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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Apr 27, 2010 - Author: S3di - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
In times where the market is fludded by Unrated Versions, an Unrated Version of Dumb & Dumber was also released. The Unrated Version contains some new dialog scenes and some more "disgusting" scenes. Furthermore there are much hints to homosexuality in this version, which was presumably too much. To sum it up one can say that the Unrated Version is a perfect supplement for fans.

Approx. 10 sec are deleted in the Unrated Version, but there are approx. 6 min of new footage as well.

The time index refers to the Unrated Version.

Compared are the Theatrical PG-13 Version (= German FSK 12 Tape by VMP) and the US Unrated DVD by New Line.
9 Cuts = 357 sec
Extended shot in the Unrated Version after Mental grabbed in the birdcage. He tears the bird's head off (noise in the off while the camera is on Mental's strained face), his accomplice looks horrified.
19 sec

Missing scene in the Unrated Version after Lloyd told the old woman to guard the groceries. He comes around the corner and the old woman's vanished. He looks confused and calls for her.
10 sec

At the cafeteria: After Lloyd and Harry made fun of the waitress, she also asks them if there was anything else she could do for them. Harry says there weren't any bubbles in the soda. For that reason she takes the glas and starts blowing in the straw. Harry's indignant about that, Lloyd thinks it's funny and smiles.
21 sec

Sea Bass grabs Harry's burger and we see very detailed that the "gets familiar" with his spit.
18 sec

Extended whirl pool scene: we hear some moaning and Lloyd listens to that with a glass, then they both chitchat. There are also some sexual hints in it:
Lloyd: "You're lucky you don't have big boobs or I'd do you right now!"
87 sec

They pick up a mexican hitchhiking family.
14 sec

Extended "rape scene" on the loo. Lloyd knees at the wall and stutters sth. about a "happy place". Then Sea Bass who puts his pants down, touches his sexy leopard tanga and says: "Here's your happy place!"
8 sec

Harry provokes Lloyd while they're driving by mentioning the "loo incident". Lots of homosexual hints again.
63 sec

Further dialog with Harry and Lloyd after the ball:
They prepare themselves for their dates and after a short conversation about Marry, Lloyd makes some comments about Harry's "revealing" ski suit. Then a gag when Harry peeks at his wiener in the narrow suit. Lloyd says to him: "It's just a tiny lump anyway, no one will notice."
105 sec

Extended diarrhea scene: Harry tries to get rid of the "stuff" in the loo.
22 sec