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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Mar 18, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Excellent Wrestling documentary from a time when the sports world was still in order and the WWE was still called WWF and didn't have to back down from lazy pandas.
In the USA there are an R-Rated and an Unrated Version, of which the latter is a genuine Director's Cut that does not feature anything that might have had to be cut for the rating.

R-Rated 103:01
Unrated Director's Cut 107:52

2 additional scenes running 4:18 minutes
2 alternative scenes running 44,5 seconds longer
1. minute
The prologue uses different shots of the boy that is supposed to be the filmmaker. While in the R-Rated maybe even a real childhood photo had been used we see an actor in the Unrated that shows a flashback to his first Wrestling experience.


We see the boy among the audience of a Wrestling fight. One of the fighters stops right next to him which impresses the boy considerably. Later, he is even more stunned to see the fighter running through the rain, getting into a car and giving a kiss to his wife, since he can't believe that a family father would fight as a wrestler.

9. minute
After the interview with Puke interviews with McMahon and other wrestlers are missing.

McMahon: "We're in the business of creating monsters. I'm proud of the fact that the WWF creates monsters. And I don't know that it's not a lot like the old Hollwood star system-- You know, years ago, you know. And-- But then after you've created the monster, hopefully you have wherewithal to hang on to the monster. If not, the monster's gona turn around and bite you."

Justin Incredible: "My biggest mistake that I'll regret probably for a long time was staying with the WWF. At the time, I had just gotten married-- June fourth of 1997, I believe it was-- and I asked Vince McMahon for my release from the WWF. And he said, "We can't do that for you. We've invested too much time and mone into you. So we'll send you and your newlywed bride to a smaller circuit called U.S.W.A. in Memphis, Tennessee." And he sent me out there to work for $40 a night, three nights a week."

Al Snow: "When I first got here, I had a two-hour meethin with Vince McMahon. And I basically laid out the goals that I had always wanted to achieve in the wrestling business. And he promised me that I'd have those opportunities to get those-- achieve those goals. And in my opinion, he never followed through on it."

Debbie Bonnanzio (VP of Creative Services): "He [McMahon] really treats the organization as, like, a mom-and-pop's shop where everybody's word is important. And he makes everyone feel that way. And we all work really hard, and we play really hard. But it's in this real-- He creates a very fun atmosphere for everyone. And it's a great place to work."

Afa The Wild Samoan: "And he didn't give me that day off, so I took off. I just went home. I went home and-- Go home, watch my boy born. And because of that-- uh, a few days later, actually-- I was out a job."

Coco B. Ware: "Well, I was really honest with Vince McMahon. I wanted him to know. I thought I was doing something really great, you know? I thought, "Hey man--" I thought Vince McMahon would says, "Well, Coco, I'm glad for you--" You know, any kinf of businessman will say, "I'm kinf of glad for you to do it. You know, at least I know what you're doing with your money." I tried to be honest with the man. And you see what happenend with being honest?"

Vince McMahon: "Coco made a mistake of fighting one of our executives. I fired the executive. I thought maybe I should fire Coco. We were over in England, I think it was, and, uh-- and they got into it. And it was such unprofessional conduct by both the executive-- who was working for me-- as well as the performer, that I had to do something. And that was basically the reason why I fired Coco."

Dave Meltzer (Journalist): "Vince McMahon is probably the greatest wrestling promoter that there's ever been, and, uh-- [Chuckles] I wouldn't trust him. And I think anyone that trusts him is being very foolish-- based on his track record."

Than we see Puke again, saying Goodbye to everyone.

96. Minute
After the brutal fight between The Rock and Mankind and Mankinds treatment we see the two meeting backstage. The Rock thanks him for the great fight.

Mankind: "You all right?"
The Rock: "Thank you very much. I appreciate it. How you feeling?"
Mankind: "Well. I've got a couple lumps. Did you, uh-- Did you notice me turning my back, like-- I'm, like, "Oh, my God, this has gottab be the last one..."
The Rock strokes Mankinds daughter, who had been crying during the fight when The Rock hit her father over the head with the chair, ovr the head.
Mankind: "... and then you walked around me and gave me another one to the head?"
The Rock: "Right."
Mankind: "I thought, "Oh you bastard."
The Rock: "Well, see, what I wanted--"
Mankind: "You wanted me to be further up."
The Rock: "What I was gonna do-- Yeah-- was go into the really open area where everybody could see."
Mankind: "Yeah."
The Rock: "I didn't know you wanted it right there. But when you turned the second time, I knew."
Mankind: "I should have staggered out there, but, man, I was hurting."
Mankinds Sohn reicht ihm eine Cola.
Mankind: "Wow. Cool. Is that for me? You wann give The Rock five? We had a good match, huh?"
The Rock: "Give me five."
Mankind: "They [the kids] were crying a little bit. They were all- My wife and Dewey and--"
Then a few last selfassuring words of the two about the "historical" fight.

The relationship between them was not that friendly anymore for a long time after this, mainly because The Rock was supposed to hit Mankind over the head much less times that he actually did (11 times).
That he didn't stop in time is made clear during this conversation and Mankind leaving the ring covered in blood while his wife and daughter screamed and cried in the audience.
Later the two reconciled and built a successful Tag-Team.


100. minute
Again we see the boy from the beginning.


no time difference