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Art of Fighting 2

original title: Ryūko no Ken 2


Censored SNES Version
Region: Japan

Uncensored Neo Geo Version
uncensored Original Platform
Region: USA

Release: Jun 25, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Mr Miau
The game "Art of Fighting 2" is, as its predecessor, a spin-off of the game series Final Fight because the story is located in the same universe and some characters can be found in both versions. There are three parts of Art of Fighting, but the characters are also further developed in the King of Fighters series.

The original arcade/Neu Geo version had, compared to the SNES port, a few more animations because the graphics engine was a lot better, these differences will not be mentioned here. There were obviously many rules for this portation. In this case, allusions to blood and a woman dressed as a man were removed. The SNES port has actually never been released outside of Japan because of the meagre success of its predecessor.

The SNES port was never released outside of Japan.
SNES VersionNeo Geo Version


In comparison to the first part of the series, there are not that many alterations. For example, Chinatown is mentioned and the cutscene animations were kept as well.


The screenshots are partially only from the Neo Geo version because the characters do not change in the SNES version and start bleeding as their life bar goes down.


Storyline Alterations
The compared screenshots are from the Arcade/Neo Geo vesion and the Japanese SNES version. The opponent "King" again is originally identified as a woman when her clothing tears open after being defeated. On the SNES, nothing hints at King being a woman.

SNES Version:Neo Geo Version:

Slight alterations of the surroundings in order to avoid the word bar. However, it can still be seen on the level map. For some unknown reason, "Jazz Club" was removed as well.

Allusion to Alcohol:
SNES VersionNeo Geo Version

The followng screenshots are only taken from the Neo Geo because the blood elements have been completely removed on the SNES.
Neo Geo Version