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  • BBFC 12 DVD
  • Original Version
Release: Jun 16, 2010 - Author: Gavin Salkeld - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
A comparison between the cut British DVD (BBFC 12) and the uncut scenes, as seen in the NTSC Hong Kong and USA DVDs by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (PG-13).

The distributors of The Da Vinci Code approached the BBFC with a rough cut of the film, asking for advice on what rating the film was likely to receive when it was completed. The BBFC suggested the film would likely be a 15, and so to attract a wider audience, the distributors made some cuts to the film in order to obtain a 12 rating. Because the censored scenes in question offer little by way of visual material, the BBFC instructed that reductions be made to the film's sound effects, which were making the violence more impactful. The cuts below were made to achieve the 12 rating for cinema and DVD releases.

Runtime of the British DVD: 142:46 min (with end credits)

Please note that the NTSC runtimes below are taken from the Hong Kong disc.

4 edits = 8 secs of footage affected, 1 sec approximately of footage missing (including sound reductions)

(The UK Extended Edition, released on Blu-ray, restores all of the above edits and is rated 15.)
As Silas arrives at the church, he has flashbacks to his past. The killing of the church thieves has been censored in the audiotrack of the UK DVD:

As Silas kills the first thief by breaking his neck, the sound effect of cracking bone has been reduced in volume. In the NTSC versions, the sound effect is louder. No footage is missing, but the pictures below show the footage that is affected.
No time difference

The death of the second thief is changed in the UK DVD. We hear the cracking sound effect playing over a shot of Silas' face, but in the UK version, this sound effect has been changed from the original. The original sound effect (in the NTSC versions) has a loud crack of bone and a cry from the thief as he dies. The cry seems to have been removed in the UK version. The original sound effect (with cry) is heard louder and differently mixed in the NTSC versions, whereas in the UK version is is not as loud.
No time difference

When Silas strikes the nun with the block of stone in the UK DVD, the sound effect of the impact has been reduced in volume in the UK DVD. No footage is missing, but the pictures below show the footage that is affected.
No time difference

01:22:36 - 01:22:41
When Fache loses his temper with the air traffic controller, the sound effects of his kicks to the man are all reduced in volume in the UK DVD. As before, the NTSC versions have the original, louder sound effects. No footage is missing in the UK DVD, but the pictures below show the footage that is affected.
No time difference