from the right at the beginning of the shot on the VHS.

+ 1.1 sec

15:35 / 17:02-17:05

A first shot of the cat flying down and of the barbed wire.

2.6 sec

15:36 / 17:05-17:07

The cat flies a little longer and approaches its doom in further shots.

1.8 sec

15:37 / 17:08-17:15

The animal suffers in further, fast cut close-ups.

6.8 sec

15:38 / 17:16-17:17

The cat collapses in another shot.

1 sec

31:03 / 32:37-32:39

After the boys of Wan Chu have been covered with gasoline, you see them for a moment longer.

1.4 sec

31:35 / 33:11-33:13

The petrol soaked shirt gets caught on Wan Chu's arm.

2.1 sec

31:42 / 33:20-33:21

One of the guys throws it back at them at the end of the shot.

1.4 sec

31:48 / 33:27-33:29

Wan Chu is threatened by the flames in two further shots.

2.4 sec

36:23 / 38:03-38:06

Reel change moment, shortly after the (uncensored) murder of the soldier of the woman.

2.3 sec

40:34-40:35 / 42:16

Another one of the longer master errors in the master of the French DVD: On the VHS, the shot from above (before the mercenary execution inside the car) is a little longer.

+ 1.5 sec

40:42 / 42:23-42:24

After the hand has been chopped off, you can see the soldier whimpering a bit with the arm stump.

1.5 sec

40:44 / 42:26-42:28

The head is banged bloodily against the glass more often.

1.9 sec

46:46-46:47 / 48:29

Master error: The last shot of Wan Chu on British VHS one second longer.

+ 1 sec

49:58 / 51:40-51:49

Wan Chu tinkers with a bomb at the beginning of the shot. There is also some dialogue about it: The boys want to know what she is going to do with all these bombs.

9 sec

54:49 / 56:38-56:39

Due to the reel change, something falls under the table when switching from Paul to the others.

1 sec

58:46 / 60:36-60:45

Wan Chu's hair is burned off at the beginning of the shot in more detail.

9.4 sec

60:32 / 62:31-62:35

Wan Chu gets more slaps and whimpers.

4,2 sec

61:17 / 63:20-63:24

The house from the outside a little longer and a close-up, where brass knuckles are put on.

4.2 sec

64:32 / 66:38-66:47

The soldier prepares the barbed wire longer and approaches slowly.

8.7 sec

64:37 / 66:53-66:58

He pulls the wire through his mouth in close-up.

4.8 sec

78:28-78:29 / 80:43

Longer master error after Lui left the office.

+ 1.2 sec

78:50-78:52 / 81:03

When Ko is nursed, the French uncut master again loses a longer part of a shot.

+ 1.8 sec

81:18 / 83:26-83:27

Bloody chest hit in close-up.

0.4 sec

82:01 / 84:10-84:13

A first view of the screaming Lui and again the foot on his hand.

2.2 sec

82:12-82:13 / 84:23

And another much longer moment with the VHS: the canvas can be seen a little earlier.

+ 1.1 sec

85:06 / 87:15

The soldier is hit a few times by various shots.

0.7 sec

86:17 / 88:26-88:28

Ko gets two more blows with the rifle butt.

2.3 sec

86:23 / 88:35-88:36

Ko is slammed against the house in another shot.

1.6 sec

86:50 / 89:03-89:05

More hits on the soldier at the end of the shot, cut to Lui and more hits.

2.6 sec

86:53 / 89:08-89:10

Again the dead soldier.

1.8 sec

87:20-87:21 / 89:37

One last master error shortly before the end.

+ 1 sec

At the end again English vs. original credits.

British VHSOriginal Version